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Tamil Actor S. J. Suryaah

Updated on June 20, 2009

S.J. Surya is famous Indian film director, writer, actor, and producer in Tamil Cinema and the Tamil film industry. His real name is S. Justin Selvaraj . He is well known for his outspoken attitude and broad outlook. Kushi is one of the successful film in Tamil cinema which was directed by him.Hear are some of films which he has performed Kizhakku Seemayile, Aasai, Khushi, New, Anbe Aaruyire,Mahanadigan, Kalvanin Kadhali,Dishyum, Vyabari,Thirumagan, Newtonin Moondram Vidhi. Thanks everyone who has been appreciating me daily so that i started gaining my form in publishing more photographs and photo shoots galleries which are spicy.Join my fan club and get the latest pictures and updates of my hubs soon as it is published.Visit my hubs to get hot picture, latest gossip of your favourite movie star or favourite singer in music industry and their relationship.

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