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Talk Is Cheap

Updated on November 23, 2011

Stoplight Games

I’m not sure when or from whom this activity came about, but at some point during those crazed and hazed college years, asking yourself and your friends questions and categories became a somewhat staple form of entertainment. We’d do this at stoplights, while hopped up on coffee and cigarettes during study breaks, on road trips when the radio wouldn’t come in, or just as something to do until something better presented itself, like booze or the opportunity to sleep.

You can play this game with friends, relatives, and lovers, or the guy at the bus stop if you’re so inclined. A couple of suggestions: alcohol often makes this game more interesting, and it is important to be absolutely sure you want to hear the answers to which you’re asking.

Interestingly enough, going through a few of these items by yourself makes for an awesome insomnia cure when you’re out of Nyquil.

These questions are intended for those who enjoy thinking. Modify them at will and add some of your own to make it more interesting. This game is free, too. Go wild, and enjoy the mind trip.

1 Name five countries you would never, ever want to visit. Conversely, name five countries you could live in for a month each (money, security and safety no object) if given the opportunity.

2 Who is the single worst human being you’ve ever met in your life?

3 Name 10 types of flowers that start with the letter D.

4 If you could change three things about yourself (health, appearance, talents, etc.), what would they be?

5 If you could spend an entire average day living as someone else (alive or dead), who would it be?

6 If you could be fly on the wall for any event in history, what would it be?

7 What is the worst book you’ve ever read?

8 Name an event or occasion where you got really, really ripped off.

9 Name three animals or creatures that you hope you never meet up with.

10 Name one famous dead person you’d like to have drinks with. Name one live one.

11 Name five of your favorite smells.

12 Name ten different kinds or categories of the color blue (or green or red or purple…).

13 If you could magically travel to any spot in the world by yourself right now with just the clothes on your back and $100 and spend 6 hours, where would you go and what would you do?

14 Name six different categories of science.

15 If you could have three absolutely free services available to you 24/7 for the rest of your life, what would be they be?

16 What is one earthly skill (e.g., woodworking, knitting) you would master if you could?

17 What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? What is your all time favorite movie?

18 If you had the opportunity to tell off someone, alive or dead, with absolutely no repercussions for anything you say, who would it be?

19 What is the worst fashion/style you’ve ever adopted during your lifetime?

20 If you could have five dream vehicles at your disposal any time you wanted, what would they be?

21 What is the most beautiful animal or creature you can think of?

22 If you had the opportunity to take a 4 hour drive through any country in the world (a comfortable vehicle would be provided, and safety/security would not be an issue), what country would it be?

23 If you had the ability to pause time anytime you wanted with no personal or cosmic repercussions, what would you usually do with the time while the rest of the universe was temporarily disabled?

24 What would be one question you would like answered (e.g., is there life after death, where you put your keys) for certain? You would never be able to communicate the answer with anyone. For example, you may have the satisfaction of knowing that reincarnation is a certainty, but you would lose the ability to speak or otherwise communicate if you tried to tell someone,

25 Name something in your life you wish you’d never bought. Now name something you wish you would have bought when you had the opportunity.

26 Name three things (fashions, social norms, etc.) from any one decade (whether you were alive then or not) that you would bring back permanently.

27 Name five genres of fiction.

28 Name a song that still gives you goose bumps every time you hear it.

Now here’s a little category I call Honesty Check:

1 Name a guilty pleasure in which you indulge (song, movie, TV show, etc.). (It’s okay – you can tell me.)

2 What is something that happened a long time ago that you still feel guilty about (whether it was your fault or not)?

And one more category we called Deal with the Devil:

1 If you were offered the chance to be unbelievably wealthy, smart, and drop-dead gorgeous BUT the caveat would be that you would always smell bad (think homeless person in July), no matter what, would you take the offer?

2 You have the opportunity to never have to work again AND live in the most beautiful house imaginable with every possible service at your disposal. BUT the catch is that you can only leave the property once every 90 days for exactly 12 hours. You could go outdoors any time you wanted, and have as many visitors as you want, but could not leave the 2 acre property and house except during those 12 hours once every three months. Would you take the offer?

So tell me…. do you feel enlightened or depressed after this little exercise?


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