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Tahiry Revisited

Updated on April 1, 2012

Who Would have Believed it

Tahiry as you may well know is the ex- girlfriend of an entertainer by the name of Joe Budden they apparently had some type of relationship for a period of time. They then broke up and she found herself with Basketball star. This individual is truly due for a head examination. Not only did he post his woman body in their bedroom on the internet, and then was fined 25 thousand dollars for an inappropriate display on his twitter page. In order for a man to do something of this nature he must be absent of any moral direction. The woman who is spending time with me would never have to worry about anyone seeing that body of hers other than me inside of our bedroom.

Never would I have given any thought of doing such a despicable thing. Tahiry a very attractive woman, I made this discovery after seeing the post and going to the famous spot Youtube and check out some of her interviews. Never in my life have I heard a woman use such low level gutter language about her activities in the bedroom. It was the equivalent to the spewing of a cesspool from a fine china cup. Immediately, you want to say give me a quart of Mr. Clean and allow me to disinfect you mouth. However, I am finding that this nasty filthy language is rapidly becoming the norm. I notice while taking the train to Los Angeles that so many people were versed in profanity it’s a wonder anyone can have a conversation with words pass three and four letters there was a time in American when it would not have been acceptable. It seems due to the intervention the psychiatrist everyone now is afraid to say what needs to be said. We as a country have become so politically correct we can identify a train as a train it must be some acronym or a play on word that indicate some sort of movement without calling it what it is. Some parents are doing everything they can to educate their children and the media is doing everything to undo what good they have done. In fact there is a full court press to destroy the family unit. Families now must work two and there job just to survive. Gas prices are out of the roof and the people in Washington are more concern about Obama’s race than the important issues at hand. There is a young soldier is charged with murdering a number of people for no apparent reason. His commanding officers did not discover through psychic evaluation he had a problem after multiple tours. I now can see why Mr. Bob Dylan can record “Things Have Changed” When I am speaking to a woman I use the language that is appropriate for a woman of respect. In private that another issue. Rush Limbaugh had the audacity to call a young woman a low level name that created more controversy for him. He apologized only when sponsors threatened to pull the ad money. Yet when another group of announcers call a group of African-American women a low level name it was hushed up and they were back on the air. So the jest of this rambling article is what examples are set in a society that encourages foul language and lewd and lascivious behavior.

Summary after many years of leadership the United States is following the pattern the Founding said they would. They believed that as long as American was an agrarian society it would be great, but as soon as it became as Europe was of that day and I quote “with people stacked on top of each other corruption would reign”

JR Smith in Flight



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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

      I hear you. The vulgarity of the language spoken by the young in public is appalling. It goes right along with the moral relativism they have been taught since kintergarden. Who is to say what words or what anything are good or bad when there is no such thing as right or wrong?