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Synthesis of impressive smartphone at MWC 2016

Updated on March 29, 2016

MWC 2016 in Barcelona diên (Spain) has brought to consumers love technology around the world is full of emotions, opening exciting smartphone market by 2016 with a capacity blockbuster unexpected smoking. Techz same points through the most impressive smartphone was unveiled at MWC this year.


Samsung has demonstrated design is secondary when the duo released Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge with the configuration, features several groundbreaking enhancements bring superior, focused on developing the user experience.

Surprise when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 duo is the return of the memory card slot to expand capacity of up to 200GB, system design small copper pipe cooling enhancing machine performance and water resistance, IP68 dustproof standard convenience. Impressive not to mention the camera being dropped instead of 12 MP camera lens possesses the largest aperture of f / 1.7 and is expected to surpass than 6s Plus iPhone camera

Samsung makes a series of guest at MWC 2016 surprise when directly comparing camera "chicken house" with big blockbuster Apple iPhone 6s Plus to show the clear superiority

Section curved screen on the Galaxy S7 Edge is wider with many different features


Xperia series smartphones Sony's new X series is launched to bring consumers a diverse selection, expand market segments and broader objectives more effectively. From high-end design, metal frame filled with sharp edges refined boron next crisis configuration, Sony closer to the mid-range segment with the ordinary version of the configuration, while ensuring an impressive design.

3 smartphone Sony Xperia X Ministry strong focus on camera and imaging features superior thanks to the ability to focus quickly, fell out of focus thanks to its motion estimation algorithm object, the battery life is also design more elaborate metal necessarily, the curved glass.

Combined with Qnovo, Sony brings great experience than ever before, both fast charging QuickCharge, both managed by integrated hardware deep in the individual battery life lasts up to twice as much as usual.


LG G5 brings new perspectives on modular design is arranged as 1 slot at the bottom edge machine supports additional features removable battery, the other accessories LG G5 Friends, add modules to enhance the strength of configuration, which is not yet on the market smartphones do today ..

Thanks to a unique design innovative, LG G5 likely boost sales of a number of accessories included

Although the screen on the LG G5 was only 5.3 inches, or 5.5 inches smaller than the two popular LG G3 smartphone and G4, but LG has brought a new feature to display on the G5 that quantum is Always On.

New features Aways On power consumption is very low, at 0.8% / hour and LG screen is integrated G5 Daylight Mode features to further improve usability

Accompanied by innovative design, LG G5 highly configurable, wide-angle imaging capabilities 75 degrees to 135 degrees, 15 degrees beyond the naked eye, 1.7 times higher than most of the smartphone camera on the market The current.


No support list is the next generation of Mi 4, Mi 5 make up a huge attention in Barcelona, ​​MWC 2016 from a completely new design, nice attraction to ultra-powerful configuration, besting performance points big brother the Samsung Galaxy and LG G5 S7.

Mi 5 is a revolution in design compared to the predecessor Mi 4 significantly, the machine overall and more sumptuous softness being processed by the new ceramic materials (ceramics) 3D zirconium, expensive hardware and more than 75 % compared to conventional glass material.

Is the first version of "Apple China" fingerprint sensor integrated in the physical home button front, Xiaomi confirmed sensor is fast, ultra-sensitive to high precision, the latest Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 820 Quick Charge support fast charging, doubled performance while power consumption is only 50% compared to the previous generation.

Standards continue to bring the image of the iPhone 6s compared, Mi 5 demonstrate that the ability to capture amazing photos.


HTC Desire Collection 530, 630 and 825 was unveiled at MWC 2016 that aimed at young consumers with a mid-range price segment come with multi-color design, the back section is polycarbonate spray paint dots fancy, fitted speakers support Dolby BoomSound ultimate audio, owned Extreme battery saving mode Power saving Android 6.0 OS with the latest Marshmallow.

Cheap HTC Desire line style comes youthful reliable configuration


HP Elite X3 Modular design and configuration are considered the most powerful in the line of Windows Phone smartphones, owned technology B & O sound comes with unique accessories expand the use as a true laptop.

Elite X3 is integrated fingerprint security technology, USB Type-C, retina scanner, capable Qi wireless charging technology, battery 4150 mAh high capacity and run Windows 10 Mobile supports Continuum allows the screen connected through the dock and used as a PC running Windows 10 Mobile

One of the features of Elite x3 is equipped with 2 SIM slots for use with SIM functionality 2, 2 waves, or the user can use 2 SIM slot for memory card slot functionality in addition to expansion storage on smartphones.

HP Elite X3 ruggedized industrial standard IP67 and MIL reliability standards-STD 810G military-Americans out


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