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Taking Care Of Your Guitar

Updated on August 6, 2009

Taking Care Of Your Guitar

I am going to teach you about taking care of your guitar. Guitar care keeps your guitar in good condition for a long time.

An occasional string change, polish, or wipe down is important if you want to get a nice sound out of your guitar.

The strings should be changed every few months is my own advice. Depending on what kind of guitar you have determines what kind of strings to get.

There are many brands of strings. I am just going to let you decide what kind to get because many guitarist prefer different brands of strings. The employees at music stores can recommend a few good brands of strings to you, depending on the type of guitar you have.

Another way of taking care of your guitar is by polishing it. Guitar polish isn't too expensive if you get the cheaper brands.What I do when I polish my guitar is take off the strings and dust everything. Then I spray a small amount of the polish on the guitar and give it a good wipe down with a soft cloth. You can buy soft cloths and polish at your local music store.

I would not recommend putting water on the guitar because it can leave streaks and there is a possibility that it can take off the paint and damage and/or warp the wood.

Dust the base of your guitar because dust can build up and take the pizazz out of your guitar.

Don't forget to dust your guitar pickups if you have an electric guitar. This can keep your electric guitar sounding better than it would with dusty pickups.

Investing in a carrying case is a good idea if you transport your guitar. A guitar stand is also good to have. It will hold your guitar upright so you do not have to put it in your case.

If you do not have a guitar strap, invest in one so you can play your guitar while performing without having to sit down.

Buy An Effects Pedal

We are going to talk about guitar effects pedals now. There are many kinds of effects and many kinds of guitar pedals.

Clean is a commonly used effect for electric guitars. Distortion is also common. The distortion is used mostly for rock. There are many kinds of distorted effects. There are cleaner effects and there are messier effects. Me? I prefer messy and loud!

I find Digitech is a fine brand of guitar effects pedals. You can buy them at your local music store.

Effects pedals from Digitech are high quality and they have a big selection of pedals to choose from. I own a Digitech Grunge pedal and I love it. You can see a photo of my pedal below. It takes 2 AA batteries. Hook it up with a chord to your guitar and to your amplifier and Bam! Instant grunge sounds. Way cool!

There are many expensive distortion pedals that come with tons of effects. For instance, echo is an interesting effect to use.

Tremelo is fun to use with pedals. Take a look at the Tremelo tutorials and try it out. I will write this page soon.

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