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Switched At Birth -- Where Do We Go From Here?

Updated on January 8, 2013

Angelo apparently lied to Bay when asked about the pregnant woman looking for him. He claimed she was a reporter from People. The truth is she's claiming she's pregnant with his kid. Something Toby overhears. Meanwhile, Angelo plays Santa Angelo and gifts everyone with expensive gifts. Something which makes John a bit bitter for only receiving $.66 from the lawsuit that he was the instigator of.

Daphne hasn't let go of Chef Jeff, despite the big blow-out they had in the season finale. She keeps texting him, until he tells her to stop. Upset about her encounter with Chef, Daphne takes it out on Travis whose still crushing on her by telling him she's just not that into him and never will be. Angelo gifted Daphne with a food truck, that she thought was a ridiculous gift, then she decides she may just put it to good use, since she won't be getting a good reference from Chef because of what went down between them.

Bay has been throwing herself into her studies after the Medusa fiasco. She even got a high grade in french. Unfortunately, because Bay's grades have improved so much, she gets accused of cheating and has to go before an honor's board to prove her innocence. Things are complicated when Toby tells her that Angelo lied and he may be the father of the pregnant girl's baby. Bay tries to keep her feelings to herself as Angelo explains he taught Bay french and that's why she's improved so much. Once the meeting is over Bay confronts Angelo and tells him if he abandons this baby it won't be any different then when he took off an abandoned Daphne.

Later, Bay decides to enroll in Carlton's pilot program to integrate hearing and deaf students. After what Buckner did to her just because she started cracking the books, she really doesn't want to go there, anymore.

Now that Kathryn has finished up with all of her obligations to her book, she's looking for that next thing to do. She thinks running for a vacant senate seat may be that next thing. Unfortunately, for Kathryn, she gets shot down. Then she suggests that John run for the seat, instead.

Regina agree to help Angelo design this dream house he's planning to build. He tells Regina if not for the switch, they would still be together. But will she buy that argument when she learns he's got another woman pregnant?

In other news, Travis confides to Daphne that he's about to turn eighteen and when he does his parents will be kicking him out, and he's not sure where he'll go when that happens. I think John is still unaware that Travis is camping out in his office at night.

And on the Bay and Emmett front, Bay seems to have softened a bit towards him. While they're not back together, they do seem to be friends, again.

I had to laugh when I read on TV Guide Online that Daphne would be getting a new love interest. What season hasn't Daphne had a new love interest? Last season was Chef Jeff. Before that it was Wilkie. And before that it was Bay's ex-boyfriend, Liam, I think his name was. Bay may be the wild child, but she's only had two boyfriends compared to Daphne.


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