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3 TV Shows Adults Watch Meant For Kids

Updated on April 11, 2017

Kid shows are a bit wacky. Most of the time you're forced into watching it with your children or with kids you are babysitting for the day, but have you really paid attention and truly saw the potential in it? Here is a short list of cartoons that will take grab your attention!

The Amazing World of Gumball

A cutesy animated cartoon, based around a cat character named "Gumball" and his family; Darwin, the walking fish, Anais, the pink bunny, Richard, the father, also a bunny, and their mother, which is a cat as well, Nicole. They are always involved in some crazy situations, that will leave you with a smile on your face the whole entire TV show. I can say so myself--I truly appreciate this show. It is very funny and it does has it's amazing ways to bring humor unto the show without causing questions on if this show is appropriate for our children. It will definitely stay at the top of my list.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a pretty awesome show from hilarious moments, to different stories that has genuine continuations every other episode. It's weird to some but interesting to most. It's not too any of it's kind, so that's what draws people to the TV show, especially children. It does however, raise a few questions when certain situations arise in the show, however it does end up getting answered later on, you just have to be a bit patient.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

This show was a childhood favorite! This is more old school than the first two. I wanted to take it back a bit, because Courage The Cowardly Dog has been on the rise since it appeared on Netflix and Hulu Plus. courage The Cowardly Dog is about a pink dog named "Courage" is cowardly, simple as that. He goes through weird,scary and funny situations, in order to protect his owners "Muriel" and "Eustace". Muriel is a gullible, beautiful elderly lady who took Courage in when he was "abandoned" (check the show for more info) as a pup. Courage grew attached to her, and began to protect her ever since then in their little home in the middle of nowhere. Eustace on the other hand, is a cruel elderly man, who isn't fond of Courage and scares and attacks him, ever moment he gets. However, Courage still protects him, as well as Muriel. Go check it out, it's an amazing cartoon from the old school Cartoon Network.



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