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TV Commercials: Coke vs. Pepsi

Updated on October 12, 2009

Welcome to my first Hub series: TV Commercials.

The goal of this series is to start a conversation about TV Commercials - their effectiveness, their political correctness, their randomness, their creativity, their competitiveness and their economics. Essentially, I plan on bringing up anything interesting about commercials that deserves to be shared.

From the early days of my life, I vividly remember two powerhouse companies who were both marketing titans battle for supremacy of the airwaves. The Cola Wars between Coke and Pepsi have been a constant struggle to capture the attention of the common consumer. Whether the commercials were trying to solidify the product's base or attract new customers, Coke and Pepsi have been running commercials for decades. Sometimes the commercials are funny, sometimes they involve celebrities, while other times they are extremely creative and artsy.

Below, there are links to two commercials: one from Coke and one from Pepsi. How could I possibly have a Hub about commercials and not have video links?

What better way to kick off this series than comparing two recent Coke and Pepsi commercials?

The first commercial is from Coke and is on the creative side of the spectrum. The commercial takes us through the inner workings of a vending machine to showcase the wonders behind each Coca Cola.

The second commercial is from Pepsi and features both celebrity and creativity. Britney Spears highlights the transformation of music and pop culture through the decades while displaying the constancy of Pepsi being "for those who think young".

Coke Commercial

Pepsi Commercial

First, I think both commercials are enjoyable to watch. They both feature musical and visual stimulation throughout the commercial. The Coke commercial includes a few things of note that I would like to touch upon. First, the only actual person in the commercial fits the role of the common young man who can fits the role of their main demographic. He looks like he could be anywhere from 17 to 27 years old. Second, the young man only puts a quarter into the vending machine. I look at this in a couple ways. Even though you can't get a Coke for under $1.00 anymore, I see this as Coke trying to highlight that their drinks are still cheap. However, I think the better explanation is that the quarter helps gets the creative flow of the commercial rolling. The third point I want to focus on is the contrast between the fantasy world inside the vending machine and the classic, old school Coke bottle. The bottle is instantly recognized and the focus of each frame in the commercial giving the artsy feel some stability and common link to the Coke brand.

The Pepsi commercial does a great job telling a story and getting their main point across: Pepsi is today's drink of choice and has been for every generation going back to the 1950's.  The use of Britney Spears is useful in this commercial as both a popular celebrity and a singer to highlight the classic Pepsi jingles.  Complementing Britney, the multiple scene changes highlighting the transformation of pop culture, takes us on a journey from black and white to energetic and colorful.  Even though the times change, Pepsi is always there and is always the drink of each generation.  The commercial ties together with the modern scene taking place at a Drive - In, which was a staple of the 1950's. 

Even though I enjoyed both commercials, I have a slight favorite. a photo finish.  

Vote for your favorite in the poll below!

Coke vs. Pepsi

Which TV Commercial did you like better: Coke vs. Pepsi

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Coke vs. Pepsi


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    • Chris Rene Fan profile image

      Chris Rene Fan 6 years ago

      I have to admit even though I prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola and even though both were very creative I like the Coke commercial.