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TV Shows Review Part 2

Updated on December 22, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to let people know about her opinion on a product.


Some of these shows may be still going on TV or they can be found on Hulu. I believe most of these shows are great for the most part. I wouldn't list them if I didn't believe they are good shows to watch. I understand all of us are different and we all have a different opinion on certain TV shows. Check them out anyway and let me know what you think!


This show relates on the after math of the X-men. After the X-men left, the mutants are struggling themselves to prove to the human race that they don't mean to harm anyone. Mutants are humans that have a special ability gene that they carry. I love this show and I believe they should continue it as long as they can.

Once Upon A Time

Remember all of those Disney movies? This is a show with all of them in one just not in a cartoon. I like how they made an adult version of these movies and put them into one realistic show.

Saving Hope

Does anyone like hospital shows anymore? This one has a story behind it. This show is so realistic is makes your bones cringe. I don't recommend young kids to watch this one but if you have the stomach for it, it would be a good show for you to watch. I love this show, but it takes forever for a new season to come out.

Sons Of Anarchy

This is a crazy show about a bike gang and the situations they have to face. I do not recommend this show for young kids. There's drama and a lot of shooting people. It's crazy to think what gangs have to go through and this show explains it all.


We all know Walmart is a crazy store to shop at. Well, this show makes fun of what happens in a department store. It's hilarious and kinda weird. I put it on this list because of the humor they added into this show. I highly recommend watching it if you want a good laugh.

The Amazing Race

I have a lot to saw about this show. It's a game show that people have to race around the world for a million dollars. They have situations they have to face and if they choose wrong, they could be in last place and be sent home. Wouldn't that be crazy if we were in that situation? The places you would see but can waste no time...

The Good Doctor

Another doctor show, yes. This is one a little different though than most. It's about a person who is autistic and becomes a doctor. A very smart doctor. It's crazy what he can do and the challenges he has to face. Who would think a doctor with a disability would be smarter than other doctors? I love this show and it teaches the world that even though you have a disability, you can become something.

The Wall

This show will drive you crazy and will put you at the edge of your seat. It is a game show but a crazy one. There's not a set amount of money you can win. The balls will drop on the wall and go which ever way they want. You just have to hope that your partner answers questions correctly. This show drives me crazy but I hope they continue to release more seasons.


What your type of favorite shows?

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© 2017 Brittany Banks


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