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Tanvi Verma

Updated on March 10, 2011

Tanvi Varma is very popular Indian model who is much famous in North Indian entertainment sector especially in Bollywood. She represents several beauty contest and won ex-miss in Madya predesh in India. She started her entertainment career as commercial fashion model and she got much success and popularity as model. She is also popular in appearing in hot glamour roles .She did her first movie in 2006 which named “Bold” and this film was directed by K.C Bokadia. She is one of the hottest actresses in low budget bollywood cinema and most of her performance is based on hot and glamour.

She is one of the hot upcoming actresses who is much consider about glamour based performance. She is gain her popularity in film industry day by day and hopes to get much success in her field of expertise. Now she assign several Bollywood films and hope that these films fill be good hits. She was nicknamed as the Exposing Queen’ of Bollywood because most of her films are really based on hot and glamour scene. Apart of acting in films she also involved in advertisement for commercial establishments, participating in stage shows and award functions too.

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