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Switched At Birth -- Will Daphne Pay For Her Crimes?

Updated on September 13, 2014

If you're a regular viewer, you already know the answer to that!

I was planning to do a recap of the finale but I kept finding something better to do, which isn't a good sign for this show. It wasn't a good season. I can only think that Gilles Marini was lucky to be killed off this show. The lowest moment had to be rich boy Toby wanting to live off unemployment while people who really need it can't even get it. In short, it may be time to call it a day.

The minute spoiled brat Daphne started whining about how her whole future is ruined to Bay, I knew what was going to happen. I was hoping I was wrong, but when she got in the car with the over-indulged redhead I knew it was going to happen.

My biggest problem with how this went down is if this spoiled brat isn't held accountable for her actions, she's never going to learn there are consequences for her bad behavior. She's gone from blackmailing someone to vandalism and drug theft. What's next? Will she actually kill someone and then snivel about it afterwards and her family will find a way to get her off the hook for that, as well?

The fact is, she should have been arrested for stealing drugs, instead of just getting fired. And something tells me it won't even be put on her employment record that the reason she was fired because she stole drugs, thus preventing the next great doctor of the world from becoming a doctor. If she was anyone else than who she was she would have been charged, but since she saved the life of the doctor in charge he let her off the hook. What's worse is this is a free clinic and those drugs she stole cost a lot of money and she didn't even offer to pay for what she stole. But, of course not, because she's never held accountable for her actions, so why should she think of anything but poor wittle Daphne got fired when she just made an honest mistake.

You kind of knew the way things were going to go down when the mothers found her by the site of where Angelo had his crash and she gave her pathetic, "I'm sorry." And all was forgiven for her vile behavior. That's what always happens. That's why she keeps doing these things and never learns there are consequences for her actions. Because there never are. Her family makes sure of it. So next time her bad behavior escalates to an even badder level. What is she going to do next season? Kill someone. Then she can say she's sorry and everyone will say it's okay, they know she didn't mean it.

The episode began with the family outraged that the law is after Daphne. What could the law be thinking of wanting to make poor wittle Daphne pay for her crimes. While I was watching this I was rolling my eyes in disgust. And the law and the family don't even know about her drug theft, which I find to be worst than the vandalism.

Then all thoughts turned to graduation. I had another eye-rolling moment when precious wittle Daphne revealed she's valedictorian. Of course, she is, cause no student could be smarter or better than precious wittle Daphne. So the school won't let girls where tuxedos to the prom, but they will let the person that took over the school and demanded no non-deaf students be allowed to attend to be the school's valedictorian? But, of course, this is precious wittle Daphne, whose rubber and everything bounces off her and only sticks to you. It was probably the most hypocritical moment on this show when she was up there giving her speech when she's a blackmailing, drug stealing, vandalizing criminal. But first we had to listen to her mewling about how she ruined her entire life.

I knew once Bay heard her pity party that Bay would decide to bite the bullet and take the fall for her. And this is after the way the foul little cretin behaved to her and acted like her grief was the only important grief. First, Bay gets usurped in grieving for her own father who she had an actual relationship with so it could be all about the spoiled redhead and her fake grief over her non-existent insta-relationship with Angelo. Now Bay is going to give up her freedom so Princess Daphne can fulfill her insta-dream of becoming a doctor, that may last as long as one of her relationships with with boyfriend of the moment.

I guess this was why Bay wasn't allowed to get into the school she wanted to, while precious wittle Daphne can get into any school her wittle heart desires. So Bay would feel she has no future, while Princess Daphne's future is so bright she has to wear shades. The only good thing about Bay going to jail for Daphne is saves her from giving up her life for spoiled selfish Emmett who was too selfish to do what Ty did when Bay wanted to give up her life for him. It seems Bay was destined to sacrifice her future for someone and it seems only Ty was unselfish enough not to let her do it for him.

Want to be the parents and Toby won't even care Bay took the fall for the sainted redhead? Since Regina always puts precious wittle Daphne first, she won't give a crap. John may be the only one the least resentful to the princess for letting Bay pay for her crimes, then she'll whine because he's not being nice to her and all will be forgiven. Wanna bet even selfish little Emmett who got his Bay toy taken from him won't even be bad at precious wittle Daphne? After all, this is how this show rolls.

The only good moment of this episode was Travis' previously uncaring mother showing up and showing she learned sign language for him. Otherwise the entire episode was one big load of Daphne pandering crap.

The thing is the whole season was a mess. It's like the show jumped the shark and nobody noticed when it happened. One moment the show was good and then it was just suddenly bad. It really is time for the show to consider wrapping things up, since the stories they're coming up with are really bad and lackluster.


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