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Team Minato and Team Kakashi Parallels (& Why They're Significant)

Updated on April 18, 2020
Amber DeHart profile image

Amber has spent the last couple of years, dedicated to learning everything there is to know about the Naruto franchise.

What Were The Parallels Between Team Kakashi and Team Minato?

Kishimoto intended to make Kakashi's childhood team mirror the team that he was assigned as a Jonin. Each member of Team 7 has distinct similarities to the members of Team Minato.

Sakura Haruno and Rin Nohara

  • The first and most obvious similarity is that they are both female.
  • They are both the medic for their respective teams.
  • They are both infatuated with the emotionally detached prodigies of the three.

Naruto Uzumaki and Obito Uchiha

  • Neither of the two boys could learn techniques as easily as their peers.
  • Their dream of becoming Hokage
  • Happy-go-lucky and Optimistic personalities
  • Unrequited feelings for their female teammate

Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake

  • Both boys were considered prodigies from a young age and excelled in almost all areas.
  • Similarities in personality, such as arrogance and emotional detachment.
  • Both boys experienced having a family before they were orphaned.


Why Are They Important?

These similarities are important in getting a real understanding of Kakashi as a character. Most will notice that Kakashi did more one-on-one training with Sasuke than he did with the rest of the team; there are a couple of reasons for this.

  • The first reason is that they both have similar chakra natures and also Kakashi's Sharingan. With Itachi being the last remaining member of the Uchiha clan, aside from Sasuke, and being unavailable to really teach him how to use it. Kakashi is the only person who can.
  • The second reason is deeper than just the similar abilities. Kakashi looks at Sasuke and sees himself, he attempts and fails to be a good enough mentor to Sasuke to keep him from going down a dark path.

Team 7 was almost like a second chance for Kakashi, they weren't the same team but they were so alike to the people he cared about and lost. Not only was Naruto a carbon copy of Minato, he acted just like Obito. When it came down to it, Kakashi must have been pretty devastated when Sasuke deserted the village and his other two students began training with the other two Sannin, this must've left him with a lot of time to simply soak in his own guilt.

The Valley of the End

During the Sasuke Retrieval arc, Kakashi is the one to find Naruto passed out after he was defeated. This moment must have been intense for Kakashi, though he never was able to express emotion properly. This is something that caused him to relate to Sasuke, he had been taken down by Itachi and this made Sasuke feel like he had to go to Orochimaru because when he met the Sannin in battle, he experienced something that he hadn't with previous opponents. Fear, and to him that meant that his chances for defeating Itachi will be increased if he learned under them. This had to have made Kakashi feel as though he failed, He wanted to keep Sasuke from going down a dark path and he failed to do so.

Kakashi carrying Naruto on his back after he was defeated by Sasuke at the Valley of the End.
Kakashi carrying Naruto on his back after he was defeated by Sasuke at the Valley of the End. | Source

War Arc

Flash-forward to Shippuden, during the war arc when Kakashi realizes that Obito wasn't dead. Kakashi is obviously shocked, just as most people would be. Naruto is able to talk Obito away from continuing on his path and Obito spends his final moments attempting to right whatever wrongs he can before he finally dies. Looking deeper into Obito, it's obvious that he isn't evil but he's been manipulated into these extreme beliefs and methods. Seeing Naruto, a version of himself that took a different path was able to pull him out of the fog that was blurring the lines between good and evil. Not only was his help critical to winning the war, but this also gave Kakashi closure that he wouldn't have gotten otherwise. After the war, Kakashi was able to find peace in himself and his team was back as one.

Kakashi in his Hokage attire
Kakashi in his Hokage attire | Source

Final Statements

Without the mirroring of the two teams, Naruto could've had a much different ending and they may not have even won the war. Kakashi became Hokage because that's was Obito's final wish and He would not have gotten that if it hadn't have been for the mirroring between the characters of Obito and Naruto.

© 2020 Amber DeHart


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