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Other Great TV Shows Like Lost

Updated on May 13, 2011

All is not LOST

If like me you have thoroughly enjoyed all six seasons of Lost, then you are probably lost (pun intended) like me now that the show have ended.

What make's Lost a unqiue experience for me is the tantalising measured pace of the story, the painstaking character developments, the realistic interactions between people in unimaginable situations.

However, all it not Lost. Read on about other shows like Lost that we'll probably enjoy.

The fabulous cast of Lost
The fabulous cast of Lost

TV Trailer for Lost

The Walking Dead

Shows like Lost succeeds probably because it manages to take ordinary people and plunges them into the bizarre and unthinkable.

The TV series The Walking Dead shares this similarity with Lost in that in makes the survivors (like Lost's plane crash survivors) confront the unthinkable scenario of the collapse of civilisation and the rising of the dead as flesh eating zombies.

The script writing and directing in The Walking Dead is also of a very high calibre, probably because it is directed by award winning director / script writer / producer Frank Darabont.

TV Trailer of The Walking Dead


Take some interesting and mysterious characters, add a large dose of fringe science fiction, sprinkle strange bread crumbs of plot clues, and you'll have a show like Lost.

In this case, the show is Fringe. Compare to Lost, the show Fringe has more obvious science fiction elements but it is arguably the best Sci Fi show in the tradition of Lost, though not exactly like it, of course.

A Taste of Walter from Fringe


What if you can experience your future? Will you still work hard if you know you have achieved your dreams? Will you just give it all up if you know you have failed?

This is the premise of the series Flashforward. It sort of rivals the show Lost in terms of elements of plot complexity although Lost seems to be more metaphysical. Shows like Lost poses some convoluted dilemmas, which is one characteristic that Flashforward shares.

TV Trailer of FlashForward


Ok so this is a movie instead of a TV show. But the thing is this movie just happens to have all of the interesting elements like the show Lost.

There is a small group of people that escapes to a mysterious and seemingly deserted  cruise liner. There are tangled time loops. There are shocks and plot twists that keeps piling up. What makes this show like Lost is the way seemingly unconnected plot points falls into place like a time bending jigsaw puzzle, all the while making you try to figure out what's happening  together with the on screen characters.   

Movie Trailer of Triangle

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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Great hub....I miss Lost....I miss reading all the theories on the internet....I think the show that is the closest to Lost is wife loves the show...but hates the first 5 minutes and refuses to know the part where something bad happens to somebody you do not yet thanks for posting