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Taking Control of what I watch on TV

Updated on June 16, 2017

Ok, let’s be honest... If there is ANYONE out there who might be anything like me, you get tired of being force fed things you don’t enjoy.

I just want to watch the playoffs and Game of Thrones! Why do I have to have all these other channels that I will never watch except when I am scrolling past them? Not to mention lack of parental controls with some of these networks. I mean honestly I don't want to walk into my 10 year old daughter's room to see a bunch of murder, sex, and reality TV fights, on the SAME channel she was watching cartoons on before she fell asleep!

Then comes my least favorite, PRICING, gross!

Seriously, why is it the channels that I do want to see, are never in the least expensive package? It's almost like the cable companies want to charge for the most interesting channels. Then after a year, they want to triple the price of my service. I'm not watching more TV after a year; well, atleast not three times the Wellllll, I decided to take the Satelite bib off and stop them from force feeding me.

I won't be the one to say the BluEyeStream is the next best thing since sliced bread, but I personally like the customizing option that it allows me. I can save any channels, movies, or TV Shows that the family and I enjoy and never have to speed by the rated MA programming when browsing for a children's program. YESSSS!!!I eliminate arguments with the Mrs. by mistakenly landing on the Cooking or Home Improvement channels when I am trying to find the game. No more, "wait...I want to see how that dish is made"...or..."HOLD ON!! Let's see how that dress turns out" when I want to catch the highlights. And Trust me, the feeling is mutual lol. She doesn't have to bare with me through a brutal MMA match when she wants to catch the last bit of one of her soap operas. No arguing over the DVR either??!!?? ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!??...This thing has a FOREVER DVR!....You NEVER have to record, your shows are ALWAYS available to stream, AND you can save them all in your favorites.

Your better half (or lesser half, depending on your relationship) and kids can all have their own favorites as well. I, personally, have become the better husband and father with BluEyeStream. I make sure the kids are watching age appropriate shows, then I catch up on the playoffs as soon as the wife falls asleep to a sappy Lifetime movie (that she forces me to watch with Again, I'm not saying this thing is the 9th wonder of the world, but to put it simply...It is nothing short of the excitement children get when Mickey Mouse yells "OH, TOOODLES!!!"....(Don't Judge me...Mickey Mouse Club House is in the favorites tab for the

Happy watching!


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