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Benefits of Guitar Lessons

Updated on August 29, 2010

If you are thinking of taking up guitar lessons in Singapore or any music lessons in particular, reading this article might be helpful. As we all know there are many kinds of musical instruments in the world of Music and many people have once thought of or are still thinking of picking up a musical instrument and learning it. It is known that learning music is beneficial to one's brain as it helps to strengthen one's brain memory and also having a better sense of rhythm.

We all know Albert Einstein was one of the smartest men who has ever lived in the world. And some of you will know that he was deemed as being stupid by his school teachers and was kicked out from school. A little known fact is that his mother did not share the same thoughts as his teachers. Instead, she got him a violin and throughout the years Albert Einstein became very good in violin. He himself said that the learning the violin helped him to become so intellectually smart. Whenever he encounters problems, he will start playing the violin and start thinking of solutions.

With the positive influences that music can bring to one's life, many people learn different kinds of instruments out there. One very popular instrument is the guitar. Guitar belongs to part of the string family, and modern pop music always use guitars in their music. Be it acoustic guitar or electric guitar, it certainly has become a popular instrument ever since the first classical guitar was invented in 1850s.

There are generally three types of guitars, namely the classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Classical guitar have wider necks and uses nylon strings whereas acoustic guitar uses steel strings. Electric guitars are what you always see in rock concerts and they need amplification to produce sound.

Why learn the guitar? As compared to other instruments, it is often seen as a skill that is easier to pick up. Also, you do not need much investment. All you need is just a guitar that costs you a couple of hundred dollars. Plus, knowing how to play the guitar can be very useful in social events. Friends can gather and sing songs while you strum the background music. If you have ever thought of self learning the guitar or taking up guitar lessons, starting with the acoustic/classical guitar would be ideal as you will learn the basics of guitar. You can strum with the guitar or pluck melodies with it. Having a strong foundation in music theory is important as you can know the reason why you are forming the particular shape on a guitar.

I wish you all the best in your guitar learning journey!


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