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Telefilm Susang Moharajer Guptadhon

Updated on October 18, 2016

Eid Natok Telefilm 2014

New Bangla Telegilm
New Bangla Telegilm | Source

What is the basis of the Telefilm?

  • Every history holds a legend; history became legend and legend became myth. Sociology, Customs, long-cherished art - culture; are the fundamental of the Telefilm `Susang Moharajer Guptadhon. The pictures portrayed in the Telefilm, it's the real present pictures of Bangladesh or the south Asian region. It does not intend to hurt anyone by criticism, but the hope exposed by drawing in an equal society. The truth often not a true, it is a believe; The base of the Telefilm is to convert believe in truth and so It has devoted to the class people, who strive hard for coming through.


Scriptwriter | Source

About Writer & Producer

Screenplay by Foyjur Razzak Tuhin-

  • This is his first Telefilm script, written in 2013. He had instigated by an obscure history of creating a kingdom by Someshwar Pathok.
  • He is used to write from childhood. He has written Short story, Poem, Articles, etc. and they have published on several Newspaper.
  • He was a student of Bengali Literature & Language.
  • His First Novel `Din-Bodol' was published in 2007 by Merit Fair Publication.


Story of the Telefilm
Story of the Telefilm | Source

Do you think `Education' facilities allotted equally for all peoples?

See results

Story of the Telefilm

An ancient village, which surrounded by Garo Hills and low lands under the neath of the hills. That time, the village was completely set apart from the rest of the world.

  • In 1280 (English Century), A foreign traveler called Someshwar Pathok, who was traveling round the Indian sub-continent and one-day he arrived the village traveling through `Chandra Nath and Kamakkha' in Assam province of India.
  • Someshwar Pathok had decided to remain in the village, as he was very much charmed to take in the innate beauty of the place. Garo hills, Rivers, birds singing; all together he had struck.
  • Someshwar Pathok birth place is Kanniuj, North Province, India. He was a Brahman, spiritual, well educated, lucrative and mighty man.
  • The place he had decided to stay called Susang Durgapur is located in the North border of Bangladesh and very near to India bordering.
  • The story is real, not just a folk. Someshwar Pathok was staying that place, but he desired to get back his birthplace after some days. When he was thinking so, some saint met with him and advised to stay there and to build a new kingdom.
  • Someshwar Pathok had encountered in the very outset of his realm by an abusive person, his name is Baisa Garo, but Someshwar Pathok overcome him and made a peaceful kingdom.
  • Someshwar Pathok is the dynasty of the Susang Kingdom. The Mugal's ruled India about 400 years and British ruled about 200 years; but Someshwar Pathok dynasty ruled about 650 years; Susang Kingdom was free from Mugal's and British rules.
  • The story begins in the Tel-film after 650 years, when Susang kingdom doesn't exist. In 1304 Bengali year, there was a massive quake in this region, that time all glory's, palace, temples etc. destroyed completely. In 1918, Maharaja Kumud Chandra had established a School so that poor Children get an education without the cost. But in present day, students are not in School. This is the primary stage of the Tel-film; why, Students are not coming? Only in the end, we will find out the solutions.

Legendary actor

As Jamuna Sir
As Jamuna Sir | Source

Legendary actor Probir Mitra as Jamuna Sir

Legendary Bengali Movie Artist Probir Mitra has acted in the central character as Jamuna Sir on the Telefilm.

  • He is 65 years old in the story, but he is still young mentally. He is a School teacher. He has no relatives alive. He loves the School and Students.
  • He desires and moving door to door so that parents send their children to School.The school committee not happy with him and then straining to send him forced retirement.
  • He will find out ways so that students' parents can generate their incomes from home based work.
  • At the conclusion of the tale, he will be succeeded and all students will come to school.

Some of his dialogues;

  • My dear beloved students, listen; the shadow of this tree, birds music are like as Education.
  • Today's good deals will hold on the heart of future generation and People will forget about bad deals.

Film actor

As Headmaster
As Headmaster | Source

Film actor Zamilur Zaman Saka on TV, as Hedmaster

He has acted in a vital role on this Telefilm. He is a Headmaster of School. But he is very dishonest. He grab school lands, students fund for his own interest. In the middle of the story, we will see him down along the bed, as he has paralyzed and cannot move without supports. He will be very much remorseful for his physical condition and will understand that it was much better to go school rather than sleeping in bed with his impairments.

Some of his dialogues;

  • It is much preferred to go school everyday than sleeping day & night like a dead man.
  • No one of this village will add up to the marriage ceremony, now all foods to be thrust into the spies, will be fox feast.

Popular actor

As Chairman
As Chairman | Source

Great TV star Dr. Ezaz as the Chairman

Dr. Ezaz is a famous TV star, as he has acted in this Telefilm as the Chairman. In his role, he is a very crucial person, greedy and he never likes learning at school. He has many illegal business, also he is using children to uptake stones from river. In the center of the story, he will fall into deep crises with bad smell in his body; as no one comes to him due to his bad smell. But at last, when he realize his mistakes and actions at past; he will recover himself.

Some of his dialogues;

  • On that point no treasure, but the school. Scholars are the precious gems.

Famous actor

As Hirendra
As Hirendra | Source

Famous TV actor AKM Hasan performed as Hirendra

AKM Hasan has acted in this Telefilm as Hirendra. A school Clark, very simple and easy person. There is no students in the school and so no work for him. But he has found a work himself, killing mosquito and count them. He is going to a hundred year old temples in a dark night to get some prehistoric mosquito and a 650 year old ghost called Baisa Garo will catch him.

Some of his dialogues;

  • I am not with a wraith, a gentleman can not be a friend of a ghost.
  • The ghost had no education, so he does not understand affection.
  • First bring back students to the school, teach them regularly; and so you will receive your pay.

Popular actress

As Nilima Sen
As Nilima Sen | Source

Sumaiya Hira as Nilima Sen

Sumaiya Hira has performed as Nilima Sen. She is a school teacher, very soft heart lady. She is really much concerned about cooking recipes than cooking. She believes every words what everybody says. She got a cage and hoped Hirendra will catch some prehistoric mosquito for her and she will adopt them into the cage.

Some of her dialogues;

  • Oh Mr. Hirendra, you will be a famous person if you get some prehistoric mosquito and the news publish in the paper.
  • He is not embarrassing parents rather than he is trying their children to get back to the school.

Folk singer

Mongla Gayen
Mongla Gayen | Source

Folk singer Zahed Ali Mongla has acted as Mongla Gayen

Zahed Ali Mongla is a folk singer. He writes and compose himself and sing for general peoples. This is first time, he has acted on a Telefilm and appreciated very much. His role was against Dr. Ezaz (widely experienced actor), but Mongla gayen performed as a experienced actor. He is a folk singer in this telefilm and he is traveling around Bangladesh. He is just a poor singer, but he has true power of his observation and speak what to say.

Some of his dialogues;

  • I am moving around, I have heard that here were Susang kings and thus I have come to see their glory's.
  • I will not compose a song with you, cause you are a abusive person.
  • If I leave this region, people will not forget my songs. What you will do to them? Will you get them out of this region, if so next time your voting will be null.

Watch full film

Historic value of this Telefilm

Facts must be truth, when a film make based on history and nothing added newly to convince people somehow with an aim. This Telefilm is free from such depravity.

  • This Telefim has historic value, equally it has produced based on a hidden history, but it is true history and Susang Maharajah's has long glory's about 650 years.
  • The world will know the hidden history through this Telefilm.

What we have found out from this Telefilm?

  • There are many people wants to get Wealth, but to build a life easier and happier; Education must need top of them.
  • There is no treasure of Maharajah (King), but the School is the treasure and Students are the precise Gems.
  • So in our life, wealth does not mean everything or long lust; but the best deals only sustain.

Starring and Locations

Starring: Probir Mitra, Zamirul Zaman Shaka, Dr. Ezaz, AKM Hasan, Sumaiya Hira, Sudorson Chockrobarty, A. B. M Sohel Rashid, Ahsanur Rahman, Faruk Foysal, Sheikh Meraz, Maruf, Abdur Rahman, Zahed Hasan Mogla, Siktta, Sazzad Khan, Martha Monju Bristi, Mahabubul Alam Ratan, Foyjur Razzak Tuhin, Anayet Kabir, Sohag and 400 Students.

Locations: House of Modhubabu, Durgapur Govt. Girls High School, Garo Hills, Someshwari River, YMCA Birisiri of Susang Durgapur, Netrakona and Pubail, Gazipur.

Durgapur Govt. Girls High School

Durgapur Govt. Girls High School
Durgapur Govt. Girls High School | Source

Main Casting

Probir Mitra
Jamuna Sir
He is a history teacher. He loves his students.
Zamirul Zaman Saka
A dishonest Headmaster, who grab students funds.
Dr. Ezaz
He is a union council chairman, a very dishonest person.
AKM Hasan
He is the clark of the School. A very simple person.
Sumaiya Hira
Nilima Sen
He is a teacher of the School. A very fashionable lady.
Sudorshon Chakrabatty
Boloram Babu
He is a teacher of Bengali Literature & Language.
Sohel Rashid
Porimol Babu
He is a teacher of English Literature & Language.
Zahed Ali Mongla
Mongla Gayen
He is a poor singer, traveling whole country.
Faruk Foysal
Basisa Garo
He is the character from history Susang kingdom. At present, he is a ghost.
The above main characters has acted in the Telefilm.

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    • Dania Razzak profile imageAUTHOR

      Foyjur Razzak 

      4 years ago from Dhaka

      Hi FR Tuhin, many thanks.

    • FR Tuhin profile image

      FR Tuhin 

      4 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      This Telefilm is extra ordinary due its subject. This my favorit.

    • Dania Razzak profile imageAUTHOR

      Foyjur Razzak 

      4 years ago from Dhaka

      Hi Mr. Sazzad, many thanks for your nice comment.

    • Sazzad Khan profile image

      Sazzad Khan 

      4 years ago from Netrakona, Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Telefilm Susang Moharajer Guptadhon Screenplay by Foyjur Razzak Tuhin and R.a Rahul has directed this Telefilm. This Telefim has historic value, This Telefim has produced based on a is true history .The Background of the story, A village Which is known as Susang Durgapur is located in Netrakona district of Bangladesh.This Telefilm make to follow a true story, that I know very well. I wellwish for this Telefilm in future.


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