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TV and Movie Couples That Hated Each Other On Set

Updated on July 2, 2014
Gosling and McAdams in "The Notebook"
Gosling and McAdams in "The Notebook" | Source

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling: The Notebook

It’s hard to believe that Gosling and McAdams were ever anything but friendly especially if you have seen their movie “The Notebook.” In the movie “The Notebook” Gosling and McAdams play a couple that face many obstacles over the many years of their relationship. The movie ventures back and forth in time from when the couple was younger to when the couple has aged. However, during filming of the movie “The Notebook” Gosling and McAdams had quite a lot of screaming matches on set, and it was very difficult to work on the set with the two of them. At one point Gosling asked that McAdams be removed and that another actress stand in for her during a scene because Gosling couldn’t stand to be around her. Eventually the two had it out in private together and the rest is water under the bridge. Gosling and McAdams would go on to have sensational chemistry together in the movie “The Notebook” and they would become a real life couple for four years.

Swayze and Grey in "Dirty Dancing"
Swayze and Grey in "Dirty Dancing" | Source

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze: Dirty Dancing

It’s hard to believe that Baby and Johnny didn’t love each other all the time but when Grey and Swayze started filming “Dirty Dancing” they were anything but lovey. The two couldn’t stand to be around one another. The two had previously starred together in the movie “Red Dawn” and the two developed a dislike for one another on that set. Grey disliked Swayze so much that she almost passed on starring in the movie “Dirty Dancing” simply because Swayze was cast to star in the movie too. When Swayze wrote a memoir about his life later he referred to Grey as a royal pain who had many mood swings. However, Swayze has also stated in interviews after the filming of “Dirty Dancing” that he and Grey went into a trailer on the set to talk about things that were causing a rift between them and by the time filming ended on the set of “Dirty Dancing” Swayze is quoted as saying other than his wife, he had never felt such a connection to another woman then he did to Jennifer Grey.

Gere and Winger in "An Officer and A Gentleman"
Gere and Winger in "An Officer and A Gentleman" | Source

Richard Gere and Debra Winger: An Officer and A Gentleman

Winger was already known as a difficult actress to work with, so it wasn’t a surprise when Winger and Gere did not get along while filming the movie “An Officer and A Gentleman”. In the movie the two play a couple however offset the two had an icy connection. People on set stated that they could never tell that the two didn’t get along but after filming had ended, Winger went on to comment that filming “An Officer and A Gentleman” was one of the worst experiences she had ever had in her life. However, viewers could not tell from the big screen because Winger and Gere’s chemistry was off the charts.

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughan: Four Christmases

Witherspoon and Vaughan play a couple that must visit their separate families on Christmas Day, which in turns seems like having four separate Christmases. However, on the set of “Four Christmases” there was a lot of rumored tension on set. Many staff on set stated that watching Witherspoon and Vaughan argue and bicker was actually more entertaining than watching them film a romantic comedy. Witherspoon is known as a Type A personality. She is known to be somewhat of a control freak and would arrive on set ready to work. She would come to work every day looking camera ready. However, Vaughan was very much the opposite. When he would come to set he would look like he had just rolled out of bed and came to work. He didn’t like practicing the blocking for scenes or going over lines as much as Witherspoon did because he is a different kind of artist. Vaughan is known for his adlibbing, which is not something Witherspoon is known for. The differences between them caused such a rift that Vaughan did not even want to promote the movie because of his strong dislike for Witherspoon.

Witherspoon and Vaughan in "Four Christmases"
Witherspoon and Vaughan in "Four Christmases" | Source

Cybill Shephard and Bruce Willis: Moonlighting

The two actors stared on the popular television program “Moonlighting” together. On the television series their characters flirted with one another for two seasons and by season three were heating up the sheets together. However, in real life Shephard and Willis could not get along. It was rumored that Shephard was jealous over Willis’s sudden spot in the limelight because at the time filming was occurring on the “Moonlighting” set, Willis was beginning to be known as an up and coming movie star in movies such as Die Hard. When “Moonlighting” first began, Shephard was the big power player and the known star, however, that all soon changed as audiences fell in love with Willis and soon he had surpassed her shining star power. Jealously caused strife for this off set couple.

Willis and Shephard in "Moonlighting"
Willis and Shephard in "Moonlighting"


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