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TV Delusional Syndrome

Updated on June 22, 2015

TV Delusional Syndrome

This condition is defined by a person’s belief in media stereotypes as defining the character of a group. It is a form of prejudice.

Because many experience life vicariously through the boob tube they tend to believe fabricated stories or statistically manipulated population samples in the news. This leads to opinion formation in the mind of a weak person, but a superior person will judge the messenger – the media.

Too often prejudice starts with someone’s attitudes and perceptions being influenced by a Marxist media for the sake of motivating viewership, with the side effects of racial hatred and condemnation.

The flip side of the coin is the Brady Bunch Syndrome where people of particular racial populations see themselves as superior because of media promotion in a positive light.

Self-image in the media often criminalizes black people and saintifies whites. This polarized portrayal is the vicarious life of millions of viewers every hour all around the world who see these images and believe them to be representations of reality.

The problem is both with the media and the viewers. The media is at fault for not giving disclaimers about the reality of the images presented. The viewers are at fault for assuming that a writer writes about reality, or assuming that statistical sampling is representative of an entire population, meaning that if I report crime in the black inner city I’m going to get a different population than if I report rural crime, so they only report black inner city crime alongside the flip side of positive community news from the same areas even though there is a lot of white population crime.

Everyone basically knows the tricks of the media because anyone can figure it out unless they really are delusional, and hence the need for intervention. It is up to the media to correct the destruction they bring on society unless of course that was the entire plan from the beginning to ruin the reputation all around the world of certain populations before the next Hitler genocide.

It is my opinion that the people who own the media are doing exactly that and that they should be held accountable. I don’t watch TV or read the newspaper because they are skewed in their reporting and I do not agree with all of the negative images constantly promoting the belief that black people are a major problem that justifies the violence perpetrated against us. I vote with my patronage and if everyone did so, then the media would be forced to present a realistic view of our country.

It should be illegal for a majority population to present a minority population as significantly problematic to society. We can address our own problems, but also where are the positive images in the news of minorities? Really it’s virtually nonexistent.

Minorities need to own our own media. That’s the only solution and then we will have no excuse for going to the others.

As for the people who believe these negative stereotypes and images as being representative of large numbers of minority populations – go out and get involved in the real world and leave the boob tube alone. Then you won’t be the one throwing stones at innocent people because you are deluded into thinking you are doing people a favor.


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