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Updated on September 28, 2015



A TV Show produced by "Gaumont International Television" and distributed by "Netflix". The show delivers breathtaking scenes with highly entertaining acts, which keeps the viewer engaged at all times.

The show makes the viewer wonder the limit of cruelty and greed. Pablo acts with no boundaries and would do anything to keep himself and his family safe. The show televises how he manipulates Colombian government through bomb blasts and uncertainty within the country, which in the end forces the government to negotiate with him. Majority of the cops and high authority men are in Pablo's pockets except Horatio Carrillo.

US government has drugs as one of their biggest problem at hand, they are not able to control it as Pablo keeps finding new avenues and ways to deliver his product within the US. In order to control this drug cartel,CIA and drug control agency of the US gets involved. Steve Murphy is sent to Colombia and works right under the ambassador to get Pablo.

Pablo Escobar starts the drug business with his cousin and most loyal friend Gustavo Gaviria, he is only one who can say no to Pablo and Pablo would listen to him.

This drug business grows and there is that much in flow of money that they have to find new ways of storing money, so they start storing it in fields with a man in charge of keeping track of these locations. pablo keeps expanding his business and keeps himself out of the reach of CIA, drug enforcement agency and Colombian government.

The twist comes up when Pablo tries to enter politics even though every other drug lord thinks that he is crazy about this and in the end is deeply humiliated in the assembly by the Law minister.

Pablo relations with the government worsens and he blows a plane up, trying to kill the candidate for Presidency, the President nearly escapes death, Colombian government goes all out against Pable but then they have to negotiate because of constant bombings and killing of innocent people. After negotiations Pablo starts to live in a Jail made by himself but g the government raids it at the end of the season when he gets accused of killing two men. Pablo manages to escape and Steve remains unable to catch him.

The show is a must watch and is highly entertaining. The ratings are high as well which also suggest the general liking for the show. One of the most enthralling shows of 2015.


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