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Taylor Swift's New Album:Good Songs That will Thrill You!

Updated on December 8, 2014

Taylor Swift Photo

Her song does sound beautiful as she looks..
Her song does sound beautiful as she looks.. | Source

From Country to Pop

For most of us who were fans of Taylor Swift enjoyed the country songs she did for the past few years.So i guess when she introduced her new album which was of a different genre,we were a little bit shocked.Maybe we were scared that the music was not going to be that good.Others were scared that the music will not be that good.But our fears and doubts were taken away when we heard of her hit track 'Shake It Off''.Personally i think i started seeing a bright future of her new album when she performed it on the VMA's(Video Music Awards).The performance was amazing and many swifties could back me up here.But still i had anticipation of what would the other songs be like?I think most of us were wondering and curious to know who or what was the inspiration to this album?But as time went on,to me that did not matter.All that mattered was that i fell and am still in love with the album.

Taylor's Inspiration Was?

Who or What Inspired Taylor Swift to Create 1989

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What Inspired you Taylor?

As i sat down and carefully listened to her songs i couldn't help but think what inspired her to write these songs.Some of the songs seem too direct.Like she is talking to one of her ex.But some are indirect in that you can not specify to who the song was to and from where did she get the inspiration.But nevertheless where or to who these songs are for i still think that they are nice and a good listen.Some of the songs they look like they were directed to one direction's star Harry Styles.And maybe they are really directed to him.And i should say i think Taylor Swift drew out a lot of musical ideas from her and Harry Styles break up.But then again some songs look like they are not directly for someone but they seem like the idea was drawn from some sort of source.But the songs are really good!

The Songs We Like The Most

So out of her all album there are some songs that we can't help but find them to be super catchy.It's like from the moment we heard them we couldn't just stop humming them.The list below i think applies to me but i believe my taste are going to wow you too.Or if not which i highly doubt(not being egotistic)you can simply find the album and listen to them.Trust me,they are worth your time!

Blank Space Video

Number One-Blank Space

This is the song that i like the most and judging from the Billboard top 100 i know you love it too.Why do we like this song.I think i am in love with both the style and the lyrics.And to top it of the video was extra amazing.The video managed to convey the theme of the song and still managed to look elegant and cool.But going back to the lyrics.Check these out

  1. "Oh my God,look at that face,you look like my next mistake.Love is a game,you wanna play?"
  2. "Boys only want love if it's torture,don't say i didn't warn you"
  3. Oh my God,who is she?I get drunk on jealousy.
  4. You'll come back each time you leave,cause darling am a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
  5. I've got a long list of ex-lovers,they'll tell you am insane.Cause you know i love the players and you love the game.
  6. Find out what you want be that girl for a month,wait the worst is yet to come.

Number Two-Shake It Off

Now this one is the track that she decided to enlighten us on the Music Video Awards.And for most of us we agree that the performance was amazing.She tried to bust a move or two but even if she decided to sit down and sing we would still have liked it.But the thing with this song is that it differs from every other break up song she did.You see trying to compare songs like white horse and other of her heartbreak songs you will realize that this one is quite different.In Shake It Off she tried to show us that you don't always have to be sad when you break up with someone.Sometimes what you can do is be happy and shake it off.The Music Video for this song was kind of funny and lots of dancing was in it.Some people didn't like Taylor's dancing but i thought it was just her having fun..After all she was through a break up,why would you expect her to be so choreographed?Just my point of view!

We Are Shaking It Off

Am gonna shake it off,shake it off..ooh ooh..
Am gonna shake it off,shake it off..ooh ooh.. | Source

Number Three-Style

Now this is the song that we are sure that it was written for the one direction star Harry Styles.Well maybe most part of the lyrics suggest that it is.But nevertheless i do know that it is a good listen.I just thought maybe the title ''STYLE'' was inspired by Harry ''STYLES''.There is no Music Video yet for this song but i still get the comforts of the audio.

Number four-Wildest Dreams

Now this is the song that Taylor Swift tells her ex that she hopes she remembers him and does not forget her.Who is the ex?Maybe it's Harry Styles who knows!I think the melodies are interesting.But then again the song generally is very good.The lyrics are the ones that i admire the most.

  1. He's so tall and handsome as hell,he is so bad but he does it so well
  2. I thought heaven can't help me now,nothing lasts forever.But this is getting good now!
  3. Say you will remember me....even if it's just pretend
  4. I can see the end as it begins,my one condition is.
  5. Standing in a night dress,staring at the sunset babe,red lips and rosy cheeks,say you will see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams.

Songs On Billboard

1.Shake it off
Billboard Top 100
2.Blank space
Billboard top 100
3.Out of the woods
Billboard top 100
The songs we love and made them hit on billboard chart

Number Five-Welcome To New York

I think this song was just an introductory song to this album.Many people did not like this song because they say that it is so casual.But i think that they are just being so critical.I mean the song is so simple,yes.But i think she was trying to explain that now she is a pop kind of girl.There is nothing more to say about the lyrics because i would say they are so casual but actually i love the beat.I think it is so catchy and you can nod your head when you listen to it.But there are some parts of the lyrics that i like the most.

  1. When we first arrived on our apartment floor,took our broken hearts and put them in a drawer.
  2. Everybody here was someone else before,and you can want who you want.
  3. Like any great love it keeps you guessing,like any real love it's ever changing,like any true love it drives you crazy.

Another Taylor Swift Photo

It is a beautiful thing to be a Swiftie
It is a beautiful thing to be a Swiftie | Source


Whether you are a Taylor Swift fan or not,this album is for you.It is very good.Actually many people who i force them to listen to it end up loving it.Girls,try making your boyfriends listen to Blank Space.It gives them some quite interesting reactions.My sister tried that on her boyfriend and the outcome was quite interesting.He could not stop humming it.So whatever you want to do i can assure you that you will never go wrong with the album 1989.


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    • Nimesh De Silva profile image

      Nimesh De Silva 3 years ago

      From the day the album came out "Blank Space" has been my favorite track. But I love all of the songs. I love the POP era.