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Ted 2 review

Updated on June 29, 2015

Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, movie review

My summary: Ted just married the blond girl from the first movie (Tamilyn) and fast-forward he is going through a difficult time with her so he decides what better way to save their marriage than to have a baby. The government then tells him he is not really a person and therefore he not only can't have a child but loses everything even his marriage becomes void. So he gets a lawyer to sue for his rights.

The Good: Well the cute loudmouth hilarious teddy bear is back. If you just loved seeing the bear last movie just doing silly stupid things you'll get the same here. There are many jokes that work like Tom Brady and many others. Mark Wahlberg and Seth Macfarlane make a great duo again combining both comedy and little drama. Amanda Seyfried is a pot-smoking lawyer who works well alongside the duo and doesn't weaken the film. There is a sense of wonder of where the film is going at times because a lot happens. In most movies this would be a detriment but here it works because the main attraction is John and Ted. Anything they do together is funny and the more places and situations they get thrown in the better.

The Bad: Sadly many jokes fall flat and the film gets boring at times. The first film had many quotable lines but this one only has a few. This movie sometimes takes itself a little too serious. I didn't feel like I was on a joy ride rather just a semi-ride and semi-sermon. The jokes that work don't even last that long and most of them are in the trailers. Most of the movie is Nothing makes you laugh hysterically like the first one did. Like when Wahlberg sees someone just went to the bathroom on his floor and he just looks at it casually and says his lines I literally died laughing. The thunder buddies is an awesome catchy song. Nothing here will really stick with you at all or it didn't for me at least.

Verdict: Underwhelming

If you just want to see Mark and Seth again then you might be pleased with the finished product. But for me this film was a swing and miss. Again most of the jokes were already in the trailers if you care to know. I expected better from a comedy that gave me some laughs before but this didn't I wanted to love this movie but it wouldn't let me. So if you're going to see it just know what you're getting yourself into.


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