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T-Drama Couples: All Time Best Taiwanese Drama Loveteams

Updated on February 2, 2016

Many years have passed and yet we will never forget them. The Taiwanese celebrities who become part of our lives either you are teens or adults when the first time you see them on television. They are the artists we truly admire and we never forget. Although some of them never become real life couple and have their different families now but we still feel those sweet "kilig" moments they've shared on dramas.

Let us recall some of the Taiwanese drama couples who made us fall in love, the couples who made us cry for many nights and the couples who become part of our dreams. I now present to you the 10 All Time Favorite Taiwanese Drama Couples!

10. Barbie Hsu and Vic Zhou


Mars (Taiwanese Drama)
Mars (Taiwanese Drama)

Before they become lovers in the drama Mars, Barbie and Vic first worked together in Meteor Garden. Although they did not end up together but fans noticed their sparkling chemistry. Many have dreamed that one day they will play again in a drama as lovers.

If your hearts still pounding whenever you remember them in Meteor Garden then I guess you will love them more in Mars. Two people who are haunted by their past meet and solve together the aches that they've been through. Their romance, their first kiss and those sweet moments in the drama will make you wonder why they did not end up together in real life.

Han Qi Luo
Han Qi Lou is a loner college student who was a sexual assault victim. Haunted by her past she chooses to distant herself from other people and maintain a strategic distance from men. At the point when Chen Ling protect her from being sexually pestered by their English instructor, she begins to open up to him. In return for the completed the process of painting of 'Mother and Child', Ling guarantees to protect her.

Chen Ling and Chen Sheng
They were twin brothers who were conceived out of wedlock, by a father who is their mom's brother-in-law, and has died in a racing incident. The only memory they remember with their bedbound mother is that, "in this world Sheng is the only one Ling can rely on and Ling is the only one Sheng can rely on".

Chen Ling is haunted by his past; his brother Chen Sheng who committed suicide and the death of his parents.

9. Vanness Wu and Ady An

Autumn's Concerto

Autumn's Concerto (Taiwanese Drama)
Autumn's Concerto (Taiwanese Drama)

This tandem just impresses me and I just can't help myself from giggling at whatever point I see sweet moments between them. Just like any other Taiwanese loveteams, these two persons have also chemistry which also makes Autumn's Concerto a must watch drama. Though the entire drama will make you cry.

Unfortunately, Vaness Wu is already married with his longtime girlfriend.

Liang Mu Cheng
Liang Mu Cheng is a young lady who has additionally had an unpleasant past, yet endeavors to protect her stepmother from taking in reality of her debased sweetheart, who sexually pesters Mu Cheng. She can't stand it any more, and studies to get into school to abandon her stepmother's sweetheart.

Ren Guang Xi
Ren Guang Xi is a good looking law student whose mother is the dignitary of his going to school. He had a terrible childhood memories, and takes out his displeasure at the world by harassing others and exploiting his mom's position.

8. Cyndi Wang and Nicholas Teo

Smiling Pasta

Smiling Pasta (Taiwanese Drama)
Smiling Pasta (Taiwanese Drama)

The scenes where they were as one were so very natural - they appeared to be truly open to being in one another's presence and playing around. Be that as it may they additionally had a force which was amusing to watch.

7. Angela Zhang and Tony Sun

My MVP Valentine

My MVP Valentine (Taiwanese Drama)
My MVP Valentine (Taiwanese Drama)

This is my first favorite Taiwanese drama. Though I am also a Meteor Garden fan but I am more addicted to My MVP Valentine. Angela Zhang and Tony Sun has chemistry although they never become a couple. But still those sweet moments between them makes me giggle. Those smiles of Angela and Tony makes my day complete.

The end is not very clear whether Xiao Xi chooses Prince or Duan Chenfeng.

6. Yoo Ha-na and Jimmy Lin

My Lucky Star

My Lucky Star (Taiwanese Drama)
My Lucky Star (Taiwanese Drama)

In spite of the fact that they are from distinctive nation and the age difference is really enormous, they look so perfect together. Undoubtedly, their chemistry in My Lucky Star is awesome. Moreover they are very comfortable with one another off screen as well.

The love between Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha-na was extremely straightforward and they met under the most bizarre circumstances. They had proved that they loved each other, however when Tian Qi's arm was crushed and Ni's heart was at stake, Yoo Ha-na needed to take the cash and run. Furthermore, we can see Jimmy Lin's frosty heart soften and acknowledge love once more. It's truly sweet.

Xia Zhixing
Xia Zhixing (Ah Xing) was a jewelry con artist, posing as various jewellery company representatives to trick customers into purchasing fake goods. Just like the boy who cried wolf, she had told one too many lies. As a result of this, she is caught for covering up for Shisan Ge (the man she ran off and started jewellery conning with many years ago) and is put in jail for a year.

Zhong Tianqi
Zhong Tianqi is a rebellious young master of a gems domain who is on the run having stolen an essential gem called the "Ruler Mary" from his dad's company, E-sparkle, the pair step by step get to be more included with one another, however reluctantly at first.

5. Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan

Fated to Love You

Fated To Love You (Taiwanese Drama)
Fated To Love You (Taiwanese Drama)

Fated to Love You was one of the astonishing Taiwanese television drama. The relationship between Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan is genuinely puzzling. There are many incidents, missteps, and misconceptions in this drama. Plus, every scenes will make you laugh and cry.

I think this couple has a great chemistry on screen in the drama Fated to Love You. I like both of their characters and I'm truly rooting for them to kindled their romance off-screen.

Unfortunately, Ethan Ruan is in relationship with Tiffany Hsu.

Chen Xin Yi / Elaine
Chen Xin Yi is an old-fashioned office woman, who has the yearning to secure her sweetheart. She arranges and pays for a romantic love cruise, planning to lose her virginity and in this way keep her beau.

Ji Cun Xi
Ji Cun Xi is the rich sole heir of a soap and cleansing products company. He had wanted to propose to long-term sweetheart Anna however was uninformed that she never boarded the voyage.

4. Rainie Yang and Mike He

Devil Beside You

Devil Beside You (Taiwanese Drama)
Devil Beside You (Taiwanese Drama)

Definitely one of the most unforgettable tandem on Taiwanese drama. Rainie Yang and Mike He are an intense couple. As I've noticed, the way they kiss each other passionately I feel like they are a real couple.

There are many sweet moments in the drama that will make your heart beats faster. The way Mike He looks Rainie Yang kills me. I can't explain it but this couple deserve an award in Devil Beside You. And despite the fact that Mike He left for Italy for an entire year, they kept one another in their souls and their adoration didn't blur a touch amid that year separated.

Qi Yue
Qi Yue is a sweet and decent sophomore in school who lives with her widowed mother. She had a crush on the captain of the basketball team, Yuan Yi, yet her life is flipped around by Ah Meng. Inevitably, she drops out of affection with Yuan Yi and begins creating affections for Ah Meng. Furthermore, she is one of the managers in the basketball team. Despite the fact that it harms for her to acknowledge that Jiang Meng is her step-brother, regardless she keeps on adoring him.

Jiang Meng aka Ahmon
Ahmon is the son of the president of the school. He is freshmen students, yet he has control over his instructors because of his dad's position. Despite his cool self-control and "awful" mentality, Ahmon has a delicate side and regularly sticks up for what is correct. Li Xiang really likes him, which he doesn't respond, yet Ahmon has affections for Qi Yue. In spite of the fact that she is his future stepsister (senior), he does love her and appreciates teasing her. He realizes that she adores him yet gets desirous when he figures out that there are new individuals that are seeking after her.

3. Ella and Wu Chun

Hana Kimi (Hanazakarino Kimitachihe)

Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Drama)
Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Drama)

Ella and Wu Chun were very charming together in the show and regardless of the possibility that they don't have a "thing" going on, i can see from tv programs clips and interviews that they're really comfortable around one another.

I didn't anticipate that Ella will be that great in Hana Kimi. She appeared to be kinda boyish beside Wu Zun who is outright nice looking. At the point, I watched the show my reaction was a totally WOW. They're just awesome together.

Lu Rui Xi
Lu Rui Xi was motivated by Zuo Yi Quan high jumps, Rui Xi concludes that she needs to meet her deity and subsequently transfers to Ying Kai University which he goes to in Taiwan. On the other hand, the school is an all-young men school and therefore Rui Xi disguises herself as a boy so so she can go to the same school as Yi Quan.

Zuo Yi Quan
The love interest of Rui Xi who is major in High Jumping. Yi Quan is a silent type of person who protects people who really cares for him. Every student on Ying Kai notices that he changes because of Rui Xi influence into him. He had surrendered his love for high jumping but Rui Xi convince him to return.

2. Barbie Hsu and Jerry Yan

Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden (Taiwanese Drama)
Meteor Garden (Taiwanese Drama)

Jerry Yan and Barbie Hsu are one of the best Taiwanese drama couple. Teenagers today might call me insane but I really love this couple. And I am very proud to say that I am their fan for almost 12 years and yes I will continue loving them.

Meteor Garden had a mind blowing storyline, and they were absolutely the cherry on top. The two of them looked very cute together. In the drama, Jerry was so candid to the shyer Barbie, and he demonstrated all his adoration for her. He was willing to do everything for her, and that is the thing that makes them a good couple. Their chemistry was astounding and I adored them together.

Shan Cai
Shan Cai is known for being a persevere, strong girl who dependably protect the weak. She first likes Hua Ze Lei, however she then begins to have affections for Dao Ming Si. As her life gets harder, she just continues persevering, acquiring the appreciation of all the F4 young men and soon gets to be great companions with them.

Dao Ming Si
He is the pigheaded, hot-tempered leader of F4 who does not trust other people except for his three friends. Dao Ming Si thinks that money can solve anything. At first, he is irritated at Shan Cai for her disobedience but as time goes by he develops feelings for Shan Cai.

1. Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng

It Started With A Kiss & They Kiss Again

They Kiss Again (Taiwanese Drama)
They Kiss Again (Taiwanese Drama)

This is one of the Taiwanese drama couples that I will cherish and treasure forever. Their chemistry in the drama's such as ISWAK, TKA and Love or Bread makes me think are they for real? Both of them had said that they were actually just friends. And yes, Ariel Lin now is happily married. It really breaks my heart upon hearing this news but still I will continue to support them individually.

The two of them were very comfortable with each other and you can figure it out that there is not any single awkwardness between them. The first time I watch ISWAK back when I was in elementary days, I always see myself smiling and I felt those sweet moments they've shared. When I was in highschool, a tv network in my country decided to have a rewind of this drama and yes, I am one of those million fans who watched it again.

Yuan Xiang Qin
Yuan Xiang Qin is known as a clumsy and immature however she is a positive and cheerful secondary school student. She develop feelings for Jiang Zhi Shu since the first time she saw him in the freshmen orientation. After two years of liking him, she decided to confess to Jiang Zhi Shu at school by giving him a love letter. But Zhi Shu was not amazed, while Xiang Qin was left being humiliated in public in front of other students.

Jiang Zhi Shu
The cold-hearted brainy boy that Xiang Qin likes. He began to developed feelings for Xiang Qin when they started living in one roof. Though he don't want to admit his feelings for her and act cold but deep inside he loves Xiang Qin.

Who is the T-drama couple that makes your heart beats faster until now?

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    • Xhyniie profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Alegria

      Rowena23- Thank you for visiting. It's been 10 years (i guess) since Meteor Garden first aired in the Philippines but I still watched it again in again. I am also a proud Meteor Garden fan.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      For me.. VICBIE is the BEST!

    • profile image

      Rowena 23 

      3 years ago

      For me the best couple is Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu

      Proud to be JerBie Fans!~


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