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Taylor Swift: Good Role Model or Too Boy-Obsessed

Updated on April 30, 2014

First off, this is not, I repeat NOT, a post making fun of Taylor Swift for her corny lyrics (and they can be corny) or her awful dancing at award shows (and it is awful). This is simply a post to decide if she is a good role model for young girls based on the message she puts out through her music and her actions.

Taylor Swift is one of today’s Pop/Country Princesses. She is adored by many, hated by some, and irrelevant to everyone else. The fact of the matter is, though, that whether you hate her or love her, she is a role model. Young girls all over look up to her, but the question arises as to whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Some would say that she is an amazing role model because she is a wholesome, decent person. Some would argue, though, that she is too boy crazy and may inspire this behavior in young girls.

Let's review her actions and the message she puts out there through her music, and, in the end, you can decide how you view her.

T. Swift, the Good

Taylor Swift is your all around good-girl. According to an interview she did for Life & Style magazine, Taylor has given her crew that tours with her strict rules to follow. She has asked them to agree to random drug tests, alcohol tests, and they are not permitted to smoke.

What is the reason behind these rules? She wants to maintain her squeaky clean, positive reputation, and she does not want people on her tour to smudge it up.

So, she does set an example to obviously abstain from harmful substances. She also sets the example of having high standards and expectations.


T. Swift, the Bad

With lyrics like, “And there he goes, so perfectly, / The kind of flawless I wish I could be” and “but I cried, cried for you / And I know you wouldn’t have told nobody if I died, died for you”, Taylor Swift gives the idea that you can only be happy when you are together with a boy, which is a great message for young girls (please pick up that sarcasm I dropped).

The fact of the matter is that young girls will probably be in relationships, and there is a good chance they will get hurt in these relationships. They should not, however, be made to feel like their life is over every time a break up occurs. According to, relationship problems are a major factor in suicide attempts. While some may be able to handle these break ups like Taylor does, write songs and make millions, others need encouragement that they will survive without needing to be dependent on a man.


T. Swift, the Ugly

In her song, "Come Back, Be Here", T. Swift shows us need to have a man around, "I don't wanna need you this way, / Come back... be here, come back... be here". Taylor Swift makes having a boyfriend appear as a necessity, more than just an occurrence. By age twenty-three, Taylor has already had at least 10 high-profile relationships, according to Business Insider. In fact, it almost seems that being in a relationship and it ending is the only she can come up with songwriting material. Is it possible for Taylor Swift to be single for a while? Well, it appears we will never know because she is constantly in a relationship or just ending a relationship.

Too add to this point, Taylor also demonstrates her ability to always be the victim. Young girls should probably be shown that they are not always flawless and perfect. Sometimes, things may truly be their fault. Taylor Swift, though, plays the role of the blameless victim quite often and quite well. She never mentions the things she does wrong, and let's face it, she must not be doing something right.

With songs like, "Mean", We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", and "Trouble", Taylor consistently points the finger and says, "Look at everything HE did wrong." Where is the song titled, "I'm Sorry", "My Mistake", or "I Didn't Mean to Drive You Crazy"?

Good Role Model or Too Boy Crazy?

Do you think that T.Swift is a good role model for young girls, or is she too boy crazy?

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