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Updated on January 8, 2011

They Take Whatever They Want And Live Like Kings....Oh And So Do The Characters In This Movie

"We're takers gents. That's what we do; we take", as quoted eloquently by Idris Elba (Gordon Jennings), the infamous leader of our merry little band of bank robbing thieves. Yeah, that's definitely true, but you want to know something even funnier? The real takers aren't the characters in this movie. No, no, no, that's what the studio wants you to believe, as the real takers are ones profiting off this film. You know, the ones that made the movie to begin with. Hyping it up with so much promise of being this epic crime drama that when it finally does come out, it's nowhere near the level of greatness you thought it was. However, by the time you realize it, it's too late. They've taken your money and swindled you... Those are the real takers of this so called crime drama film.

The film essentially follows these highly successful bank robbers, who are the best at what they do. Robbing various banks with absolute precision and timing, while leaving little to no evidence linking them to the crime. Needless to say, things are going swell for them, as they live the high life off all the money they've stolen over the years. Unfortunately, all that is thrown into jeopardy when they're offered to do a job by an ex partner of theirs, who was the only one of their group to get caught and go to jail over the heists they pulled. Worried that he might turn snitch, Jennings reluctantly agrees to help him pull off a major bank heist, within a short time frame. The job? They have to steal twenty million dollars inside an armored car within the next few days. Easier said than done, as our little group of robbers here usually take months planning a job like this. Unfortunately, they only have a few days but if they can pull it off, they'll pull off the biggest heist of their careers.

The only three things that could possibly stand in their way is their old partner, Ghost (T.I.), who may still hold a vendetta over having to be the only one to serve time in jail. The Russian intelligence that gave Ghost the information, and the hard nosed dedicated cop, Jack Welles (Matt Dillon). A cop so determined to catch our band of merry thieves, that he's even willing to drag his own little preteen daughter with him during a chase scene. Boy, you have to be one helluva a dedicated cop to be willing to put your own daughter in danger for your job. Won't win any father of the year awards for sure, but you'll definitely get my vote for one helluva a dedicated cop.

What starts off as a fun joyous action packed crime drama, soon turns into another cliche run of the mill crime film with no story whatsoever. Sure, there's a lot of interesting elements at play like the cop, who's life is turning for the worse, as he continues to place work over his family. While having to even learn that his partner may not be as pure and dedicated to the force, as one might believe. Another intriguing subplot is Jennings' elder sister, Naomi (Marianne Jean-Bapiste), who is a drug addict, and happens to be the only one that Jennings deeply cares for in his life, but he has to reject being with her, during his work in order to keep her safe. Even though she desperately needs him for support. Indeed, all these played highly unique and great concepts that could have not only been elaborated on to enhance the story of "Takers", it could have defined it.

Taking the film into a whole new plateau where it could have matched other great crime stories like "Snatch" or even "The Departed" if they had played their cards right. However, they failed. Instead, "Takers" often chooses to skip story development in favor of action scenes and explosions. With possibly some of the worst dialogue I've ever heard for a crime film. Don't get me wrong, I understand all these guys are supposed to be like from the hood, so it's natural you'll probably hear them talk in "ghetto" style fashion. (Take in mind, I'm half Hispanic, Chinese and part Native American, so I'm not being a racist). However, the "ghetto" language, by T.I., does tend to get borderline annoying, and quite frankly it's hard to understand almost half of what that guy says.

If that wasn't even bad enough, nothing ever gets resolved either. As none of the interesting subplots that I mentioned previously, they never get resolved at all. No, "Takers" like the rest of it's movie, tends to rush through important story and character developments, to where all you have is another tragically over hyped crime story that offers little to no originality to it all. Hardly worth seeing if you ask me. Which is kind of a shame, as I strongly liked Marianne Jean-Bapiste, Matt Dillon and Idris Elba in this movie, as I felt they did the best they could to carry this lack luster script.

Sadly, I'd have to give "Takers" a solid one out of four stars. They may be pros at robbing banks and taking whatever comes their way, but they're still ranked amateurs if they want the film to compete with the big boys like "Godfather", "Snatch" and "Goodfellas", just to name a few. Unless your caught up by the prestige of having a famous musician like T.I. in this film, then I'd avoid this one at all costs.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      Well to each their own is what I always say. Anyways, thanks for stopping by Kati and sharing your thoughts with us.

    • profile image

      kati 7 years ago

      i tink ur all mad it was a wicked film.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      As I said before in my "Get Low" hub to reply to you, there is a method to my madness when it comes to deciding which films to review. Besides, I was given free chicken and fries to see that movie, so what more could you want man? lol. Seriously though, I do make it a point to see ALL Genres of films because that's what my readers expect of me. After all, that's kind of part of my edge on here when competing with the other film critics on hubpages. Yes, it's a competition whether anyone wants to agree with it or not. Thus, I always try to think of ways to beat them and be possibly better. Not that I would ever dare say or even claim I was, but I do try to think of ways to beat out my competing writers here. One is obviously presentation. Why do you think I have so many pics on these hubs? It's not for show, but to try make my hubs more appealing than everyone else that reviews films. I apologize if that offends anyone reading this, but that's the truth.

      Then I have to ask myself what else the writers on hubpages don't do? Oh I know. they only review films of genres they like most of the time. Hence, why i go out of my way to see all types of genre of films, so I can one up my competition. im not trying to say im better for doing that, but it's one of the few ways that I can think of to get an edge. im sorry if you think that's a ridiculous method to go by, but it's clearly from a business perspective. besides, do you honestly think I even wanted to see the last two twilight films? do you? Hell no. i'd rather gauge my own eyes out, but i did it for my readers. i knew how popular that film was going to be, so i made it a point to see it. was it akward being the only single guy there watching it? yes it was, but i did it anyway. Why? because it was popular and made lots of money, so I figured that it would earn me lots and lots of clicks here. so i saw it. duh! as i said before, i take my writing seriously here.

    • profile image

      TheJokerRidesAgain!!!!  7 years ago

      Even if you didn't pay any money, still can't believe you wasted your time (way more precious than money to me) to see this filth. I mean, did you (and your "connections") honestly think this garbage would be a blast to see? I mean, I know summertime has more garbage than good, but still! What about a true heist movie that is 'Inception' (see it again over this garbage if you've already seen it!) or the modern family comedy 'The Kids Are All Right' or the only brilliant 'The Girl Who Played With Fire'? You've got some good films on here that you've seen, but you're critiques have more bland than good. Just because it comes out in a megaplex doesn't mean it should be seen.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago


      i love how you automatically assumed that i did spend money on seeing this movie, when in reality i didn't spend a single penny on it. No, believe it or not, i do have some connections to see most of these films for free, so i didn't waste anything. just my time was the only thing wasted. although i did get some free food out of it. lol. don't ask. anyways, your welcome, and im glad liked the review. feel free to stop again to see us.


      Yeah, I feel the same way. To me it doesn't matter what genre of film we're talking about, I always like to have a good story and well developed characters in any genre of movie i watch. anyways, thanks again for stopping by paradise. :)

    • profile image

      TheJokerRidesAgain!!!! 7 years ago

      Wow, can't believe you believed the hype and actually paid to see this movie! The previews alone looked like the film was worthless and like every other crime film that rappers make ('Belly' or 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' immediately come to mind). Either way, thanks for giving a heads up on how bad this movie is.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Thanks for the heads up on this one. It did LOOK like a good film from the hype...not good. I really need a satisfying STORY and well-developed CHARACTERS in my movies.


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