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Top 10 Amazing Fantasy TV Shows Like Outlander You Must Watch

Updated on August 9, 2017
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Rahul is a TV addict who can never get enough of good shows. His all time favorites are "The Wire", "Breaking Bad", and "The Sopranos."

Game of Thrones - One of the most popular TV shows like Outlander

Based on a series of novels by George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones tells the story of seven kingdoms as they slaughter each other to get to Iron Throne and rule them all. Beyond the walls, though, lies something sinister, endangering all their lives. Everyone thinks that the army of undead is just a myth. When they finally arrive, will the mortals have an answer for them?

The six seasons so far have only shown a glimpse of how dangerous these White Walkers can be. With winter not that far away, they’re sure as hell getting stronger by every passing second. And mind you, winters in Westeros are harsh and long. Only the strongest and healthiest of them will make it out alive.

Revealing anything else is just going to spoil the fun for you. Just know that a lot of people you see in the first season won’t make it to the sixth. In a land where there is no guarantee that you’ll live to see the next day, you shouldn’t expect your heroes to beat all the odds.

Still, there are a few characters the show would never touch. Jon and Tyrion, for example, have become fan favorites. I don’t think they’d ever risk killing them off permanently. Given the knack of this show to kill people off unexpectedly, though, you can never be too sure.

And this is what makes Game of Thrones one-of-a-kind show. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that no other TV show on air right now can even come close to what Game of Thrones has to offer. If you’re looking for a show like Outlander, this should be your best bet.


Vikings centers on Ragnar Lothbrok, a former who becomes the king of Norway. He ends up leading raids to Britan and France, wreaking havoc on those countries. Those who’re big fans of a good mix of mythology and history would love what’s going on here. They serve the mix just in right proportion. It feels like fantasy cum historical drama, which would appeal to the fans of both genre.

Everything from gorgeous sceneries of Scandinavia to beautiful landscapes of Britain and France, there’s a lot to feast your eyes on. The actors in the role of Lothbrok and his brother Rollo are just phenomenal in their characters’ portrayal. It’s so easy to mistake it for a show that is just about bodybuilders running around in skirts. You need to give it a shot, though. If you’re into shows like Outlander, you’d end up loving it.

Poldark - An underrated TV show like Outlander

I am a big fan of the original Poldark series, and I’m glad to report that it’s unexpectedly good. Period dramas are not something I look forward to, but this one hooked me right up. Aiden Turner has done an amazing job in his portrayal of Ross Poldark. A well casted and written series you mustn’t miss out on. With just one season on air up until now, you don’t have a lot to catch up on.

Update - Season two has been just as good as the first one, if not better. A few new faces have emerged as important players in the second season, resulting in some amazing moments in the show. You'll love every second of it.



Where to start with this one heck of a brutal show? I am a huge fan of Spartacus (1960) movie. So when I heard that they are going to make TV series about him, I didn’t have a lot of expectations from it. Holy hell, did it turn out to be amazing!

The plot revolves around a Spartacus, a gladiator, who leads a revolution against the Romans for years, causing them to suffer huge losses. It’s said that he was quite clever, changing his tactics at the very last moment, which kept Romans on their toes. It’s fun to see them playing hide and seek as they try to anticipate each other’s movie in advance. Tables turn when Spartacus finally meets his match. I have tried to keep it spoiler free. Believe me; you want to experience everything first hand. Blood, gore, nudity and tonnes of high-voltage drama – this series has it all. If you haven’t watched it yet, now is your time.

Doctor Who - A British TV show like Outlander

Doctor who chronicles the time travelling adventures of an alien and his mortal partners. I was kind of worried that the reboot of a classic series might not turn out to be as good as I’d hoped for. I’m glad to report that it exceeded my expectations. It doesn’t take much time to set up the plot and characters. If you’re a fan of action-=heavy sequences, you’re going to love what Doctor Who has to offer.

Rome - An underappreciated TV show like Outlander

Rome chronicles the lives of citizens of Rome as the Roman Republic falls apart bits by bits. From the moment it introduces you to Lucious Vorenus and Titus Pullo – two historical figures, you know it’s going to be amazing. Over the course of 2 seasons Rome introduces you to a few new characters to root and loathe as they scramble with each other for power, paving way for Roman Empire. You’d get behind a few characters, hoping they’d come out unscathed. Some of them will, most won’t. This is what makes it riveting, to be honest. The fact that even the mightiest of heroes can fall in seconds is what keeps it real.

You don’t get to hear a lot of about it because it was cancelled just after 2 seasons. Rome was never given a chance to blossom. Apparently, it cost them a bit too much to make a single episode. And it wasn’t no Game of Thrones either. You know what happens to a show when it doesn’t get enough audience. Nevertheless, you have two amazing seasons to binge.

Black Sails

Black Sails

Set 20 years before the vent of Treasure Island, Black Sails tells the story of Captain Flint and his crew as he goes on to become one of the most feared pirates of all time.

Granted, it’s a bit flashy in the first season, but it gets better in the second. The first season sets everything up. The recently-aired third season, however, was the best of the series so far, saying goodbye to its one of the most beloved characters. It goes on to show that the showrunners are ready to take such big risks. The good thing is, killing that character didn’t feel as if it was done for the shock value.

Everything from the story, stakes and sceneries to dialog delivery and acting gets better in the latter half. So, even if you don’t find the first half of the season that intriguing, stick to it. You’d be rewarded for your loyalty.

With just 10 episodes per season, churning through it until the fourth season starts airing shouldn’t be much of a task. If you’re looking for some gritty GTV shows like Outlander, Black Sails should be right up your alley.

Penny Dreadful - A gory, violent show like Outlander

Penny Dreadful is one of those unlucky TV shows that’s not getting the attention and love it deserves. There is a lot of violence, gore and drama. At times, everything feels a tad overwhelming, maybe even a little suffocating. While the idea of making a show around vampires roaming around in Victorian London sounds good on paper, bringing it authentically on the TV screen is quite a task. Everything from costumes, dialogues to cinematography is brilliantly done, staying true to that era.

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. If you can stomach violence, extreme gore and nudity, though, it might just prove to be one of the best shows like Outlander for you. While there is no dearth of action and sex, the show never forgets to keep building on an already tense atmosphere, leading to a satisfying finale. With 4th season just around the corner, you have some time to catch up on the storyline. Go ahead. Binge it. It’s totally worth it.

The White Queen

The White Queen is a mini-series based on the novel series “The Cousins’ War”. The story focuses on three women fighting for the throne in 15th century England. These women would leave no stones unturned to try and make it through to the crown.

As a history buff, I was pretty excited to see that they’ve stayed true to the books for the most part. Yes, they’ve spiced it up a little bit, but it fits well with the overall narrative. The plots are not conjured up just for the sake of attracting more viewers, which explains why it’s so underrated. Overall, if you like authentic storylines, “The White Queen” might just be the show you’re looking for


The plot revolves around The Queen of Scots, Mary and her friends, who face dark forces and foes in French court. Reign is Pretty Little Liars meet Gossip Girl – something you never knew you wanted. With all the typical CW-style love triangles and drama mixed with a touch of fantasy, it makes for a perfect guilty pleasure period drama.

If you are looking for historical accuracy here, I’m afraid you’d be disappointed. Skip to the next entry. With its fancy dresses, parties and love stories, it gives a “Gone Girl’ vibe. The model-like actors don’t help the matter much, either.

If you’re looking for something fun that’d keep you entertained for a while, though, you should give it a go.

The Tudors - An amazing TV show like Outlander

Although not particularly accurate, “The Tudors’’ is a solid TV drama focusing on the early life of King Henry VIII. While it’s gorgeous, the only shortcoming is its tampering with historical facts. They’ve altered a lot to appeal to a larger audience.

If you like watching something just to have some fun and you don’t care much about real facts, you’d love what “The Tudors’’ has to offer. I understand that some people are not too happy with the way they’ve decided to pay with history here. Once you watch a few episodes and immerse yourself in its fascinating world, though, you wouldn’t be complaining. Everything from sets, costumes, dialogs to storyline feels authenticating and real.

If you’re looking for some amazing TV shows like Outlander, The Tudors should be right up your alley.


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      Chad Crouch 4 weeks ago from South Africa

      I am probably one of the only people that have not watched Game of Thrones yet.