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Taylor Swift's Serial Dating....

Updated on December 4, 2014

Taylor Swift’s Serial Dating….

It is amazing how when one person engages in a given behavior… depending on his or her image… said behavior is not frowned upon, but with others it is. No more so than this disparity is evidenced than in our pop culture. Take for instance, the Country/Pop Star Taylor Swift, who is forever going from man to man and her serial dating behavior is underplayed because she has that innocent look and that she channels her many breakups into apparently catchy pop songs – granted, I do not know any of these songs… but I am forced to pay attention because she seems to always be trending on my lap top. Miss Swift has a huge following among little girls and young ladies – but just like how people would be outraged for the athletes who engage in ‘certain behaviors’ or the conspicuous female pop star (Madonna) who flirts her sexuality, while courting and influencing young fans, no such outrage is coming from the 'peanut gallery' for Taylor Swift’s behavior, which is akin to Madonna in her heyday.

Couple of days ago, I am watching some local New York program and I had to sit and listen to such puff on how Miss Swift recently broke up with one of the younger Kennedys. What is so nauseating is to hear Miss Swift making the rounds and opining on how all these men that she dated treated her so badly and noticed that it is always the men - in her life briefly fault - which then act as the catalyst and muse for her many songs that have continued to pad her Midas bank account. The situation is akin to the Rock-Star who cannot write a good hit song unless he or she is under the influence of narcotics… so his or her manager provides said rock-star with the narcotic muse. The question that begs itself is that Miss Swift only has a half a dozen or so albums… what happens when she reaches twenty. Do we then repeat the famous Austin Powers’ line: “she is the pop celebrity's village bicycle?” Now my sisters and wife are going to tell me if it were a man, I would be giving him “props,’ opining glowingly on what a 'man whore' he were – and that I am judging Miss Swift with jaundiced, biased, chauvinistic eyes - that may be so, but no one in like situations is making it a habit to complain publicly in songs.

I have heard this song before in the celebrity world – you know… deliberately making some personal tragedy public, not so much to enlighten or for catharsis, but to keep themselves in the jaded spotlight. I am not going know when Miss Swift song about her latest break up with the young Kennedy boy will make it on one of her future albums, but I surmise that she has, probably, already written it. I wonder what was the “bad’ thing that the young Kennedy boy did to Miss Swift that caused their break up? I wonder too if Miss Swift wanted the Kennedy Camelot shine to rub off on her, as to why the “hookup” in the first place? I suppose that in the future, in passing, I will be hearing someone singing one of Miss Swift’s songs and she will be able to tell me which break-up caused that particular catchy tune. I could only imagine some future enterprising entrepreneur coming up with the board game: who hasn’t hooked up with Taylor Swift – did I say that Miss Swift is only in her twenties… I suppose that accounts for her many serial dating. By the way, I can hear the hypocritical voice in my head, saying, “the things you did when you were a soldier “– touché!


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