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TV Show: Californication Season 6 Ep. 1 "The Unforgiven" Recap and Review

Updated on January 15, 2013
Promo poster for season 6 of Californication
Promo poster for season 6 of Californication | Source

Readers Beware: Full episode spoilers ahead!

It has been a very long 9 or so months since the season 5 finale of Californication left us wondering what the hell was going to happen next? Just as things were really starting to look up for Hank and Karen, leading us on that they could potentially have gotten back together, Carrie, Hank's psychotic ex-girlfriend, shows up and ruins everything. Carrie shows up at Hank's, just when he needs to be going to have dinner with Karen, and offers Hank a drink. Harmless enough right? Hank drinks it, then finding out that she laced both his and her drink with a load of prescription anti-depressants. The effects start to take place, they both fall to the floor, and Carrie tells Hank to tell her that he love's her. Hank envisions Karen saying it, not Carrie, and says 'I love you" before he passes out. Way to leave us hanging like that!

"The Unforgiven" begins with a flashback to the moment when Hank and Karen first met. Karen was a bartender, and Hank obviously being a patron. Hank spits his sad attempts at a pick-up line which seem to have surprisingly worked since they end up a diner after. Carrie shows up in the flashback, as both a waitress, and then ends up taking the place of Karen across the table. Hank then wakes up in the hospital, with Karen at his bedside. She explains to him that when he didn't show up for dinner she drove to Charlie's house and found both him and Carrie passed out on the floor. Hank asks about Carrie, and when he shows up at her hospital room he sees that she is on life support. Her friend is there by her bedside, and reveals that Carrie is basically gone. The friend criticizes Hank for breaking her heart, and screams at him to leave. Hank tells Karen to leave him along, and walks out of the hospital alone. I'm glad they decided to show the immediate fall-out of what happened instead of fast-forwarding months down the line like they have done before.

Screen shot from the season 6 premiere of Californication
Screen shot from the season 6 premiere of Californication | Source

We next meet Hank at a bar with Charlie, drinking himself into stupor. It's clear that he's letting the whole Carrie situation really affect him. He punches Charlie in the face for calling Carrie a psycho. Charlie leaves, and Hank overhears a couples conversation, and butts in thinking that the guy is going to break up with the girl. Turns out he was going to propose to her, and Hank has just ruined that. The girl slaps him and walks out. Way to go Hank. When then see Hank walking down the beach drinking, and he enters what at first appears to be Charlie's place. Hank crawls into a kids bed, and it's obvious that this isn't Charlie's house. Hank, in horror, realizes that he laying down, face-to-face with a little kid he doesn't known. He gives the kid money so he doesn't scream, but the kid screams anyway. It's seems that it was Charlie's neighbors house, and apparently they didn't get as mad about it as one might assume since Hank ends up back at Charlie's house instead of jail. Charlie helps hank undress, and tucks him into bed like a child. Charlie tells Hank he needs to pull himself together for Becca and Karen.

We get a flashback to the night Hank and Karen met, with Hank walking her to her apartment building. Hank tries to get her number, but she reveals she has a boyfriend. Carrie appears in the flashback again, telling Hank to leave her along. He questions whether she is the one. The next morning at Charlie's, Charlie walks in to find hank peeing in a liquor bottle in his living room. Hank says the bathroom was too far away. Charlie tells him to get ready, and get in the car because they are talking a trip somewhere. Hank drinks from the bottle he just peed in, saying it's "Deeeeeeelicious". Gross. The arrive at the private jet of rockstar Atticus Fetch, who wants to work alongside Hank to make the movie of Hank's book "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" that Hank hates, into Rock Opera. Hank says no, they punch each other, and Hank vomits on his piano. We next see Hank at a bar alone, and Becca shows up. She reveals that her and Tyler broke up, that she is dropping out of school, and that she wants to become a writer just like Hank.

Screen shot from the season 6 premiere of Californication
Screen shot from the season 6 premiere of Californication | Source

Karen and Marci seem to be having some sort of girls circle talk with a few other ladies about how Men are always the problem, but Karen doesn't seem to think so. Hank arrives and crashes the talk. We next see Hank waking up, presumably a few hours later, with Karen, Becca, Charlie, and Marci standing over him which turns out to be an intervention. Charlie tells him they want to send him to a place called Happy Endings to rehabilitate himself. The intervention turns into Marci complaining about her situation, but they still end up back at the fact that Hank needs to go to rehab. Charlie even uses the fact that he took a bullet for Hank, so the least Hank can do is heal himself for them. Becca tells him that she still needs him, and to take his head out of his ass. Karen catches Hank outside before he can leave, wanting to tell him that she wanted to say during the intervention. She basically tells him that he ever wants to get back to the possibility of them being together he must pull himself together first. We then get another flashback from the night Hank and Karen met, and as Hank is leaving from dropping her off she opens up the window to her apartment and invites him up. Present day, Hank is woken up to some guy telling him that group is in 10 minutes. It seems as though Hank has checked himself into rehab, and is on his way to being alcohol free.

I must admit, I wasn't too keen on the whole rock-opera idea that they were going to be introducing this season, and even though it's only been mentioned so far, I'm feeling a little better about it. This was a great season premiere that had me laughing out loud more than a few times during its 28-29 minutes. I actually found this to be one of the better recent episodes of Californication. I'm glad they decided to show us immediately what happened following the events of the season 5 finale, then decided to move us about a month ahead, to show us how the whole thing has been affecting Hank. I loved the introduction of Atticus Fetch, and think he is going to be a great character to have around this season. I can only imagine the trouble him and Hank are going to get into while working on this rock-opera. Lets just put it out there, even though Hank said no to Atticus in this episode, we all know that he will eventually agree to doing it.

The season premiere of Californication season 6 delivered the same old Californication that we all know and love, full of craziness and big laughs. This episode tied up the cliffhanger from the end of last season, and began taking us in a new direction. I can't wait to see a sober Hank Moody, even though the likely hood of it lasting is very slim.


Californication airs Sunday nights at 10:30PM EST on Showtime.

Created by Tom Kapinos

Starring David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Evan Handler, Pamela Adlon, Madeleine Martin, and Tim Minchin.

Trailer for Season 6 of Californication


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