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A look at the Green Hornet and Kat0.

Updated on June 9, 2013


When I was a young kid growing in New York, I remembered with fondness the TV series-The Green Hornet. I used to like their unusual crime fighting style. Bruce Lee as Kato had some nice karate moves and moved with lighting speed taking care of the vermin in the city.The Green Hornet did not get left behind, fighting crime with his laser ray. Classic!


His name is Britt Reid, jr. son of a prominent newspaper Editor. A playboy by nature, young Britt has a hard time convincing his dad of his place in the future. A descendant of the Lone Ranger, his thirst for justice runs deep.He takes a job doing humanitarian work and in his travels, he sees a lot of injustice in the world. He manages to rescue Kato from danger in his homeland and brings him back to America with him. Upon arriving in the States, he hears of his Father's murder. Frustrated with the slow path of Justice, he and Kato become Superheroes Vigilantes


The Green Hornet started off as a radio serial. Then, in 1939, it became a movie serial in which 15 chapters were filmed. The music "Flight of the Bumblebee" became its theme song. Filmed in black and white, it was well made for its time. Fast forward to the 1960's and we see the Green Hornet come back as a TV series. Actors Van Williams and Bruce Lee starred as the Green Hornet and Kato. In the series, they had a souped up car which ran through a sliding poster of a man kissing a woman. They, also, brought a laser gun which blasted through the concrete. It was short lived, though, and after two seasons, the series was cancelled.


The series was so popular, that the Green Hornet starred in the Batman series. Batman was after the Green Hornet, who was, falsely, accused of being a criminal. They had a great fight scene. As far as who won, I would say it was a draw between Batman and the Green Hornet. In the case of Robin vs Kato, it was different. Robin took a licking from Kato! A memorial scene indeed and I was in comic book heaven, enjoying every minute of it.


Not long ago, the Green Hornet hit the big screen. The trailer seems to promise action, but alas, it was a flop! It did not compare to the Green Hornet of yesteryear. Between the movie serials, TV or movie, I would say the TV version was my favorite.The actor that made the TV series great was Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee as Kato was second to none.The movie did not achieve that greatness and left a lot to be desired. Don't even waste your money renting it. It is not worth anybody's time.

Van Wiliams as The Green Hornet

The future for the Green Hornet.

What will the future hold for the Green Hornet? Only time will tell. I don't know if another movie may come out, but it is a tough act to follow. The Green Hornet of the past was great and, in my opinion, when it came to TV in the '60's, it arose to greater heights. It was a shame that it lasted only 2 seasons, but you never know what the future holds. A producer could come up with a fantastic plot that will make it a blockbuster!

Green Hornet series

Green Hornet vs Batman

Green Hornet Movie Poster.

Green Hornet trailer


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