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Teen Mom's Farrah will Appear on Dr. Phil

Updated on April 18, 2013
Farrah will undoubtedly be paid a decent amount of money for her Dr. Phil appearance.
Farrah will undoubtedly be paid a decent amount of money for her Dr. Phil appearance. | Source

I'm a Huge Teen Mom Fan

Oh, Farrah. Where to begin? I found out that I was pregnant with my first child at the age of nineteen and gave birth to her at the age of twenty. While I was never technically a teen mom, I must admit that the show Teen Mom embarrasses me.

I love it, it's my guilty pleasure, but it embarrasses me to be a young mother. I watch every single week, and it's pretty rare that I only watch an episode once. I love the entire franchise - 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and I'm anxiously awaiting the premiere of Teen Mom 3. And I definitely hope that Teen Mom 2 gives us at least one more season. I really want to see more of Kailyn Lowry and Leah Calvert especially. But I think every young mother will agree with me that many of the episodes are shameful. Mostly, because of the girls that behave like Farrah. Or Amber Portwood. Or season two's Jenelle Evans.

Farrah's Been Out of Control

Farrah Abraham is the mother of Sophia, and she has always made questionable choices. She was outraged that she could no longer be a cheerleader while pregnant on her 16 & Pregnant episode. Apparently she believes that performing cheerleading stunts while you are with child is totally safe. Then Teen Mom began and we saw Farrah go out and party while leaving her adorable daughter with her mother. That killed me. She also had breast enhancement surgery, which is exactly the message that mothers of young girls should be sending. Since the show ended she has also gone on to do crazy things like shave poor Sophia's unibrow, release a book that admitted to drug use, earn a DUI for driving drunk, and make a porno film. What a great mother!

The Dr. Phil Appearance

People always say, "what is she thinking?" Well, I'll tell you what she's thinking. She's thinking that she's smart! She's going to be able to live off of her 16 & Pregnant fame well into her twenties, minimally.

I'm embarrassed for her. And I feel so badly for poor Sophia. But the thing is, she's doing this all on purpose. She wants the attention. It's pathetic.

I, for one, will not be watching Dr. Phil tomorrow. I refuse to give her the attention that she craves. I'm disgusted that she's getting paid for doing interviews like this, and like those that she did after shaving Sohpia's unibrow. Every view that this episode gets only reinforces to this deranged woman that she is doing everything right. She does crazy, reckless, and harmful things for the attention - and she gets paid for it! Hopefully Dr. Phil can help her, but I doubt it.

The real question here is, how can she live with herself? Sophia is going to grow up. She is going to have to go to school, and she will always be known as that Teen Mom's baby. Now she also has to be known for being the girl with the shaved unibrow. But the worst thing that Farrah has ever done to Sophia is making that pornography film - or "sex tape," as she calls it. Her mom's a porn star, and that will follow Sophia for the rest of her life.

I would only watch if I truly believed that Farrah was going on Dr. Phil in order to get help. But she's not. The previews prove it. She's only there to get another fifteen minutes of fame, get a check, and defend her stupid decisions.

The only interesting part of tomorrow's episode will be what her mother Debra and her father Michael will say about her latest shenanigans. I'm sure that Michael won't be shocked in the least. He knows exactly what Farrah is. But Debra will be her usual clueless self, and she's probably still in denial about the whole mess. Debra believes that Farrah doesn't believe in premarital sex, for goodness sake. She believes that she raised her daughter to have values. Well, I'm sorry, but the child at 16, DUI, and porno speak volumes about the way that Farrah was raised. Poor Sophia doesn't stand a chance.

Farrah considers herself to be a model, which was supposedly her main reason for enhancing her breast size.
Farrah considers herself to be a model, which was supposedly her main reason for enhancing her breast size. | Source

What are your opinions on Farrah?

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