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Unique Taylor Swift Gifts and Bedding for Girls

Updated on January 22, 2017

Merchandise and Gifts

Taylor Swift is one of the hottest entertainers out there right now. She has fans of all ages in both the country and pop genres. If you or your daughter is a Taylor Swift fan, you will find many fun and unique gift ideas on this page.

Some of the items featured here include: custom bedding and home décor, dog tag necklaces, boutique necklaces and earrings, wall clocks, night lights, vinyl gaming skins, iPhone skins, car and wall decals, boutique apparel and hair bows, licensed apparel, journals, stationery, calendars, magnets, bookmarks, and much more.

I have also included on this page links to purchase concert tickets to Taylor's 2009 Fearless tour as well as fun facts about Taylor, fan art, awards, and concert photos.

If you are planning a Taylor Swift theme birthday party, there is also link below to my Taylor Swift Birthday Party page where you can find party favors, cake ideas, party supplies, games, crafts, decorations and more.

Home Décor

This custom Taylor Swift bedding and accessories is fabulous. Your daughter will love it! The personalized photo quilt features many images of Taylor and measures approximately 90" X 90".

There are other accessories available including throw pillows, personalized wall art, personalized pillowcases, pillow shams, window valances, decorative cork board, picture frames, wall clock wastebasket, light switch covers, and more.

The night lights and switch covers would also make a great accent to your room. The night light illuminates the design from the inside and would be a nice custom gift. These are not available in stores! The custom switch covers fit over standard light switches and contain three clear coats for the best protection. And, the installation screws are included with your purchase.

The custom pillowcases are another great novelty gift. Again, these pillowcases cannot be found in the stores. Your daughter will be the only one of her friends with one of these unique Taylor gifts! The pillowcases come in a variety of different designs and feature fun Taylor Swift images.

The last custom home décor item I am spotlighting on this page is the wall clock. These wall clocks come in many different styles and all feature a nice Taylor Swift image. This would make a wonderful addition to your daughter's bedroom décor.

Fan Art

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Custom Jewelry

There is also a nice selection of Taylor Swift inspired jewelry. First, there is Taylor's signature "Love, Love, Love" leather bracelet. You can see her wearing this bracelet in the photo here. Now, you can have your very own "love" bracelet!

The next item is a scrabble tile pendant necklace. This necklace is crafted out of an actual scrabble tile and is designed using a decoupage technique. It features three clear coats for added protection and comes with a 24" black necklace.

The next necklace featured on this page is a piece crafted out of beautiful ceramic and metal beads. This necklace has a strong rubber cord, lobster claw clasp and you can even request a custom length. There are many designs to choose from including holographic guitar pick, "Fearless" album cover image, Taylor Swift signature and many more designs. You can also purchase a matching necklace and earrings set.

The last necklace here is the classic dog tag necklace. The dog tags come on a beaded ball chain necklace. There are many different designs to choose from. Some necklaces are even double-sided and can be customized however you would like.

Apparel & Totes

If your looking for officially licensed Taylor Swift apparel, you can find that here as well. Justice carries a full line of Taylor Swift shirts and accessories. There are many shirt designs to choose from and the shirts feature different Taylor Swift images. Many of the shirts are even accented in girly glitter! There is also a Sparkling Pink Bandana to add to your daughter's wardrobe.

You can also purchase a tote or handbag. There is a canvas bag that features Taylor's Rolling Stone cover and comes with faux leather handles.

There are many other fun bags and totes to choose from!

Concert Photo


Boutique Apparel & Accessories

There are many talented eBay sellers that offer boutique and custom made Taylor Swift apparel and accessories. Many of these items are accented with glitter, sequins and Taylor Swift images.

There are even handmade bows available. These bows are made using quality ribbon, are heat sealed and accented with a bottle cap embellishment. The finished bow is attached to an alligator clip and will fit a girl up to age 12.

Stationery & More

The following items would be great for home, or school. Many of the stationery products listed here cannot be found anywhere else. Your daughter is sure to be the only one of her friends that has these cool items!

The first item is a 2012 Taylor Swift calendar. You can choose from either a wall calendar, desk calendar. Each calendar features a beautiful front cover and amazing glossy photos inside. There is even magnetic fridge/locker calendars available.

The next is a Song & Poem journal. This 5" X 7" journal features an image of Taylor on the front and back and contains 100 lined pages with hearts on the top and bottom.

The following product is a 6-piece stationery set. This set is very hard to find, so get yours while can you. You will receive 2 standard size pocket folders, 3 pencils, and 1 composition book. All items represent Taylor and her music.

The last stationery items I am featuring are custom made Taylor Swift bookmarks and magnets.

Fun Facts

  • Born: December 13th, 1989
  • Full Name: Taylor Alison Swift
  • Birth Place: Wyomissing, PA on a Christmas Tree Farm
  • Sibling: Younger brother, Austin
  • Greatest Musical Influences: Shania Twain & LeAnn Rimes
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Favorite Food: Cheesecake
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Season: Summer
  • Favorite TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
  • First Single: "Tim McGraw"
  • Magazine Cover: Rolling Stone, March 2009

Custom Decals

There are custom Taylor Swift decals available for your car as well as for your room décor. The vinyl car decals are sold in pink and white and are approximately 6" X 1.8". They are made of high quality vinyl and come with complete application instructions.

The vinyl wall lettering is approximately 12" X 23" and can be applied to any clean, smooth, flat surface. The decal is removable and can also be customized and personalized upon request.

2009 Music Awards

Awards & Achievments

  • 2007 Academy of Country Music Awards: Top New Female Vocalist
  • 2008 Academy of Country Music Awards : Album of the Year ~ "Fearless"
  • 2008 Teen Choice Awards: Breakout Artist
  • 2008 American Music Awards: Favorite Female Country Artist
  • 2009 Teen Choice Awards: Female Album ~ "Fearless"
  • 2009 Teen Choice Awards: Best Female Artist
  • 2009 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Female Video ~ "You Belong To Me"
  • 2009 Country Music Awards: Entertainer of the Year
  • 2009 Country Music Awards: Female Vocalist of the Year
  • 2009 Country Music Awards: Album of the Year ~ "Fearless"
  • 2009 Country Music Awards: Music Video of the Year ~ "Love Story"
  • 2009 Country Music Awards: International Artist Achievement Award
  • 2009 American Music Awards: Country Music Favorite Female Artist
  • 2009 American Music Awards: Pop or Rock Music Favorite Female Artist
  • 2009 American Music Awards: Adult Contemporary Favorite Female Artist
  • 2009 American Music Awards: Favorite Album ~ "Fearless"
  • 2009 American Music Awards: Artist of the Year
  • 2010 Grammy Awards: Album of the Year "Fearless"
  • 2010 Grammy Awards: Best Country Album "Fearless"
  • 2010 Grammy Awards: Best Female Country Performance "White Horse"
  • 2010 Grammy Awards: Best Country Song "White Horse"

    Click here to view the full list of Taylor Swift's many awards

Taylor Swift Birthday

Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

A Taylor Swift theme party would be perfect for your daughter's next birthday celebration! You will find everything you need to host your party on my Taylor Swift birthday page.

  • Custom Birthday Invitations
  • Unique Party Favors
  • Birthday Cake Ideas & Supplies
  • Personalized Edible Cake Images
  • Party Supplies & Decorations|
  • Guitar & Cowgirl Theme Party Ideas
  • Balloons
  • Party Activities
  • Party Attire
  • Craft Ideas
  • and More!

Click here to visit my Taylor Swift Birthday Party Page!

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      GOod ideas for mother's day - -and any day, really

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