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TV and Movie Drinking Games

Updated on March 13, 2011

Starting a Drinking Game

Like TV and movies? Like to drink? Like to do both at the same time? You're not alone. Creating engaging drinking games is pretty simple once you get familiar with the very essence of a TV show or a movie. There are small constants that are threaded throughout them to create a cohesive experience. What better way to celebrate them than to drink when you see them?

The X-Files Drinking Game

The X-Files is the perfect vehicle for a drinking game. So many things occur regularly enough to make them familiar without making them happen so often that it's like an episode of Scooby Doo. When you watch The X-Files, drink every time:

The time and location are displayed at the bottom of the screen

Scully drops something and has to scramble to find it

The Lone Gunmen appear

The agents flash their IDs

A monster battles Mulder while Scully is conveniently in another room/closet/on the phone

Scully does an autopsy

Star Wars Drinking Game

There are a number of ways to approach a Star Wars drinking game. The way to begin, however, is to divide the series into the first one, episodes IV through VI and the second three, I through III. The stark difference between them makes one game hard to apply to all six.

In episodes IV - VI, drink every time:

You see a lightsaber being taken out of a box/holster/from nowhere

Someone say something that can be contstrued as sexual. As a non-sexual series, this is where the real creativity comes in. Yes, I have taken a drink to the phrase, "Put that thing away or you'll get us all killed!"

Luke whines

In episodes I - III, drink every time:

Amadala is wearing a different, weird costume

Someone lights up a lightsaber

Anakin whines

Lord of the Ring Drinking Game

For Lord of the Rings fans, there's nothing better than a beer and a night of the rings. Here's how to get into the spirit a little better. Drink every time:

A hobbit's feet is prominently shown

The ring changes hands

Gandalf gets all misty-eyed

People walk for more than 10 minutes straight

Back to the Future Drinking Game

This one can be applied to any of the three movies in the Back to the Future franchise. Drink every time you see:

Doc Brown get mad at Marty for doing something stupid

Marty hanging off the side of a vehicle

Marty say "This is heavy"

Marty yell "Doc!"

A McFly get banned from a diner or bar

A Drinking Game for the Real Housewives of Anywhere

Ok, so I'm a closet Real Housewives fan. Sue me. Those angry witches are a great night's entertainment. You know they're tanked, so there's no reason not to join them. Drink every time:

One of them wears a flowy gown with a large jewel on the front

You see a man with an inappropriately large necklace

One of the housewives calls another one a "witch", a fake, a discountess or a "ho-a"

A housewife goes on a cheesy shopping spree for tacky and revolting items

The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game

The Big Bang Theory comes on at the perfect time to start having a couple of drinks. Here's how to make it interesting. Drink every time:

Sheldon knocks on Penny's door

They eat Thai food

Someone says a mathematical formula

They go to the comic book store

Wil Wheaton appears

Harry Potter Drinking Game

If anything calls for a drink, it's a Harry Potter movie. Hey, I like them, but they're long and predictable and if there are drinks around, it's a great combination. Drink every time:

Malfoy pushes, shoves or insults one of Harry Potter's posse

The rules are bent for the threesome so that they don't get into trouble

Dumbledore gives Harry a knowing look

The crew learns a new spell

Hermione complains that they haven't read Hogwarts: A History


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