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22 Intriguing Teen TV Shows Like Pretty Little Liars

Updated on April 1, 2017
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Rahul is a TV addict who can never get enough of good shows. His all time favorites are "The Wire", "Breaking Bad", and "The Sopranos."

What are some shows like Pretty Little Liars?

It can be quite tough to wait for another season of Pretty Little Liars before it begins airing. With no clues to decipher and hot dudes to feast your eyes upon, the wait can get a bit agonizing. Being a huge fan, I decided to compile a list of TV shows like Pretty Little Liars that would soothe your pain and keep you going till the next season -

Veronica Mars

When Vernoica’s best friend is murdered and her father is not a county sheriff anymore, she marks upon a quest to crack the mysterious surrounding her town.

While the plot is not relatable and plausible in real life, it doesn’t make this show “horrible”. Don’t pay attention to the negativity around it. We watch TV to escape from reality, and this show is best at taking you someplace else.

The characters are dynamic. No one is totally bad or good. Everyone is sort of likeable, even the bad guys. There is a gray area – just like people are in real life. If you enjoy mysterious TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, you’d love what “Veronica Mars” has to offer.

Switched At Birth – A family TV show like Pretty Little Liars

Two teenage girls switched at birth, come to know about that occurrence, which changes their lives completely.

Every character has a way of making you genuinely like them. They have their own plights, backstory and plans for the future. Once you watch a few episodes, you get invested in it. You’d want to know what happens to them.

I don’t usually watch family dramas, but this one drew me in. The plot is gripping and the pacing is excellent, giving away just a little every time to keep you interested and hooked.

It’s not safe for children under 14. Keep them away from it. To be candid, it’s meant for adults only. There are dialogues and shots only an adult mind can process.

The Vampire Dairies – On of the most popular TV shows like Pretty Little Liars

Based on the series of novels by L.J. Smith, “The Vampire Diaries” is the story of Elena, a mortal, torn between the rivalries of two brothers fighting for her. Months after her parents were killed in a tragic car accident, she is still trying to cope with it. Things spiral out of control when she begins falling for Stefan, a mysterious, handsome student at her school. He is a struggling vampire, trying to live a normal life amongst humans. His brother Damon, however, is hell-bent on taking revenge from his brother for turning him into a vampire and taking his love way. These two brothers wreak havoc in the small Virginia Town.

It starts off pretty week with a lot of bland characters and a plot that didn’t intrigue me. Right after episode 4-5, it looked like a normal TV show worth watching. The last couple of episodes of season 1, however, stepped the game up, making for some fun TV.

Some characters are pure evil. Damon, for example, murder people just for fun in his usual style. Still, you can’t help but feel for him. You’d be rooting for him all the way through. This is where “The Vampire Dairies” excels. It makes you like characters you’d normally hate.

Six seasons with well over 100 episodes! You’ve got a lot of catching up to do before the next season begins airing. If you’re looking for some good shows like Pretty Little Liars, you should give it a go.


Revenge documents an emotionally troubled woman’s quest to destroy the life of those who wronged her father.

Why is she doing it? Who’s she? Who was her father? You’ll get all the answers over the course of first few episodes. It takes some time to introduce you to all the characters and the plotline. Once it gets going, though, it’s a roller-coaster ride.

Except for the mediocre 2nd season, every other season is well worth your time. You can skip it if you want.

Gossip Girl

High school is over now. As students are looking to embark on their futures, there is someone among them who is still sharing all the scandals and secret of the school. It seems as if this Gossip Girl can’t keep things to herself. Who is she and what’s her motive?

I wasn’t a huge fan of books. The characters seem one dimensional and bland. The TV show, however, brings them to life. The script is sarcastic and full of fun. It’s funny to see them getting into weirdly funny situations and make their way out of it.

If you loved the intrigue and drama of shows like “Pretty Little Liars”, you’d love what “Gossip Girl” has to offer.

Scream Queens – A new TV show like Pretty Little Lairs

If you’ve watched the slashed movies of 90s and loved them, you’re going to love this new TV show that just began airing.

The plot revolves around a group of college going students, who start getting killed one by one. Who is the killer? Is the killer amongst them? As the mystery begins to unravel, things spiral out of control.

This show is not for everyone. I have a feeling that some people are going to bash it for its language and content. “Scream Queens” isn’t meant to be taken seriously. A character could be about to die, but you could still be laughing out loud at the situation. The silliness and hilariously is what makes it worth watching.

If you’re looking for a silly, non-serious show like Pretty Little Liars”, you should give “Scream Queens” a go.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

This is the story of Buffy, a young girl with the power to slay all kinds of demonic entities in this world. With the help of her friends, she embarks upon a quest to root out all sorts of evil.

This show could easily be mistaken for just another soap opera about vampires and demons. You couldn’t be more wrong. It touches upon a lot of real life issues such as first love, death, life and coping with teenage life.

There is a lot to love about this show. The plotlines are daring, experimenting with a new kind of storytelling that no one else had ever attempted. With a great cast, an intriguing story and some amazing character development, what began as a mid-season replacement show, turned out to be quite a hit.

Hidden Palms

When a model teenager movies to Palm Springs after his father’s suicide, he wants nothing more than just to start afresh. He befriends a few local youths, and fids out that some of them were involved in the suicide of his previous room occupant. Things take an unexpected turn when he decides to look into it further.

You’d really love the characters and the story-arch. It’s a shame that it didn’t last long. You’ve got only one season to watch.

Gone Girl – A movie like Pretty Little Liars

Even though Gone Girl is a movie, I had to include it in this list. A lot of mystery, twists ad drama unfolds within just a couple of hours. What starts out as a missing person’s investigation, turns into something more sinister and mind-bending than one could ever imagine. Just when you think you’ve got it, it turns into something else, and then something else altogether. “Gone Girl” seems desperate to stay more than one step ahead of you thought the whole move, revealing just a tiny bit all the time just to keep you going. It lets you think that you’ve got the hold of it, only to realize in the end that the whole story was about something else.

It feels as if you’re watching a few short movies one by one. While it can get overwhelming, everything makes a lot of sense in the end. A season’s worth of entertainment within a few hours.

Twin Peaks – A classic TV show like Pretty Little Liars

Twin Peaks is a strange little town right on the America-Canada border. When a girl is mysteriously found murdered, they investigation that follows leads to ground-breaking conclusions. The FBI agent that came to this little town gets sucked into this case. He begins seeing this girl in his dreams, which eventually brings him closer to concluding the case.

This series is not for everyone. Some people would appreciate it for the mystery and the way everything slowly unravels. If you’re looking for a mysterious TV show like “Pretty Little Liars”, you should give “Twin Peaks” a go. With only 2 seasons, you don’t have a lot of content to feast your eyes on. Whatever there is, it’s pretty fun.

The Secret Circle

When Cassie’s mother mysteriously dies, she moves to live with her grandmother. She along with 5 other teens learns that they are witches. The story begins from there.

It takes sometimes before it catches its footing. Once it does, however, it’s a solid right from thereon. Don’t diss this show just because there are a lot of teenagers around. Even if you’re an adult, you’d love what “The Secret Circle” has to offer. There is mystery, drama, romance and a lot of actions. What’s not to love about it? A must-see TV show like Pretty Little Liars.

The Originals – A spin off TV show like Pretty Little Liars

The plot revolves around the original family of vampires, who have come back to claim the city they once built and take revenge against anyone who’ve wronged them.

What started off as a spin-off of The Vampire Dairies, turned into a monster of a show. This show is miles better than The Vampire Dairies when it comes to the mature tone and a more focused and gritty storyline. This is what a mature vampire TV show should look like.

Teen Wolf - One of the best underrated TV shows like Pretty Little Liars

“Teen Wolf” is a supernatural drama revolving around a teen, who gets bitten by a werewolf. He becomes faster, stronger and more confident than he ever was. Things get complicated when other players come into the picture.

In a world where vampires, werewolves, hunters and various other beings are always at each other’s throats, you’re guaranteed tons of fun.

This is how is really underrated. More people need to know that it’s much more than a teenage soap opera. There is a lot to like. The plotlines, for example, are always intriguing and daring. Acting, likewise, is pretty solid. If you’re looking for a mature TV show like Pretty Little Liars, you should give Teen Wolf a go.

How To Get Away With Murder

The show opens up with two murders. Who killed them? Just like Pretty Little Lairs, our young protagonists find themselves in much more trouble than they bargained for. A juicy, intriguing murder mystery you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s going to keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

With season 2 just around the corner, you should catch up with the brilliant first season as soon as possible.

Honorable mentions – Other TV shows like Pretty Little Liars

“Jane The Virgin” “Lying Game”, “Twisted”, “Agatha Christie's Poirot”, “Broadchurch”, “Lost”, “The 100”, and “Desperate Housewives” are some other TV shows you should try.

If you think any other TV show should make it to this list, let me know in the comments section.


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