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Updated on April 5, 2016
Find a good christian movie on T.V is quite rare especially for a new convert.
Find a good christian movie on T.V is quite rare especially for a new convert.


With many of Hollywood movies being secular in plot, many Christians especially the newly converted need something that will help them grow spiritually as well as entertain. Christian movies usually do not make it in the box office which is kind. It's equally rare for christian actors and actresses to win awards leaving a segment in the entertainment industry abandoned. Christianity is not boring and we also need entertainment! Can you list other christian movies that are entertaining and spiritually uplifting?


If you have ever read the book of Revelation and not quite understood all the truths about the antichrist, mark of the beast and the end times, this is the movie to watch. It comes in 3 sequences; the first one is focused on the rapture whereby a series of disappearances drives the entire world into panic and chaos. Four lives namely a reporter, a pastor, a pilot and his daughter have to figure out the way forward as the world unknowingly embraces the Anti-Christ.


The Anti-Christ who is revealed in Left Behind I has plans to be declared the Messiah in the heart of Jerusalem. Burk Williams the well known news reporter who is now a christian together with his new found friends plan on stopping the Anti-Christ by discrediting the claims that he is the Messiah. The two witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation appear and they become a major threat to the Anti-Christ's plans.


The Anti-Christ has now become the most powerful man on earth and he controls everything from religion, to world economy and military arsenal. In addition, Christians are under attack as the Anti-Christ contaminates their bibles with an unknown virus. The president of The United States is among those who see the Anti-Christ for who he really is.


This is a riveting movie about a university freshman who has to defend his faith as a christian and the existence of God to a proffessor who intends on proving him wrong. The student faces many challenges like being dumped by the girlfriend and constant humiliation from his professor all because of his faith. It is a thrilling movie whereby Science and Religion are used to prove the existence of God. God's Not Dead 2 is expected to be released on April 2016.


This movie delves into the lives of five christian men who have to balance being fathers, husbands, and being disciplined in their jobs in order to earn favour from God. Fatherhood is well understood as not only being the head of a home but also understanding the role God intended for all fathers and the accountability that comes along with it.


Can you imagine going into a small diner in the middle of no where and the person at the other end of the counter is none other than Jesus himself? This is exactly what happens in The Encounter. A group of people each with different issues cross paths in a diner run by Jesus who answers all their questions in regard to the different hardships they face. At the end of it they all have to make the choice of whether to follow him or go down an eternal destructive path.


The movie is intended to challenge chrisitians into putting their faith to actions. What is it that makes a christian stand out from a crowd? The lives of twelve individuals with different backgrounds and believes come together in a supernatural way with the cross of Christ being at the heart of it all.


The beginning of Christianity takes root here. This movie will soften even the hardest of hearts once you get to see the kind of torture and trauma Jesus went through in his last 24 hours. It all comes down to the fact that Christ died so that people could be saved.


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