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TLC'S Sister Wives!

Updated on February 18, 2015

Sister Wives is a reality show on TLC, that has documented the lives of the Brown Family for 5 seasons. The Brown's believe in polygamy. Kody is married to 4 women, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Kody has 17 children in total. Meri has 1 daughter, Janelle has 6 kids, Kody has 6 more with Christine, and 1 son with Robyn. (Robyn also has 3 children from a previous marriage.)

The Brown's try to show this wholesome loving family. Which they indeed are. But there also is a lot of behind the scenes drama and jealousy. At times it leaks into interviews, and in their tell-all book Becoming a sister wife. I am positive there is way more drama at home than they show in public. With all that drama, sister wives seems more like a real life version of the HBO show Big Love.

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When the show first aired back in 2010, I was curious. A family with three wives and about to welcome a new fourth wife Robyn and her three children. It showed how they struggled with the repercussion of announcing to the public that they were indeed polygamist. Which led them to move from their home in Utah to Las Vegas. It also began Christine's pregnancy. Robyn and Kody exchanging marriage vows. And than Robyn getting pregnant and having a her first son with Kody, named Solomon.

The family's home in Utah
The family's home in Utah | Source

Lets talk about Kody:
First off I am not a fan of Kody. I do find him to be full of himself. He seems like a show boat. And loves to be the center of attention. (Which is probably the biggest reason he is on a reality show and has four wives) He also struggles with the fact that he wants to be the only one in charge. He wants it to be, what he says goes.

In one episode the woman were sitting at a table discussing the business. Christine was sitting at the head of the table. Kody walked in, looked at Christine and said "really." She said, "Oh, sorry." Then moved to the other end of the table. When she realized that was also the head of the table. She moved her chair to the side of the table, and Kody helped her sit down before he moved to the head of the table. To me this action showed how much in charge he has to be. It seemed to bother him that his wife was sitting at the head of the table.

Kody and the Wives:

Kody and Meri:
Kody and Meri will be married 25 years as of April 2015. I genuinely believe Kody loves Meri. They only have one daughter, Mariah together. (Meri struggles with fertility issues) Mariah is now off to college and Meri has an empty nest. Even though she discussed having a baby and Kody turned it down. I am starting to believe she likes it on her own. When the family lived far apart in Vegas, she seemed to like to be away from them, in her own house. She is a very organized person and seems stricter than the other moms. She has said she doesn't let the kids jump on her couch and she doesn't eat processed food like the other mom's. It does seem like she is in the background sometimes, and she is defiantly on her own for the most part. But it seems like Kody and her go on the most dates and have the most alone time together.

Kody and Janelle:
Kody and Janelle's relationship is probably the most odd to me. As of January 2015 they have been married 22 years. I think that Kody genuinely respect Janelle. But I don't know that they are completely in love with each other. I think the last 5 seasons I have only seen them on one date. It seems like Meri and Kody wanted and were looking for a second wife. In their book, Becoming a sister wife. They said to have courted another woman before Janelle, but it didn't work out. Janelle was going through a divorce and wasn't financially well off. Kody married her to help her out. Yes they do have six children together. So they must have some affection towards each other, but I don't see it. Also in their book, Janelle stated she moved out of the household for 2 years after her 5th child. She moved in with her mother and than moved on her own. It wasn't until they moved to Utah that she moved back in with the Brown family. Janelle seems like she loves working and one of the main bread winners. She is very much a huge part of the budgeting and financial aspect of the family. Janelle seems like to be strongest of the sister wives. She has stated having sister wives works for her, she can have a career while the other mom's help take care of her kids. (and by other mom's I mean Christine.)

Kody and Christine:
I think out of all the relationships, Kody and Christine's relationship might have worked the best. (until Robyn came along) They have been married for 21 years as of March 2015. I think they had the a lot of fun together. Kody has said their relationship was so easy. (again until Robyn came into the family) Christine is a happy stay at home mom. She loves taking care of all the children. But makes sure it's a priority for her to dote on Kody.

When Robyn came along, Kody pushed Christine to the side. When Christine was pregnant with her youngest child Truly. She didn't seem to get the affection a pregnant woman should get. When Robyn got pregnant, I felt like it kind of over shadowed Truly's birth. I remember the episode where Christine is in the hospital having Truly. Kody was hanging out with Robyn before going to the hospital. Kody also kissed Robyn before they got married and Kody helped Robyn pick out her wedding dress. Which I think really hurt Christine. I think Christine grew jealous of Kody and Robyn's relationship. Which made Kody push Christine away even more.

He said there were times where he didn't want to go to her house. On the show when Christine was talking about her feelings, Kody seemed annoyed. When she said something wrong at a Sister wives Closet meeting, he seemed to really lay into her. Robyn had to stop him and tell him that Christine already owned her mistake. When they were on an RV trip, Kody wanted to get togeher with a friend Ken. A while back Ken texted Kody and told him to divorce 3 of his wives and come back to the Church of Mormon. Christine felt very hurt by this. So when Kody wanted to get together with Ken. Christine asked him not to. When Kody said that he understood how Christine felt, but he was going to call Ken anyway. Christine got even more understandably upset by this. So he told Kody, if your going to hang out with Ken you should let him know what he said really hurt my feelings and I would like an apology. Kody, didn't want to ask his friend for an apology. And throughout the rest of the trip Kody and Christine argued about it. When the episode aired Kody went on twitter and was still mad at Christine for wanting an apology.

In their book, Kody talks about when he first met Christine. He said she was a little bit on the chubbier side. One time they were in the car and she was eating nacho's. He said he was really grossed out by her, eating these nacho's and after that he wasn't attractive to her. In a tell-all interview, he was asked about this. He said saying he wasn't attracted to her was a huge understatement.

I am sorry, but I didn't like Kody before. Saying that statement about your wife on national television was horrible. I am sure she knew the story. Obviously if they put it in there book. But than to say what he said in the book was an understatement is so disgusting and hurtful on his part. How does he even have 4 wives, let alone one.

Kody and Robyn:
I believe that currently Robyn is Kody's favorite. She is the newest, youngest, thinnest, wife. I feel like he really talks and listens to her. He lets her have her business, which seems like is costing more than it's making. They have been married 5 years as of May 2015. They have one son together but he wants her to have more babies. He actually divorced his only legal wife, Meri (but they claim to be still together) in September 2014 to legally marry Robyn in December 2014. They say it's for the best, that way Kody will be able to claim Robyn's other 3 children on his health insurance plan. Kody and Robyn's relationship right now seem to be the only happy marriage in this family. But they have only been together for a few years. Only time will tell. I know there has been talk about maybe getting a 5th wife. I would be curious to see how Robyn would react to that.

The sister wives' relationships:
The reason they started the show, was to show how wonderful being a polygamist could be. That there were polygamist out there that were nothing like Warren Jeff's LDS. It's true they live their lives far from the LDS lifestyle. But I think they also wanted portray that having sister wives was about having amazing friendships. I don't think any of the sister wives in real life have any sister kind of bond. It doesn't seem like they are even friends half the time. Meri stated that she doesn't hang out with any of the wives unless it is a family gathering. And when they took a road trip to San Francisco, she said it felt like uncharted territory. Meri also stated that the wives are barely closer than neighbors. And when Christine's youngest daughter Truly was in the hospital for 10 days and nearly on her deathbed, none of the mom's went there to visit Truly or support Christine in the hospital. They said they were to busy watching Christine's other kids. They seem almost like single mom's sharing one husband.

Meri and Janelle:
Meri and Janelle, I don't think ever got along. In their book, Janelle hesitantly talks about how mean Meri was to her. (Meri is one of the main reason's Janelle moved out) I don't think they will ever be friendly. There is a lot of hurt feelings there. Right now it looks like they just tolerate each other.

Janelle and Christine:
They don't seem like B.F.F.'s either. In fact Christine can be silly and loud and Janelle has said when the other wives are being silly in public it embarrasses her. But Christine and Janelle both have six kids the same ages. So they can relate to each other that way. Christine seems to help out a lot with Janelle's kids when Janelle is working.

Janelle and Robyn:
I don't think they have a relationship whatsoever $6. I don't ever see them talking or having many conversations. I don't think they hate each other. I just don't think they have much in common. I think Janelle doesn't like Robyn's business My Sister Wife's Closet because Janelle is a realist and My Sister Wife's Closet doesn't make any money.

Christine and Meri:
Meri has stated she was the most jealous of Christine, because Christine and Kody were affectionate to one another. Meri and Christine used to be buddy, buddy and act silly and have fun together. But they had a falling out when Meri was too strict with one of Christine kids. Now they seem to barely interact, but are civil to one another.

Meri and Robyn:
They seem to be the only sister wives that hang out. Meri actually is the one who insisted Kody court Robyn. Meri helps Robyn with the My Sister Wife's Closet business. But with Meri going back to school, I don't think she has much time anymore for Robyn. And Robyn has stated that she feels ditched by Meri.

Christine and Robyn:
Christine has said she really likes Robyn. She thought out of all the sister wives her and Robyn would be the closest. Christine seems like she genuinely wants a relationship with her sister wives. But Christine let the jealousy get the best of her. And Kody doesn't help matters. I think Christine is trying to set her feelings aside and build a relationship with Robyn.

My Sister Wifes's Closet:
This is a business that the Brown family owns. It seems to be ran mostly by Robyn with help from Meri. Robyn desperately wants the other woman to be involved. Janelle has stepped up with the financial aspect of the business. Christine has went to meetings and tries to add ideas, even though it doesn't seem like Christine or Janelle truly support it. It sounds like the business isn't doing so well. When Christine made the suggestion of putting up t-shirts to help sales. Kody said that he doesn't want to downgrade their business by selling frumpy t-shirts. Kody also seems a bit greedy about the business. When the woman were in Utah at a convention selling their jewelry. (they only sold 19 pieces in the two days) Kody said something like, I want to see people with their wallets out.

My opinion to be honest, I wouldn't buy anything from My sister wives closet. It's not my style and a little over priced. They offer mostly jewelry, with some scarves, hats and soap. The jewelry is very sister wife themed. It seems like the rest of the family doesn't really believe this dream of Robyn's but they spent to much money, to quit now.

What is next for the Brown Family?

With all the drama that this family has it will be interesting to see what comes next for them. Will this family last? Will one of the sister wives leave? Will the wives ever be friends? Will there be a 5th wife? I guess we can only watch on see. Sister Wives is on TLC, Sundays at 9/8 C


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