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Taken Rhymes

Updated on October 8, 2017


All the Men

Retired CIA agent Bryan Mills.
Is retired and looking to build.
Looking to build a closer relationship.
With his daughter Kim, and she slips.
She slips to Paris.
Mills didn't want her to do it.
Upon her arrival, kidnappers await.
They come and do so once she is in place.
They take her friend Amanda.
She hides and talks to her father.
She gives a description of the kidnappers.
They hear her breathing and snatch her.
Meanwhile, Mills is still on the phone.
They pick it up and Mills ask them to let her go.
They say they are not going to do it.
So mills begin to pursue it.
But before it, he calls an old friend.
Sam informs Mills of the lead man.
Marko Hoxha. Mills knew his game.
So he flies to Paris. To get Kim out of the game.
He investigates where Kim was staying.
Finds out where his daughter was heading.
Before he heads that way he's given advice.
The advice says to attack light.
Attack with caution and make sure it's right.
During the investigation, he finds out.
That his abducted daughter is in a safe house.
Mills goes there and enters right in.
He identifies Marko as the man.
The man he spoke to, the night Kim was taken.
A fight erupted once he figured it.
But all were killed except Marko.
Mills interrogates him so he will know.
Marko is too stubborn to reveal it.
So mills torture him more to get it.
After so much, Marko tells it.
He tells that Kim was sold to Patrick Saint Clair.
He searched deeper and then finds out where.
Mills then infiltrates a secret sex slave auction.
He gets in because he is disguising.
Disguising himself as Saint Clair.
The bidder Abil doesn't know that he's there.
But he finds out. When he sees his daughter.
He forces Abil to purchase her.
But while he is walking out.
He is suddenly knocked out.
Knocked out by the real Sinclair.
Chained to a pipe with his henchman there.
Mills manages to escape their care.
He eliminates them and Saint Claire.
Before Sinclaire is killed.
He reveals to mills.
He reveals where Kim is.
He captures her and kills

Liam Neeson
Bryan Mills
Maggie Grace
Kim Mills
Famke Janssen
Gerard Watkins
Patrick St.Claire

Taken 2

Murad's dead

Marko is dead, his funeral begins.
At the funeral are his Albanian friends.
The head of the Albanian Mafia.
His name is Murad Hoxha.
He watches the casket go deeper.
He then vows revenge on the killer.
So he begins his investigation.
In Paris, searching for some information.
But did not stop. He dug deeper.
& found out that mills were the killer.
He finds out mills is in Istanbul.
He sends his men to follow.
They capture his ex-wife.
He surrenders fearing they'd take her life.
But he realizes that Kim is the Target.
Mills tells Kim to stay out of focus.
After, he is captured and knocked out.
When he comes to, he finds he's tied up.
Even in the midst, he calls up.
He calls up Kim and says to alert.
But instead, she convinces him to work.
To work with him, to capture those men.
So she takes a grenade and detonates it.
The mobsters Lenore up.
They tie her up, mills say Enough.
He waits until they leave.
He breaks loose and frees.
He frees Lenore. Then instructs Kim.
To detonate more just to locate him.
She does so. Sounds of two grenades.
While the steam through the chimney reveals the way.
Reveals where he is. She drops a gun down it.
Knowing her father is waiting on it.
He kills his guards and rescues Kim.
but Lenora's recaptured so he and Kim.
Steal a Taxi and pursue the van.
While they are distracted by one of the henchmen.
One of the henchmen is in an SUV.
A shootout erupts and the Turkish Police.
They come. But the chase is ending.
The suvs in the path of an oncoming.
Oncoming train. It is taken out.
Mills then figures Murad's hideout.
He leaves Kim someplace safe.
He rescues Lenore from Murad's place.
He kills his team and stands face to face.
Offering to let Murad leave.
Only, if he agrees.
If he agrees to go home and forget revenge.
Murad seems to accept but he wanted Mills dead.

Liam Neeson
Bryan Mills
Maggi Grace
Kim Mills
Famke Janssen
Rade Serbedzija
Murad Hoxha

Taken 3


Murad's dead. They are back in L.A,
Mills visits his daughter on her birthday.
He then invites Lenore to dinner later that day.
Lenore declines but comes to his apartment anyway.
She informs Mills of her Marital Problems.
He agrees she should work on trying to solve them.
She tries but the following day.
She is killed and her body is at his place.
The police, attempt to arrest him.
but he resists and escapes them
Inspector Frank Dotler know his history.
& explains to cops to let him go free.
Mills retreats to a Safe House.
He sits there and he thinks about.
Thinks about where Lenore visited.
He finds some surveillance.
He saw her kidnapped. By unidentified men.
With Uniques tattoos on their legs and hands.
but in the midst of investigating.
The L.A.P.D is invading.
They invade his home and arrest him.
While in transit he escapes them.
He then hijacks the cruiser.
He downloads some data.
Puts it on his thumb drive.
and sees what the police is trying to hide.
Meanwhile, Lenore has her funeral.
He contacts Kim at the memorial.
He instructs her to maintain her schedule.
Which is very predictable.
While eating her daily yogurt.
She's unaware that Mills has drugged her.
Dury a Lecture, she feels nauseated.
Runs to the restroom while mills are waiting.
He gives her an antidote to the drug.
He removes a device that he used to bug.
Then reveals that he is looking for the murderer.
The one who killed her mother.
Meanwhile, Mills tails the Stuarts car.
Just to find an SUV pushing his car.
Pushing his car over the cliff.
Despite the fall, he survives it.
Mills hijacks a car and follows the attackers.
Kills them all and adducts, Stuart.
He interrogates and Stuart confesses.
That an unpaid debt was the reason.
The reason Lenore was killed.
Oleg Malankov instructed the deal.
Mills hunts them and finds his penthouse.
He kills getting in and figures out
Stuart tricked them both.
All he planned, but Malankove choked.
He was supposed to kill of Mills.
It was all apart of a business deal.
Stuart had the policy in hand.
He intended to flee the land.
Mills stops him and allows LAPD.
To arrest him while he walks free.

Liam Neeson
Bryan Mills
Maggie Grace
Kim Mills
Dougry Scott
Sam Spruell
Oleg Malankov
Forest Whitaker
Inspector Frank Dotzler

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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