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TV Show: Revolution Season 1 Ep. 6 "Sex and Drugs" Recap and Review

Updated on January 15, 2014
Promo poster for NBC's Revolution
Promo poster for NBC's Revolution | Source

After a weeks hiatus Revolution has returned back to television but for many of us, including myself, who live on the east coast Hurricane Sandy prevented you from watching it during its normal airtime. NBC makes their episodes available off their website the following day, so for those who have missed this weeks episode due to power outage or in my case, continuous news coverage, you should utilize NBC's website. In the previous episode we saw Miles and company try to finally get Danny back from Neville, who was now in possession of a locomotive. Things hit the fan for group, when Nora was stabbed in the stomach, and they were unsuccessful in getting Danny back. We learned that Nate is actually named Jason, and he is Neville's son. After the exciting episode five, this weeks episode slowed things down a bit, but was still able to remain interesting.

This weeks episode "Sex and Drugs" begins shortly after the last one, with Miles and company stealing a militia wagon and taking off in search of help for Nora. Miles says he knows a place that would have medicine to help Nora. You begin to see a slight change start to come over Charlie, but its hard to see exactly what is going on. This episodes flashbacks focus on Aaron, and begin by showing us Aaron and his wife taking a ride in a Limo while celebrating their anniversary. It's the night that the power shuts off, and their car comes to a stop in the middle of an intersection. A truck comes barreling towards them and slams into the side of the limo. Back in Pennsylvania Danny gets to finally meet Monroe and Neville receives a promotion to General.

Miles and company show up at the house of a heroin dealing scum-bag named Drexel. As a sick joke Drexel holds a gun up to Miles' head and pulls the trigger. Luckily it was only a blank, and Drexel laughs it off as "all fun and games". He seizes their weapons, allows them to come inside, and takes Nora to see the doctor. We get another Aaron flash back to two months after the blackout. His wife is suffering from serious stomach pains after drinking toxic water from a nearby river. They encounter a man, Shawn, who was traveling alone and decides to stop and help the troubled couple.

Screen shot of Charlie (Spiridakos) in NBC's Revolution
Screen shot of Charlie (Spiridakos) in NBC's Revolution | Source

The doctor concludes that Nora is in septic shock, and Miles, since he is blood type 0+, donates blood to Nora. Charlie, while taking a bath thinks about all the people who have left her and died, and jumps up out of the tub and tears up all the post cards she carries around with her. Something is definitely going on inside of Charlie's head. Maybe she is finally going come into her own, and stop being so whiny and confrontational with everyone. Back in Pennsylvania Monroe questions Jason about his report in the field, now knowing that Miles is traveling with Nora who he seems to know quite well. Monroe asks Jason if he recognizes the pendant that Rachel drew for his last episode, and he informs Monroe that the "fat man" in the group has possession of it. Monroe tells Neville to send out Strausser to find the pendant and bring back Miles. Jason is troubled by this because he knows that Strausser isn't know to leave any survivors. I guess we can expect Jason to head out to try to save Charlie before Strausser gets to them.

Miles begins to pack now that Nora is getting better, knowing that they shouldn't stay there much longer. Drexel interrupts, revealing his and Miles history together before Miles abandoned the Monroe militia. Miles would kill his enemies and he would line Miles' pockets with gold. Drexel tells them of the O'Holloran's who have burned down his poppy fields but when Miles offers to kill the leader, Drexel reveals that he doesn't want Miles to do it, but Charlie to go in and kill him. Miles argues it, but Charlie agrees to do it. Charlie dresses up and is to pretend that she is one of Drexel's girls who have dirt on Drexel in order to get in and kill Bill O'Halloran.

We are treated to another flashback of Aaron, 8 months after the blackout, and him, his wife, and Shawn are living/traveling with a larger group of people. They are attacked and Aaron is unable to protect his wife who is grabbed and attacked by these people. Lucky for them Shawn shows up and saves the day. After realizing that even if Charlie is able to kill O'Halloran she would never make it out of there alive, Miles and Aaron try to come up with a way to save her. Aaron sends Miles off to get Charlie leaving him and Nora there to try to figure something out. Charlie shows up, and speaks with O'Halloran, learning that his daughter ran away to Drexel's, and was delivered back dead. It's obvious that O'Halloran is not a bad man.

Screen shot of Nora in NBC's Revolution
Screen shot of Nora in NBC's Revolution | Source

Drexel brings Aaron and Nora outside, and as a sick game hands them each a weapon and orders them to shoot each other. Whoever pulls the trigger first wins. Miles is able to sneak in and stop Charlie right before she kills O'Halloran. Another flashback shows Aaron and his wife, the night after the attack, talking and Aaron feels guilty and ashamed that he is unable to protect her. Aaron tells Nora that he is no good to anyone, and asks her to shoot him, that Charlie and Miles need her more than him. When she refuses to shoot him, he takes his gun and shoots himself in the chest. When Drexel goes over to check if he is dead Aaron shoots him, revealing that the flash in his coat pocket stopped the bullet from killing him. Drexel's men let them go, making it obvious that they didn't fully agree with how Drexel was running things. His death meant nothing to the men.

Miles and Charlie meet up with Nora and Aaron, and Nora tells them that Aaron shot Drexel much to Miles' surprise. We get our last flashback. Aaron wife wakes up the following morning after the attack and finds that Aaron is gone. He left a note and their wedding ring behind. The note read "I can't protect you. You're better off with them. Sorry". His wife could still be out there somewhere, and maybe, just maybe he'll be able to meet up with her one day. The episode ends with Danny and his mother Rachel finally uniting.

This was a slower episode than the last, but featured some great characterization, especially with Aaron and Charlie. The flashbacks of Aaron show that he was unable to adequately care for and protect his wife. At the end of the episode he redeems himself by attempting to sacrifice his life, then shooting and killing Drexel. He is no longer this helpless fat man. Charlie began to change during the previous episode, but the all the loss and death around her has obviously affected her. By the episodes end she seems to have matured into a Nora type figure, which is a huge relief. I wasn't sure if I could deal with her child-like antics all season.

Overall, I thought this was another good episode, and although it is much slower than the previous one we are treated to some great characterization. It was a much needed step back from the previous couple of episodes that were quite heavy. Plus we practically get to see Tracy Spiridakos naked. Can't complain with that.


Revolution can be watched Mondays on NBC at 10PM EST

Created by Eric Kripke.

Starring Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth, David Lyons, Graham Rogers, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Daniella Alonso.


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