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Updated on March 20, 2015

WE LOVE ROCK AND ROLL! It is omnipresent and contagious like a plague. That's why I would like to share the beautiful voices behind my favorite rock bands. Here's the list of what I am talking about.

10. MARK FOSTER (Foster The People)

Mark Foster is my new favorite. I just discovered him and the rest of his band mates last month because of my brother who loves their song Pumped Up Kicks which is about bullying and revenge. I admire his talent in singing, writing, playing the piano, keyboards etc. His style represents the new generation.

9. AXL ROSE (Guns N' Roses)

He is one of a kind. His voice is so beautiful and I really admire the way he sings and hits those high notes. Screamin', Rockin' and Rollin'.. Sweet Child O' Mine is my most favorite Guns N' Roses song--the lyrics is so good, the music is great and this band is so amazing!


I always say it--when I'm listening to him I feel like listening to Freddie Mercury's reincarnation (well, I do not know if some people notice it too but, in my opinion his voice is somewhat similar to Mercury's). He has a unique, beautiful and catchy voice. I hope their songs would never be forgotten.

7. ISAAC SLADE (The Fray)

"I found God in the corner of first and amistad.." You Found Me is a great song and I love everything about it. The voice of Isaac Slade gives it an inspiring interpretation and justice. Slade's voice is like a pain reliever that I love to hear every time I feel down.

6. DANNY O'DONOGHUE (The Script)

He's the man who can't be moved that's why there are so many girls who adore him so much--count me in! His voice is like a lullaby in the night--soothing, cool, lovely and enchanting. And oh, before I forget, I love the Irish accent huh.


Icon, Legend, King of Rock--all I can say is Amazing, amazing and amazing! He'll always live in the hearts of his fans. His awesome voice and talent are priceless. There is no doubt that he is timeless and he will always be a part of the history of music industry. The angels are now singing with him--but I'm just wondering, is he now on planet Mercury? just kidding.

4. BILL KAULITZ (Tokio Hotel)

He is so Beautiful! No, he's not a girl and definitely not a gay but his androgynous look captivates the hearts of their fans especially the girls--count me in again! The band is from Germany, that's right, but it is known internationally because of its exceptional style. Girls are screaming, girls are crying because of happiness and girls are dying just to see them in person. Bill's voice is versatile--he can perform either pop or rock music.


Hey Adam, I got three words for ya! Hot, hot and hot!

He is gorgeous and he is The Voice. I love the fact that he loves our country but that's not the main reason why I really admire him. I admire him because he is so talented and he has a beautiful voice. He is so special and he looks like an angel in disguise.

2. CHRIS MARTIN (Coldplay)

"Para,para,paradise..your voice is like a para,para,paradise.." if I would compose a song for Chris Martin,that would be the lyrics and I would call it "Chris' Paradise".His voice is one of a kind-- relaxing, soothing, cool like the wind in the night. It's like my favorite lullaby that gives me sweet dreams and sometimes bringing me to places I have never been before--sounds like a drug to me and I'm definitely addicted to it.

1. STEVEN TYLER (Aerosmith)

The bad boys are coming to town!! oops, sorry I'm just excited. Anyway, let's talk about Steven Tyler. Well, he's my most favorite singer ever--call him a legend, an icon, a bad boy or whatever but for me he is the best! I love his moves, his swag, his voice, his style and everything that he is made of. And yes, the noise in his head bothers me because it makes me keep on wondering where he got his talents from. He's 64 but he still rocks!

There you have it! Thanks for your interest. Now that I have shared something about my favorite vocalists, why not share yours?


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    • Valorie Esquilona profile imageAUTHOR

      Valorie Esquilona 

      6 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you so much for dropping by epigramman! I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading my rockin' hub! Keep rockin' and rollin' too man.

    • epigramman profile image


      6 years ago

      Good morning Valorie from lake erie time ontario canada 5:09am and playing some Jimi Hendrix after night shift work and I would you write like a world class rock journalist with an obvious labor of love for your hub presentation. Yes isn't it true though - music makes our world a much smaller place in which to live, love and share.

      So nice to meet you and please keep on rockin' in the free world (as Neil Young would sing, lol) and sending you warm wishes and good energy from Colin and his cats , Tiffy and Gabriel


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