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Tamanna Movie News and Hot Photo Gallery

Updated on October 19, 2010

Imagine you were paid ninety-five lakh rupees to work for a three-month project and you say 'no'! Well, that's what Tamanna Bhatia did when she was offered a role opposite Ravi Teja in a Telugu movie. "Honestly, I didn't have the dates: she says.

True, Tamanna is so busy these days that she hardly finds time even for folks at home. Tamil, Telugu and modelling call sheets; her calendar is full till March 2011.

"She's at the top. Even I couldn't get her call sheets: says Ravi Krishna with whom Tamanna made her debut in Tamil filmsyes, Ravi Krishna of 7G, Rainbow colony.

If you want to catch Tamanna, it ought to be an weekends when she invariably spends her time with friends such as Deana, Poonam Bawja, Priyamani and Vedika. She is not a party animal but she would love to have some time with friends, away from the hectic shooting schedules.

It was at one such weekend party that a reporter nabbed her and asked her about Ranjitha and her association with Nithyananda. "It's her personal affair: Tamanna replied sharply and added. "and just because Ranjitha was associated with a scandal. don't rope in all the heroines:

Tamana is barely 21, and she has a long way to go. Success has not got into her head and she keeps it coolon her shoulders. Despite her busy schedule. she is trying to squeeze in time to pair with Kamal Hassan in a yet to be named movie.

She is not the shy or coquettish girl that you see on screen. "I hate to emote in real life," she says. This Sindhi girl observes fast on Fridays. both for God and herself. "It keeps me trim: she says.

Tamanna Hot Photo Gallery


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