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Switched At Birth -- What If...

Updated on July 10, 2013

Not a true what would have happened scenario

It was basically a look into what John secretly believes could have happened if Regina had come forward about the switch when she first discovered it. It was an interesting view into John's psyche. Into his fears and secret beliefs of what would have happened.

In John's dream when the truth came out, he went for custody of both girls and he got it, because of Regina's drinking. Then he got a restraining order against Regina so she couldn't see either child and wouldn't pass on the cards she sent both girls. The result was Regina died on the girl's birthday. John didn't reveal in his dream if he believed Regina had killed himself because of his actions, but the girls blamed him for it. The interesting irony is that in real life Regina was trying to save his life, but in his dream he felt he'd driven her to her death because of his selfishness and refusal to share the girls with her or to even let her see them.

John also seemed to acknowledge some home truths in his subconscious. One of them was that Regina's presence stopped him from spoiling Daphne rotten to make up for the years they'd been separated and he wasn't able to be a father to her. Without Regina around he turned Daphne into a spoiled selfish brat who wrapped him around her little finger and who he let get away with anything and never punished her when she did something wrong.

John also seemed to acknowledge the fact that Regina had had a positive affect on Toby's life. Without her around to tell Toby about her own addiction to alcohol and how she overcame it, Toby never got his gambling addiction under control.

He also revealed a fear that Kathryn would become unfaithful to him since he ran roughshod over her opinions and attempts to give Daphne a little discipline. In his dream, which was more of a nightmare, Kathryn was an author of bodice busters and she was having an affair with his boss, the uber sleazy Chip. It was may be a warning he was giving himself to show Kathryn more regard so he doesn't make her turn from him to another man.

As for Bay, her life isn't radically different. She grows up feeling she doesn't belong and this time it's not a nebulous feeling, but feeling that way because she isn't the Kennishes natural child like Daphne is and seeing Daphne treated with preferential treatment. Her art isn't as edgy because John didn't like her edgy art, so now she paints things more acceptable to him. She's also is a very studious student to the point she's trying to get the school to let her graduate early so she can leave home early. The woman she speaks to won't let her saying the Kennishes would never let her leave home early. So Bay still wants to leave, but in John's dream she's forced to stay and has no way to leave.

In John's reality he still has Bay meet up with Emmett. Guess he prefers Bay with Emmett than Ty. Emmett has none of the prejudices he had when Bay first met him, probably because John wasn't aware of those prejudices. I'm not sure he's aware of Melody's prejudices, either, since she's never really showed that side to him. It's Emmett that helps Bay track down Regina and realize Regina had loved her and wanted to see her, but John prevented it.

Daphne was totally different. She never met Emmett and totally blew him off when she met him. She had a cochlear implant and even told Emmett she wasn't deaf. John's version of Daphne is that she's shallow, vain and manipulative. When she maxes out her credit card, Kathryn wants to punish her, but John overrides her and gives Daphne a free pass when she uses her cochlear implant as the reason she did it.

In John's version of Daphne boys also no longer find her irresistible. Wilke has dumped her and she puts out for one boy who is not really into her. She and Simone are also best friends, while Toby and Bay seem to have never had anything to do with her.

In his dream, John seems to have the knowledge it was Regina who saved his life when he had a heart attack. Because after everyone turns on John for preventing Regina from seeing the girls and keeping her cards from them, he's alone in the house when he drops to the kitchen floor having a heart attack. And because in this reality Regina is dead, and the implication it's because of John's cruelty in not allowing her to have any part of the girls life, she isn't there to save John so he dies.

John wakes up and sees a tearful Kathryn at his bedside and is thankful he hasn't lost her like he did in his dream. Then he sees Regina and saying, "Thank God you're here." Which I found a bit cringe-worthy and over the top. But it seems to signal John now realizes that Regina being in their lives has been more of a positive effect than a negative one and maybe they can start anew from there.

Aside from the Regina effect, I do wonder how John's heart attack will affect the family's dynamics. Will it cause Toby to postpone the wedding. I would have really liked to see the kids around John's bedside, as well, and their reactions to finding out about John. I missed the first five minutes so maybe that was shown, although I have a feeling it wasn't.

The previews for next week show John already out of the hospital and Daphne is screaming at him. Great way to treat someone who had a heart attack, unless she's concerned about something John is doing, fearing it could bring on another heart attack. Bay seems about to give her V card to Ty. And Regina is telling Angelo she made a mistake moving in. So it seems everything is back to normal.


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