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Switched At Birth -- Wall-To-Wall Relationship Woes

Updated on March 18, 2014

This hasn't been a good season

As we creak towards next week's season finale, I have to say this has been the weakest season this show has had. Usually the show has some main story but it's been wall-to-wall romantic relationships and none of them have been good.

Kathryn came off in the end as some whiny trophy wife who just needed some attention. She went to a shrink whose answer to the meaning of life was that it was found in the bottom of a pill bottle. He gave her some happy pills to make her feel better. Then she met a gay man named Renzo at tap class and he seemed to be the recipe she needed to make her feel better about her life. Meanwhile John quit the senate and got a tongue bath for Nikki's mother that he didn't exactly fight off. When Kathryn found out she kicked John out of the house. She also declared she wanted adventure and her marriage was no longer what she wanted. As for John he was adamantly opposed to her writing a tabloidy tell-all about the private life of baseball wives. How did this all end? John got everyone to bang on the table and dance around and Kathryn's midlife crisis was over, he even helped her try to dig up salacious stories to put in her tell-all book and everything is once again all right in Kathryn's little world.

The only positive thing to happen from this story was John quitting the senate. Ever since they had John go into politics they changed his personality and made him unlikable. He's once again likable now he's no longer a politician.

Toby hasn't had much storyline aside from being a coach to the field hockey team. He also got into coaching Sharee to help her stay on the team and even helped her get spotted by a scout who could offer her a scholarship to college.

Nikki finally returned home the episode before the finale to give Toby a will he or won't he option. Now Nikki wants to go to Africa and she wants Toby to be her camp follower. That's not what Toby wants out of life, but will he cave in an attempt to make their marriage work and leave the show? Why did the show even have these two get married?

Toby had broken up with Nikki then he suddenly got back together with her. And it was pretty obvious during their engagement that these two just shouldn't get married. Now she wants him to give up his family and life all so he can trail around after her while she does good works. Although I got a bad feeling he'll go with her in a sad attempt to save a marriage that should never have taken place to begin with.

That leads us to Daphne and the show thinking for some reason she needed to have two new love interests instead of one. Daphne getting a new love interest every half season has gotten to be ridiculous. Jorge was never really a real contender since he was like a blank piece of paper with nothing written on it. They gave him very little development and it was blatantly obvious Campbell was the real contender.

The fact that Campbell is in a wheelchair doesn't distract you from the fact he's a complete jerk. His girlfriend stood by him throughout his accident and recover and he dumps her for new flavor of the month, Daphne. And the truly sad thing is his girlfriend gets and understands him and Daphne doesn't. The only these Campbell and Daphne have in common is their both handicapped.

Bay actually seemed to be escaping the romance roulette this season wallowed in when she developed a friendship with football player and wannabe frat rat, Tank. It was a refreshing friendship. Then in a blink of an eye Tank had a thing for Bay. She, however, told him she wasn't into him that way, then she hurt her hand, and suddenly she was sticking her tongue down his throat.

The sad thing is when Bay hurt her hand the show could have done some character development with Bay having to wonder what she'd do if she couldn't be an artist anymore. Instead the show went the romance route. Of course the romance seemed to be pretty much over when Mary Beth put her seal of disapproval on Tank and revealed Ty didn't really cheat on Bay. This week, she got Tank to help her trash a statue at Carlton but when things started to turn romantic she put the brakes on it and later confided to Regina she didn't think Tank would ever be who she wants him to be. In other words Ty or Emmett. And she discovered that Emmett's girlfriend was passing off someone else's work as hers, so it seems the way is being paved for a Bay/Emmett reunion. Meaning the writers wasted a really good friendship for nothing.

Finally, Regina and Angelo seemed to be in a good place romantic-wise until they suddenly weren't. Enter Wes who seemed like a step above Angelo who gave her a job. Only Audriana didn't like him or trust him and accused him of using Regina to help him buy up their old neighborhood. This week, Regina found out her mother was right about Wes, so it seems like Wes is on the way out. He's paying less than what the businesses are worth and getting Regina to be his front man. Of course, there's still the question if something romantic will happen between Angelo and his partner, Christie, and the restaurant that's taken forever to become a reality.

I feel like a bunch of shippers have kidnapped the real writers and taken over the writing of this show. In seasons past the show has told some great dramatic stories with romance as a backdrop, now that's reversed. The few good stories the show could have done this season were just treated as filler or weren't even explored, at all.

Here's hoping next season the show puts all these romantic hook-ups in the background and goes back to telling good stories, again.


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