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Sylvester: Do You Wanna Funk

Updated on December 14, 2016

Sylvester's: Do You Wanna Funk

AWESOME! This one way to describe "Do You Wanna Funk." This song was disco's Anthem of the 80s. It is the greatest dance music song and it is a CLASSIC. "Do You Wanna Funk" could have and should have done better in the charts! But didn't! In 1982, Disco music was dying or, to say the least, was going underground. Had this song been written and released in the 70s, I'm willing to bet, this song would have done much better in the charts than "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real."

I first heard "Do You Wanna Funk" playing during a jazz dance warm-up routine. In my twenties I spent most of my time, after work, taking dance classes at Hines & Hatchett. Years later, this dance studio was renamed to Broadway Dance Center. "Do You Wanna Funk" was always played at some point of the warm-up routine. It was frequently played at the gyms and especially when aerobics arrived on the scene.

This song just pumps you up! Makes you wanna move, makes you wanna dance and makes you feel good! "Do You Wanna Funk" is basically a feel good song! "Do You Wanna Funk," may not have been a hit on the charts but it is a hit in most people's hearts and minds! Just read the YouTube comments below!

Sylvester and Patrick Crowley worked well together in collaborating with this song. Patrick wrote the song, played the synthesizer and Sylvester, lent his voice! This resulted in an innovative dance music classic that is timeless!

Do You Wanna Funk

YouTube Comments on Music Vid

"i like this music a lot, I used to listen to it when I was like 13 or 14 years old, weird I know but my sisters listened to them all the time and I started to like them..."


"Sylvester was the MAN who defined the term "lifestyle." The brother could sing y'all!!!!"


"Yeah, i loved both of there work in the studio( Syl and Patrick) A shame they left us so soon. Thieir music will live on in the mind and hearts of all soul boys! Much love and respect to these two early innovators of dance music."


"I recall watching the move Trading Places where they got this jam on. Gay or straight, its a killer 80s Dance cut!!!!"


"a gay classic that defines the gay 80's"


"This is the MUSIC!!!!!!!"


"well my dad showed me this song.

said he grew up listening to this sorta music haha.

its heaps different to the music now.

i like it more than most of the stuff

on the radio."


"By far the best tune on Trading Places!! A classic film for me growing up and we always cranked up the volume when this track came I can listen to loads more 70's disco tracks.. the original house music from USA before they came over to Manchester x"


"Hahah my boyfriend was watching Trading Places at 2 o clock in the morning while I was asleep. The only bit I woke up on was this song. I was like

This song is amazing"


"R.I.P. Sylvester your music will always be here for us!"


"RIP Cowley & RIP Sylvester"




Now, I really wasn't expecting all these positive comments--practically back-to-back on YouTube. This shows how great this song truly is!

Do You Wanna Funk Lyrics

There is something

I wanna ask you

There is something

That I want to know

And to this question

You have the answer

So tell me

What I want to know

Do you wanna funk?

Won't you tell me now?

If you wanna funk

Let me show you how

Do you wanna funk with me?

Do you wanna funk with me?

So if I tell you

That you're really something, baby

Will you stay

Or will you go away

And when I lay my

Good lovin' on ya

What will it cost me, baby

What will you make me pay

Do you wanna funk?

Won't you tell me now?

If you wanna funk

Let me show you how

Do you wanna funk with me?

Do you wanna funk with me?

Yeah let me show ya how yeah

(Get down on the floor)

Like this!

(Get down on the floor)

Do you wanna funk?

Won't you tell me now?

If you wanna funk

Let me show you how

Do you wanna funk with me?

Do you wanna funk with me?

Spotlight on Do You Wanna Funk

Do You Wanna Funk/ Dont Stop
Do You Wanna Funk/ Dont Stop

"Do You Wanna Funk" was the disco anthem and the greatest dance music of the 80s. I have yet to see one negative review written about this song. Currently, I haven't found any. This tells me that this song is a disco, dance music, classic. It will be around, forever!


In addition to Do You Wanna Funk, my other fav singles from Sylvester are Dance (Disco Heat), I Need You and You are My Friends, so Sylvester fans what are some of favs from Sylvester?

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I always love Sylester's music. The way he sings its so powerful. I love all his songs but my all time favorite is "Stars" I can dance to that song all night long. RIP You are my friend.Tomas from Dallas Tx


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