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Telemundo's La Voz Kids and Its Annoying Spanglish

Updated on July 19, 2013

So in the past weeks, many Spanish-speaking households have been tuning into the latest Telemundo craze in the form of La Voz Kids. While there's no doubt that many of the children competing for the $50,000 prize award ooze in talent, I've been bothered by the lack of the proper Spanish that's been spoken on the program in the form of “Spanglish”. Whether deliberate or accidental, the show's 3-judge panel and the two hosts, have been using English terms when referring to the coaches and teams that the young contestants are judged by and ultimately selected to be a part of. If the show's producers intended to genuinely deliver a version of an already English-language show to a Hispanic audience, then it's my supposition that the contents of such ought to be entirely in Spanish, no?

First of all, the title: La Voz Kids... Um, Did they mean, La Voz Niños? Just asking.

In addition, the word coach(es) doesn't stay the same when using it in Spanish; rather the proper translation is entrenador(es) (male) or entrenadora(s) (female). The same applies to the word team(s), which would be properly converted into equipo(s).

I'm in total understanding that the show's creative executives have aimed to recruit young Hispanic children with fantastic vocal talent to represent their respective and individual Latin cultures, but a lot of the kids were speaking barely-pronounceable Spanish and/or opted to sing English pop songs. While I'm no one to tell parents how to raise and educate their young ones, it seems as though that their children have rather opted to be involved in the English music market more than in their own family's traditional musical heritage. I wonder if their parents are bothered by that, or if they could care less if it means their child will win the 50 grand? Of course, children become their own person in individuality at an early age, but they shouldn't allow the pressures of cultural assimilation in the United States chip away at their ethnic core.

It's my expectation that backlash will ensue towards my purist view of the Spanish language. However, having grown up Puerto Rican in the United States mainland, and learning to speak English, I find it a disservice to my native tongue to invade it with English words. Don't get me wrong. I love being bilingual and the opportunities afforded to me living in the States attained by being able to speak English, but it's my strong conviction that languages shouldn’t be contaminated as they're placed in danger of extinction.

My parents who grew up with very little, are humble yet simple people that keep me grounded in my roots. I fear the day they pass away for it'll be up to me to carry on the cultural legacy that is being Puerto Rican.

It is said that speaking another language earns one another soul... If so, I will not lose the one I had before to the other.


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