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TV Shows That Need To Be Cancelled

Updated on April 13, 2013

Of all the shows I currently watch, only one is deserving of being renewed, and that’s Nikita. The show has only continued getting better. The writers know how to write for an ensemble cast. They also don’t resort to using the other characters to prop up a character. They don’t give preferential treatment to one character over another. Nikita is written like most shows used to be written but aren’t anymore. The writers wisely don’t allow Internet fans to affect the show and compromise the story they want to tell. Unfortunately, there’s a big question mark if it’ll be renewed or not. There’s talk of it getting a shortened final season.

Grey’s Anatomy has had a pretty good season, but hardly a perfect one. At some point you do get the feeling it’s going to be time and soon to call it a day. And even though I loathed the plot twist, making Elena a vampire seems to have revitalized the show, this season. However, everyone is still all about Elena, dying for her to save her, and while a few episodes have been great many more haven’t been. The show will need to think of a new plot twist to keep things fresh.

There are other shows that are on the cusp, between needing to be cancelled and still being able to turn things around, and others that should just have the plug pulled on them. This list is only of the shows I watch and is hardly a complete list:

On The Cusp:

Once Upon A Time: The show had a good start and was great when it was written as an ensemble piece, but as season one began to wind down it became increasingly all about the Charmings. That’s only got worse this season as any resemblance to it being an ensemble cast has vanished. Most of the characters have turned into Charming butt-kissers and there’s only been a handful of episodes that have been good, while the others have been mediocre Charming dreck. Unless the writers get over their Charming-obsession, this show will be bumped from On The Cusp to Needs To Be Cancelled.

Revenge: This show began to jump the shark in its first season when the show went from being about a girl going up against a rich and powerful family to get revenge for what they did to her father to her having a whole village of people helping her. It really got bad with the ridiculous introduction of Mr. T. Then it wasn’t the rich family that were responsible for what happened to her father, it was part of some nefarious plot by a mysterious evil organization. When Amanda started re-revenging her past victims, I called it a day. If this show wants to continue, it needs to have a new character every season getting revenge. Otherwise, pull the plug on this show.

Revolution: It had the elements to be a good show, but the execution hasn’t been very good. One of the big problems is making this The Charlie Show. Another problem is these people have apparently spent the last 15 years twiddling their thumbs so Charlie could grow-up before trying to figure out how to put the power back on. If you happen to give The Stand mini-series a rewatch and see it only took those survivors a few weeks to try and turn on the power, it shows just how lame this show really is. They also started killing off characters too soon. The Event was a much better show with a better cast, but they didn’t have the 10pm timeslot of a big ratings lead-in like The Voice. It’s more than likely the show will get renewed for a second season, but unless it starts getting its act together, that will be its last.

Needs To Be Cancelled:

Nashville: Maybe it’s gotten better, but I said bye, y’all to it when I found all the characters unlikable and none of the stories the least bit interesting. So based on when I last saw it, cancel this sucker. I still don’t know why the media dubbed this bad soap as the show of the year. The only reason I can think of is because Connie Britton who played on media darling, Friday Night Lights, was on this show. Otherwise the hype it’s gotten has been completely undeserved.

Survivor: How many more seasons can we watch a group of people fighting to be sole survivor? The show did a lot of damage to itself by constantly bringing back past players. And it’s fascination with the Hantz family hasn’t helped.

The X-Factor: Every season this show seems to be trying to find the right judging panel. Maybe it’s a sign it should give up and admit defeat.

American Idol: In a very real way, Simon Cowell was this show. It started its downward decline when it gave Paula Abdul the axe. Bottom line, aside from a very few exceptions, has any American Idol winner actually become a star?

The Bachelor/Bachelorette: The show has a 90-95% failure rate on the couples it makes having any staying power. And the Bachelor’s they’re picking are becoming less and less appealing with each passing season. It’s time to play taps for this rather sleazy entry into reality dating shows.

Dancing With The Stars: It started out as a nice and fun show, that’s tried to morph itself into So You Think You Can Dance. The reason why so many celebrities are getting injured doing this show is because they’re being expected to do dance routines like they’re professional dancers, when in some cases they’re just learning to dance. The judges don’t help, as they always play favorites and are harsh on the celebrity they don’t like. Like Maks, I gave this season a pass when I looked through the roster of celebrities and didn’t recognize 99% of the so-called celebrities. I’d hoped after Don’t Trust The B… the show would book James Van Der Beek and Dean Cain for the show. However, it seems only nobodies wanting national exposure to become somebodies are willing to do this show and risk being maimed and insulted for the price of admission.

Yeah, Reality TV plays a big part of the list of shows that should be cancelled. It was something new and fresh when it made its debut on TV, but now it’s past its prime.

Which Reality TV Show Needs To Be Most Cancelled?

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    • ScarlaBlack profile image

      ScarlaBlack 4 years ago from Georgia

      Great hub! I absolutely agree with shows like The Bachelor, American Idol, and Survivor being cancelled. The first is just a sleezy show; the second and third suffered a lot from attrition, and the creators and producers should know when to pull the plug.

      I've only watched the first half of OUAT, but your observances seem pretty spot on with what I've heard. To me, it seems like a good show, and I think I'll really enjoy the new characters, like Mulan and Aurora, but if they focus on Charming as much as you say they do, I might be a bit more reluctant to watch it.

      As for Revolution, I haven't watched an episode but I really enjoy Supernatural, another TV show created by Kripke. In my experience, he starts the shows off slowly (Season 1 was extremely slow and full of fillers in Supernatural), then gradually builds up until he creates a wonderful and complex story. I think Revolution probably needs time to mature into a good story. (Also I have heard that Kripke is seriously thinking about bringing some of his old actors from SPN in - Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) and Misha Collins (Castiel) were direct mentions. Both are absolutely terrific actors, so it's possible that they might save the show!)

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      Great job on this and I could add gazillions more. Everyday a new show is out and everyday about five leave. There are so few good shows, I think I will just watch the old ones...