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Tay K 47 Bio

Updated on August 6, 2017

Tay K 47

Early life

Taymor McIntyre known as Tay-K47 was born in Long Beach, California on June 16, 2000. Him, his sister, and mother later relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada around the age of 8 years old. After about a year, his father was released from jail and moved the family to Arlington, Texas.They moved to be in a better environment rather than East-Side Long Beach. He stayed in Texas and that is where he has lived since then. Growing up he went to East-side Arlington elementary schools & played football in junior high. These days he said him and his father aren't the closest. Also says he does a lot for himself which his parents cant do for him. He says on a level of closeness to his parents its a 6 out of 10.

Taymor McIntyre
Taymor McIntyre

Rap career

Tay K started posting music on his sound-cloud in 2015 with some of his earliest tracks. In an interview he says he was influenced by his mother. The up and coming rapper says if he was asked to sign, it would be to Soulja Boy. Also said that Soulja Boy is one of his favorite rapper. Another musical influence he had was the Chicago rap scene. He says he gets a lot of his rap flow from Chief Keef. Also, while in jail he stated he has a lot of unreleased music. He has approximately 15-17 unreleased songs.

Tay K 47

How he gained fame

Now, 17 years old, the controversy all started from his flee from the authorities. This gained his song "The Race" attention. This took over many social network sites with people talking about it. Celebrities and many rappers have shouted him out and even did remixes. The hashtag "#FreeTayK" went crazy. The young rapper immediately gained fans from not just Texas but all over.

Tay K 47
Tay K 47

What's next for Tay-K

Currently in jail the controversial rapper is even getting attention of people behind bars. While in juvenile all of the East Arlington and other local kids knew of him. Even when moved to an adult facility older people knew of him as well. There is a huge potential if he gets out of jail that he can be the next big rapper. When asked a percentage of how likely he is to get out he answered 65%. Tay K stated if he does get out of jail he is leaving his past life and solely focusing on music.


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