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Switched At Birth -- You Can't Handle The Truth!

Updated on July 1, 2014

Someone's going to have a baby! But who?

The episode begins with Bay overhearing Melody being offered another job that would take her, Emmett and Travis out of state. So she immediately starts plotting to find a way to keep him in town. Her answer is to get him to live with his father, who he's on the outs with. So she convinces Emmett to go to Cameron's house warming party, but gets more than she bargained for when Cameron and Debbie stage an impromptu wedding. And that's just the beginning of the surprises that derail Miss Bay's machinations.

Meanwhile since Daphne wants to go to med school she realizes it's going to cost a lot of money. More money than Regina can afford. Bay suggests Daphne do what she's doing and let John and Kathryn pay the bills. Daphne doesn't feel comfortable doing that. Bay has no such problem and tells John and Kathryn and they offer to pay for Daphne's college tuition, but Regina will have none of that. She says it spoils kids to have their tuition paid for them and they need to earn it. Then she suggests Daphne apply for a Latina scholarship and I'm like but she's not Latina!

Yeah, Regina is against Daphne getting help from her mother and father but she's all right with Daphne taking away a scholarship from someone who is actually Latina and has no rich parents like Daphne has to pay their way. Right there makes Regina getting harassed by East Side fully deserved. And I'm sorry, but to quote that nut Sarah Palin, you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. And you can give a white chick a Latina name but she's still a white chick and a Latina in name only.

Then Regina got all huffy when Daphne did the right thing and withdrew her name and said she was a Kennish not a Vasquez. Regina's reply was, "So, you're a Kennish now?" Hey, B, you knew she was a Kennish since she was three years old and you kept the lie up for your own selfish reasons. Regina finally owns up to her real reasons for insisting Daphne is Latina and it's all about her selfish possessiveness of Daphne. She finally relents and says Daphne can take John and Kathryn's financial help. How big of her.

What I'm wondering if how long this whole doctor thing is going to last. Daphne's passion and love has always been cooking. Then she helps save someone and suddenly she wants to become a doctor. This could all just be a phase she's going through. It'll be interesting to see how long she lasts when she has to cut up a cadaver like she would a chicken.

Melody's potential new boyfriend and the man that helped Cameron with his cochlear implant takes Melody to Cameron's housewarming party. Can you say awkward when Melody has to sit through her ex-husband's impromptu wedding?

Meanwhile Bay is in the house to supposedly use the bathroom and stumbles upon the nursery Debbie is making. So much for Bay's big plans for Emmett to move in. And when Emmett finds out he's going to have a brother or sister [although he kept saying brother] he storms off after thinking his father considers him a mistake.

Bay and Melody talk to Emmett and he gets over his mad spell. And Bay asks Melody if she's going to take the job offer and Melody reveals she isn't because she has too many reasons to remain where they are. So even though Bay was a sneaky manipulator she ended up getting what she wanted in the end.

Marybeth and Travis run into a rough patch in their relationship when she tries to help Travis met his deaf sports hero that is able to play pro even though he's deaf. Marybeth makes the mistake of asking Travis about his family. Then she complains cause he never asks or wants to talk about hers. They later make things up and Travis gets to meet his hero and is over the moon.

Kathryn goes to tell her longtime arch enemy, Sarah Lazar, that she tried to get the character she based on her in her tabloid tell-all changed but her publisher wouldn't let her. After a few drinks Sarah gets Kathryn to call her publisher and stand up to her and she finally gets what she wants. Then Kathryn asks the million dollar question. Did Sarah ever sleep with John. Sarah admits she'd broken up with her boyfriend and threw herself at John, but said he sent her up some cake and remained true to Kathryn.

Sarah tells Kathryn what she should already know and that she's got a good husband. Kathryn tells John he's a good husband when she comes home tipsy a bit later. I kept thinking after Kathryn toddled up the stairs John would receive a call from Sarah and she would tell him she lied for him and told Kathryn they hadn't slept together when they had.

On the bright side, since the show dropped the whole politician story, they're no longer writing John as such an uptight prick. They've gone back to writing John the way he was when the show first started. Which has been a welcome return.

I really wish they'd bring Toby back from his holiday in Iceland or wherever it was he went. I really miss him on the show. It was a nice change to see his story opposed to the two girls and their constant non-stop boy drama. Although it seems that Daphne [at least for the moment] has gotten off her merry men merry-go-round. As for Bay and Emmett the thrill is gone. Bay leaves a real bad taste in your mouth after what she did to Tank. You'd think the show could have found a better way to get these two back together instead of the ugly way it happened.

Strangely enough, when I heard a character was going to turn up pregnant, I was kind of hoping it would be Kathryn. I think that might have made for a better story for John and Kathryn than this tabloid book story they're doing.


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