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Taken Rhymes

Updated on August 17, 2019
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and he is a song writer

Bryan Mills

When I worked for the CIA.
I would always find a way.

A way to make people happy.
I found that the world's full of ugly.

Full of ugly people.
That are all operating illegal.

I've found and exposed them all.
But my marriage had a great fall.

The time came when I should retire.
But my marriage I couldn't recover.

All have left is my daughter.
But I am still in love with her mother.

A Fathers Love

My wife has remarried.
We are both co-parenting.

My daughter is now seventeen.
I've retired and now I see.

I see that she's looks like her mother.
I also see that she's eager.

Eager to live her life.
She had desires to take flight.

To see museums in Paris.
But as a father, I did not want it.

Sadly, her mother did.
She convinces me to let her live.

I allow her to go to Paris.
Before finding the truth behind it.

My sweet daughter has lied to me.
Her mom knew where she'd be.

I'm angry but soon relax.
But I continue to keep track.

She arrives there with her friend.
Later, they are settled in.

She neglects to call me like I asked.
When she does, I hear chants.

Chants from Albanian men
I knew my daughter will be taken.

She hid but was found.
& I listen to it all go down.

I hear them pick up the phone.
I make sure to let them know.

That I will track and find them.
He said good luck with sarcasm.

In hours, I was in Paris.
While pursuing them I witnessed.

Prostitutes and human traffic.
The guys had an illegal operation.

I investigate the crime scene.
I then find where she's heading.

My daughter was in a safe house.
& I planned to get her out.

First, I found those involved.
They fight but I killed them all.

I go to where my daughter is.
& proves that my love will never end.

Liam Neeson
Bryan Mills
Maggie Grace
Kim Mills
Famke Janssen
Gerard Watkins
Patrick St.Claire

Family Man

Marko's funeral begins.
He's joined by Albanian Friends.

& the head of the Albanian Mafia.
Is his grieving father.

As he watches the casket go deeper.
He promises revenge on the killer.

So he begins his investigation.
He's in Paris for information.

While there he dug deeper.
& found out that I was the killer.

But I was not even worried.
I was busy enjoying my family.

My daughter and her mother.
& me are all back together.

He finds that I'm in Istanbul.
He sends his men to follow.

Before me, they get my wife.
So I surrender so they don't take her life.

But I know that Kim is now targeted Target.
So I tell her to remain in hiding.

I am captured and knocked out.
I awake and I help out.

I was face to face with the leader.
He told me that he is the father.

The father of the one killed.
He promises that my family will be killed.

The mobsters have tied my wife up.
I then decide that enough is enough.

I had the leader in front of me.
But I planned to soon break free.

I do as soon as they leave.
I then make a call to kimmy.

With hopes that she stays alert.
But she insists that she wants to work.

To work with me, to help them be free.
I instruct her on where to find me.

I have already freed my wife.
& my daughter will help save my life.

She lets off a few grenades.
I lead her to the place.

By igniting steam from a chimney.
She drops down a gun for me.

So I kill the guards and rescues Kim.
But my wife's in the hands of the rest of them.

So I leave my daughter at the embassy.
I kill them all to save my family.

He missed his son and tried killing me.
His mistake was messing with my family.

Now he and his son are reunited.
& me and my family are still living.

Liam Neeson
Bryan Mills
Maggi Grace
Kim Mills
Famke Janssen
Rade Serbedzija
Murad Hoxha


When we were away from L.A,
Malinkove had his way.

An ex Russian army leader.
Who is known to be a killer.

Meanwhile, I am not bothered.
I'm enjoying life with my daughter.

Life back in he beautiful L.A.
I feel that we are all in a better place.

My daughter is all grown up.
My wife has found new luck.

I have a grandchild in the making.
My daughter tries keeping it from me.

I invite my wife to dinner later.
She declines but still comes over.

She tells me her Marital Problems.
I say she should work on solving them.

I play the role of a loyal friend.
But I know that her marriage will end.

She tries but the following day.
She's killed and her body's placed.

Placed inside of my apartment.
I was gone, when it all happened.

When I returned I found the body.
I later found the police there to arrest me.

But I do not surrender.
I escape and hunt down the killer.

I am now L.A's most wanted.
But I'm innocent, and will prove it.

I retreat to a Safe House.
& sits there and think about.

Think about where my wife visited.
I finds some needed surveillance.

That revealed a mob of men.
With tattoos on their legs and hands.

In the midst of me investigating.
The L.A.P.D is invading.

They invade my home and arrest me.
But again, they couldn't hold me.

I hijack their cruiser.
I download some data.

In the midst of it I find.
The truth that the cops try to hide.

My wife has her funeral.
I contact Kim at the memorial.

I instruct her to maintain her schedule.
Which has proven to be quite predictable.

She wants justice for her mother.
She wants to find the killer.

I am the one that reveals it.
& I am the one that will solve it.

I feel that I know who the killer is.
The killer maybe a close friend.

A friend that made a business deal.
That ended with my wife killed.

That friend is my wife's new husband.
I made him confess all of it.

Malonkove was behind it all.
I go to him and make him fall.

But killing him didn't end it.
I found what the cops had hidden.

I was used to kill Malankove.
But before death he let me know.

That the friend led me astray.
Him dying will only eliminate.

Eliminate himself being paid.
That friend planned to get away.

Before it, he grabbed my daughter.
He took the life of her mother.

With hopes for the insurance policy.
He was threatened to repay the money.

He had it all planned out.
He was just flying out.

But I used all I have to stop him.
& the L.A.P.D apprehended him.

I busted his well thought out plan.
Stuart was that friend, her husband.

I mentioned that I know this world.
That is why I'm protective of my only girl.

Liam Neeson
Bryan Mills
Maggie Grace
Kim Mills
Dougry Scott
Sam Spruell
Oleg Malankov
Forest Whitaker
Inspector Frank Dotzler

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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