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T.V. Show Collectors - Ripleys is niche

Updated on September 6, 2009

Ripley's Believe it or Not!

From classic to contemporary, people are collecting rare and hard to find to popular movies and TV shows on DVD- available in complete sets. They make the perfect gift for any occasion. People enjoy watching their favorite movies and television serials on DVD quality format.

There are times when we have the longing to watch our favorite old TV shows, and that’s when the DVD series come handy. We can watch our favorite episodes again and again. People are impatient. If they decide to watch a movie one night it's nice to have a copy to just pop into the player rather than having to wait a few days for a rental to show up, or having to drive to the video store and pay a ridiculous price. They also tend to watch their favorite episodes more than once so it makes sense to just buy a copy. Another advantage of DVDs is that, they come with subtitles.

People collect their most favorite TV shows like the office, Sopranos, the apprentice, the unusual, ER, Doctor Who, Ugly Betty, FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother. Information enthusiasts collect “Tell Me Why “and Encarta or Encyclopedia Britannica CD sets whereas people who like to have goose bumps will collect “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” DVDs.

It is normal that anyone would want to have a collection of the most watched TV shows. I believe that people collect certain items due to a various amount of factors. These factors include nostalgia, sheer love for the serial, collectible item, fads, etc. I think that nostalgia and fads are two of the biggest reasons why people collect items. We find many collectors who collect items of a historic nature because it reminds them of their pasts – and for those of an older generation – it reminds them of “simpler times”. Sometimes people collect movies and seasons of TV show because many times, even with 100's of channels, there is just nothing of ones choice. Another reason why people would like to collect DVD series like “Ripley’s Believe It or not” is for their sheer content differentiation and the eye popping experience they get when they watch it or make others watch it. Sometimes we collect DVDs different from others so that we have an edge over other collectors and “Owning Different” has its own thrill.


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