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TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Early

Updated on March 6, 2013

In light of my last hub, I've decided to talk about some of my favorite TV shows in recent memory that got canceled too quickly. Also, these are in no particular order.

Eli Stone

Jonny Lee Miller starred as the title character in this drama about a lawyer with a potentially fatal brain aneurysm. He would have visions (frequently involving George Michael) that would lead him to take cases he normally wouldn't take. Before the illness, Eli was a stone cold lawyer, and would never take charity cases. His visions ended up helping people through his cases, and from a prediction of an earthquake that came true. The show had great relationship story lines with Eli, focusing on several main characters such as his ex-fiancee, his boss/ex-fiancees father, a young assistant, a hilarious secretary, and a prophet. The show only lasted two seasons, but it is one of the most uplifting and feel good shows I have seen in the last fifteen years. If you never watched this show, I highly recommend you hunt down its two seasons if you are in for some laughs, cries, and good old fashioned feel good TV.


You may have never heard of this show, since it only aired for three months on NBC last year. It starred Jason Issacs as Michael Britton, who we see following a horrific car crash that killed his wife. No his son. Well, it depends. See Britton now lives in two worlds, one where his wife is alive, and one where it was his son who survived the crash. When he went to sleep, he would wake up in the other world. It was a fascinating plot and resulted in excellent episodes. Luckily showrunner Kyle Killen knew early enough on it wasn't getting renewed, so the show had a proper ending. I won't spoil it here, but I didn't see it coming.

Last Resort

This one is recent, and a hard one to believe that ABC pulled the plug on. Especially since Zero Hour took its spot, and had the worst premiere in network history. Like Awake, it had an ending, so seeing a season two on a different network would be hard to imagine. The show was about a Navy submarine, who refused a "fire order" from a suspicious source in the government. The result was they were branded traitors, and took over an island. The main focus on the show, however, was the characters. The acting was phenomenal, and made you care what happened to each person. A shame this one only got one season.

666 Park Avenue

Another ABC castoff, but this one never finished. It probably wasn't that good in most people's eyes, but it was different. A thriller on prime time TV was great to see, and I still want to know if Gavin Doran is actually Satan. I'll pitch it for you, it's a story of people who live in a high rise NYC hotel that has many deaths and accidents. The owner is possibly Satan or involved with him somehow. They sign their "leases" like it's a contract with the devil. Doesn't that make you want to watch it? Hopefully the final episodes will air this summer.

Flash Forward

A show on ABC getting only one season seems to be the trend here, but Flash Forward was creative. The whole world blacked out, and witnessed one day in the future. The entire season was built up to that day, and how the characters either tried to avoid or keep their future that they saw. The season concluded, but left a cliffhanger for season two that never happened. The show was probably doomed from the start, because how many times could they actually have a Flash Forward and it not get old? Either way, the show is on Netflix. I recommend you watch it.


Besides Smallville, this is the best show ever to air on the CW. It is probably the funniest show I have ever seen. It starred Ray Wise as Satan, and Bret Harrison as Sam Oliver. Sam's parents sold his soul to Satan, and he has come to collect. He makes Sam his bounty hunter for souls that have escaped from Hell. The hilarity ensues. Definitely Netflix this. I promise you, after season two, you will be wondering how in the "Hell" there wasn't a season three.

Honorable Mentions: Heroes (NBC), Life (NBC), Zero Hour (ABC), Caprica (SyFy)

What shows did I forget? Did I miss any of your favorites? List in the comments!


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    • Jeff Lane profile image

      Jeff Lane 4 years ago from Evansville, IN

      I thought Heroes had a great season 4, and was looking forward to how they would continue the show with the world knowing about people with super powers. I think season 2 killed it. But I still think 4 seasons wasn't enough.

    • flagostomos profile image

      flagostomos 4 years ago from Washington, United States

      I honestly have never seen any of the shows you detailed, but what caught my eye is you said Heroes as an honorable mention. That is one show I watched and I also agreed with why it ended... I'm curious as to your reasons why it was cancelled too early.