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Hot Vintage Tamil Aunty Kushboo

Updated on June 23, 2011

Kushboo one of the most famous actress in late 90s decade and she is wife of famous Tamil film director and actor Sundar C.She was born 29 September 1970 in India. She is not just famousĀ  actress apart of that she is television hostess and producer.She is ultimate successful Indian actress and she has played in over 100 movies in Tamil,Telugu, Malayalam,Khanda,Hindi and other language.She is one of the glamours and hot actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema industry.She has two daughters named Avanthika and Ananditha and hear are some famous films of her.Thulli Thirinda Kalam, Viralukeetha veekam, Manasu Rendum Pudhusu, Kathirukka Neramillai , Ponnu vittu karan, Michael MadhanKamarajan, Tharmathin Thalaivan, Kalyana Vaibogam, Manathe Kottaram, Manaivikku mariyadhai.I know this beauty will get in to everyones mind. Thanks everyone who has been appreciating me daily so that i started gaining my form in publishing more photo galleries which are spicy.Visit my hubs to get hot picture, latest gossip of your favourite movie star or favourite singer in music industry and their relationship.

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