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Tamil Navel Actress Collection - 01

Updated on July 19, 2010

Tamil Actress are normally like to expose their navels because most of Tamil and south Indian peoples are love to see them. So most of actress are show their naval to get more glamour and hot in front of their audience.Their traditional style is to wear Saree's or dress below navel. That is the style of wearing dress of Adhara People. So normally the celebrities can also be seen in this beautiful poses which people of other parts of India may consider as hot. Celebrities in Telugu are looking very cute and sizzling.Hear are some hot photographs and photo shoots of hot Tamil and Telugu actress showing their navels. This is my first collection of Tamil Naval actress , In future I will post more hot Photographs and photo shoots under this categories.I know this beauty will get in to everyones mind. Thanks everyone who has been appreciating me daily so that i started gaining my form in publishing more photo galleries which are spicy.Join my fan club and  get the latest pictures and  updates of my hubs soon as it is published.

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    • profile image

      rajeev 5 years ago

      eniku meena chechiyudeyum rambha chechiyudeyum roja chechiyudeyum theetam kananam.mathramalla evar valare happines ayirikum. Indran chetante mandu orkumbol rambha chechiyude santhosham enthayirikum.meena chechiyku jeevithathil etavum ishtavum mandu thane. Roja chechikum etavum ishtam mandu thane. Enthinu ella penugalkum etavum ishtam mandu thane

    • samarpitab profile image

      Samarpita Banerjee 5 years ago from Kolkata

      Tamil actresses like Farzana, Anushka and Namitha... They are Navel Queens...

    • profile image

      xxxx 5 years ago

      dress potte ippadi iruntha dress illama eppadi iru pagga

    • profile image

      Taneem 7 years ago

      this is so cool