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Updated on February 8, 2011

What Bands Play Fusion Rock Music Mark Christopher Band Tells All!

TOP ONLINE PROGRESSIVE ROCK GROUP Mark Christopher Band Online Group Pays Their Dues, What is MARK CHRISTOPHER BAND. According to Mark, "We're Fusion progressive Rock. My band mates are ALL quality musicans," he says. "Because I can tell from my own experience playing with other musicians. I think we are able to feed off each other's energies and creativity, It makes it easier to do arrangements and write," says Christopher of his Jazz progressive rock blues group. "Because we pick up the slack, and they are what I would call a band that I can work with, which is hard to find in this town. Let's face it," says Mark. "We gel, it's like a spiritual fusion rock connection."

From this writer's view, I believe there are so many bands out there that fake it. Bands that just pretend, go through the motions. This is not the case of MARK CHRISTOPHER BAND. According to Mark Christopher, "We really play, we listen to each other, but lots of other bands just jam, they don't listen, and most of them are in their own little world, and as a band, we want to be worldwide, not in our own little world!"

Paying their dues online is a progressive rock band making a big online splash, the group Mark Christopher Band talks paying the piper and where they find the energy and power to play and keep the fusion music going. I started with the name of the band. Why name a band by your own first and middle name like Dave Matthews band? There are more reasons than ego or originality, right? Mark Christopher himself told us that "We named it Mark Christopher Band because I wrote most of the songs and at the time I guess we would call it a 'snap decision'." He explains easily, "I guess we didn't really think about it. I was a solo act at the time, I didn't know what else to call the group," Christopher added, scratching his head. "It's hard to think up a name for the the band, so I just went with MARK CHRISTOPHER BAND and it had nothing to do with my ego, there's not a real reason other than we all agreed it just fit," he said honestly.

When asked the biggest influence in Mark's life decision to spark him to pursue his dream of music, I was not surprised to find out the soft-spoken musician's influence in music was his father. "My dad was a professional jazz pianist, and I grew up listening to him do his thing," says Mark. "He showed me the first chord on guitar. He wanted me to enjoy music as much as he did growing up, and he grew up around it!"

What puts Mark Christopher Band in the best mood to play their fusion progression jazz music? The answer was simple: "To know I've been doing this for so long that it's a part of me, and I need to do it, but it's the creative juices the band brings out, it's a feeling of elation and a natural high for us when we play our music!"

As for seeing the future of Mark Christopher Band making an impact in some way online with their unique brand of fusion rock jazz and blues, it can be done as easy as Justin Bieber or even Lady Gaga, especially with a blogger and the viral video worldwide open for a worldwide buzz on an up and coming online top fusion blues band using YOUTUBE to do it. Mark Christopher said, I can see it. I can see it in media venues online, like Justin Bieber did, but we are not Justin Bieber, we are Mark Christopher band..."

Exposure to various viral video sites seems to be the key, and Mark Christopher Band wholly approves of using the Internet medium to make an even bigger impact one day, perhaps even bigger than someone like Bieber who may even be a flash in the pan, who would guess? Besides going viral, which most of the articles on Mark Christopher band have ended up, the word gets out to other countries that wouldn't normally have access to their music, now they do!

What about all the other Rock Fusion bands out there? All the other Edgy blues bands? Are they like Mark Christopher Band, what sets these guys apart. According to Mark Christopher, "It depends on a lot of things, but pa"It's like we feel what they want to hear, and play according to what they want, and then after a while you get a flowing energy, and they love us, and we love them, it meshes!"

What makes a good band, how do you know? "Play attention to guitarist! I always do that to learn what they are donig, see what they do, How they approach it," he reveals. "Honestly, most groups like my band, who do same music, I would rate them about a "7" on a scale from 1 - 10." That's pretty nice of Mark Christopher, did someone pay him off, NOT! Why? He answers and continues: "Everyone musician or band is different and has different styles and certain styles appeal to me," he says. "Some bands do not appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying other bands like our group are better or worse than the others! I am just going on my own likes and dislikes of Jazz o rock or blues."

After hearing a few tracks from their blog, I wondered what set them apart from the others? What can Mark Christopher Band say to make their audience really care about them and be followers? Mark answered, "The band and the guys I play with are all from the same city of Los Angeles, CA. We all grew up; listining to same music, influences are similar and we have the magic that it takes to make a really great band," says Mark. "Playing with this group is amazing for me and it spreads to the audience, who in turn, love to hear us and see our energy."

This writer is not a huge jazz music fusion rock fan, but Mark Christopher Band caught my ear, and they are different because they are all playing on the same vibe, I see the group working as I work on another blog while listening to their blog on another browser, they are fantastic.

Mark Christopher further explains, "Our audiences really care about us as a band because we feed off of them, and they, in turn, feed off of us, so it's like a love affair without sexual contact," he explains easily.


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